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Outdoor enthusiasts like you need the best pieces of gear they can get. It could be a helmet, a pair of tights or boots, or maybe, a skullcap.

When you’re under the sun, you’re more likely to soak because of the sweltering heat. Also, the rays of sunlight can burn too hard to give you a severe headache.

However, if you want to keep both the sweat and migraines in check, get a skullcap. It will form a protective layer that will improve your outdoor experience.

To help you make the best shopping decision, we bring you nine of the best skullcaps in the market. Here they are:

1. Tough Headwear Store: sweat-wicking skullcap for men 

2. 3 Pack Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner Sweat Wicking Cycling Running Hat for Men Women 

3. Headshion: skullcap for men/women (2-pack)  

4. M-Tac fleece skullcap 

5. French Fitness Revolution Store: skullcap for helmets 

6. Hikenture skullcap with glasses holes 

7. BALEAF thermal skullcap for men and women 

8. QING Cooling skullcap for men & women 

9. Seektop 2-pack skullcap for men 

MenNStuff 101: We made sure to pick one skullcap per brand for variety. That is because, at MenNStuff, our goal is to improve your shopping experience while keeping you abreast of the market.

Comparing The Best Skullcaps

We know that your time is precious, so we brought together a table that boils everything down.

Here, you have the weight, price, rating, and best-for details for each skullcap. That way, you will make a snappier but well-thought-out decision without second-guessing yourself.

MenNStuff 101: We are happy to do tedious and menial work to improve your life.

No.Best skullcapsWeightPrice  or RangeOverall Rating (out of 5)Best (for)
1Tough Headwear Store: sweat-wicking skullcap for men  1.5 ounces$9.95 (one piece)4.8UV Ray Protection
23 Pack Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner Sweat Wicking Cycling Running Hat for Men Women  2.4 ounces$10.49 (three pieces)4.9Value for Price
3Headshion: skullcap for men/women (2-pack)   2 ounces$10.99 (two pieces)4.6Bald or Shaven Heads
4M-Tac fleece skullcap  1.6 ounces$11 (one piece)4.7Wintertime
5French Fitness Revolution Store: skullcap for helmets  1.2 ounces$12 (one piece)4.6Retaining Heat
6Hikenture skullcap with glasses holes  1.76 ounces$13 (one piece), but $21 (two pieces4.7Upgraded Design
7BALEAF thermal skullcap for men and women  1.7 ounces$13 (one piece)4.6Women
8QING Cooling skullcap for men & women  3.52 ounces$15 (one piece)4.5Unique Do-Rag Design
9Seektop 2-pack skullcap for men  1.44 ouncesBetween $10 and $11 (two pieces)4.6Fitting

MenNStuff 101: The overall rating given here is our editor’s opinion based on what customers feel on Amazon. So, take it, but not too seriously 😉.

Now, let us see what each skullcap holds!

1. Tough Headwear Store: sweat-wicking skullcap for men: Best for UV Ray Protection 


  • Materials: 89% polyester and 11% spandex
  • Pull-on closure
  • Weight: 1.5 ounces

What You’ll Like (Pros and Features)

  • Fabric cools moisture
  • Wicks sweat
  • Lightweight thus bearable

What You Won’t (Cons)

  • If you have short hair, the cap will snag on it.


The Tough Headwear Store gives us this skullcap, which, notably, is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Why do you ask? Well, keep reading.

First, this helmet liner soaks up all your sweat and stops it from pouring on your face. It has an advanced wicking technology that helps, and so, sweat won’t be a problem.

Then, it has cooling properties that help relieve any stress that the heat causes. Notably, it has a mesh top that promotes breathability and airflow. So, your head can breathe again!

To add, the polyester-spandex blend makes it lightweight, meaning you won’t feel like you’re carrying extra weight. That translates to max comfort and a better outdoor experience.

Finally, the fabric has a UPF 30 rating for sun protection since it blocks most harmful UV rays. That explains why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it.

Cost: Tough Headwear sells the skullcap singly for $9.95, a reasonable price for a unique item.

Feedback: Dawn says that the cap has an excellent fitting and helps keep her helmets from getting grungy. Then, Rolyphot notes that because the hats come in multiple colors, you can get a white one for summer and a dark one for winter. Finally, Chris says that they wick moisture like champs!

So, if you’re already in love with Tough Headwear’s champion, buy it here .

2. WSHSTS: 3-pack skullcap for men and women: Best Value for Price


  • Material: 90% polyester and 10% spandex
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Multifunctional
  • Made of premium material
  • Suits most heads
  • Breathable
  • Sells as a value-pack

What You Won’t

  • They may come down over the ears farther than you’d like


This somewhat unpronounceable brand, WSHSTS, brings an excellent skullcap to the table. It is well priced and highly rated, which is why we’ve put it out early on this list.

With this skullcap, the brand uses a premium fabric that is cozy, smooth, soft, and stretchy. So you can bet that it won’t irritate your skin. The material is also breathable and functionally cool, which improves your outdoor experience.

The cap is excellent for retaining heat, wicking moisture, and resisting wind. To add, it also provides UV ray protection and dries fast after washing.

So, this item has all the good things in one place. Even better, you get three items for a price that would only get you one piece with other brands.

Cost: This skullcap sells in threes, and so, for $10.49, WSHSTS gives you three items. So, if you do the math, that’s around $3.50 apiece. How about that for a value pack!

Feedback: Stefan says that the cap is perfect for bald guys who wear helmets. Then, Savvy adds that it has excellent value and a great fit, plus a perforated material at the top for breathability. Finally, Robert notes that the caps have soft and comfy material and wick away sweat excellently.

So, if you want to get more for your few dollars, buy a WSHSTS cap here 

3. Headshion: skullcap for men/women (2-pack): Best for Bald or Shaven Heads


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Weight: 2 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Friendly to your skin
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to wash
  • Lightweight 

What You Won’t

  • They are not machine washable 


Headshion steps in with their multifunctional skullcap that you will love.

To start, the hat has excellent sweat absorption. If you wear helmets, this will sit on your head well and relieve you from the oozing, itching, and burning.

In addition, the cap is lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy once it rests on your head. Actually, you won’t even know you’re wearing it until you touch your head.

Then, it stretches in all four directions and keeps your hair flat. That is a plus for anyone undergoing cancer treatment like chemo because it makes cleaning work easy. Also, it improves the patient’s confidence. Sweet and soulful, right?

To close, the cap can function as a sweat-wicker by day and a sleeping hat by night. And since the package comes with two pieces, you can wear one while the other is drying up.

Cost: For $10.99, you get two skullcaps. That’s around $5.50 apiece, which should be easy on your pocket.

Feedback: Chris Beckwith likes how the cap keeps his hair lying flat, even when he sleeps at night. Then, T appreciates its loose but comfortable fit and how it doesn’t come off or slide around. Finally, Luke says that they are as advertised and easy to clean.

So, if you want to join the Headshion bandwagon, get their skullcap here 

4. M-Tac fleece skullcap: Best for Wintertime


  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Elastic closure
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Sleek
  • Practical and functional
  • Zero itching
  • Versatile

What You Won’t

  • They are a little too tight


The M-Tac store has been an excellent shopping space for a long. That explains why we’ve picked their fleece watch cap.

For starters, it uses the latest technology to keep you warm during winter. So, if you’re looking for a toasty skullcap, stop here.

To add, the microfleece used is soft to the touch, meaning that it will spare your head from any irritation. So, you won’t have to pause and push a finger under the cap to feel better. 

Also, it is windproof and seals your forehead and scalp excellently to prevent any heat from escaping. Then, the cap has a close fit, meaning that it will sit well under your orange hat, sports padding, or helmet.

To close, it does not have any conspicuous branding. So, you can wear it as part of a uniform, say military gear, and it will still blend well.

Cost: M-Tac sells this cap singly for $11, which is pricy but reasonable nonetheless.

Feedback: Robert says that the hat fits well and keeps his head warm. Then, Happycamper affirms that he is happy with M-Tac, but the cap is sized for a tight fit, which is not to his liking. Finally, E & L Double U shouts that it is warm and comfortable, and he loves it!

So, if you want to run away with this M-Tac success, buy it here .

5. French Fitness Revolution Store: skullcap for helmets: Best for Retaining Heat


  • Material: 89% polyester and 11% Lycra
  • Pull-on closure
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Excellent thermal retention
  • Superiorly stretchy
  • Breathable

What You Won’t

  • The cap rides up a little bit


French Fitness Revolution drops a bombshell with this item. As a cold-season skullcap, it is incredibly cozy, greatly fitted, and impressively soft.

To start, you won’t feel any more itchiness, sweat, or cold, thanks to how breathable the cap is. It protects your skin and doesn’t let sweat move past the brow.

Then, the cap fits excellently under many helmets and accommodates googles. So, you’re looking at a reliable, functional partner that will make your outdoor experience fantastic.

To close, you won’t have to worry about color fading or shapelessness. That’s because the cap looks as good as new after every washing–something you don’t see with other beanies.

Cost: Each French Fitness Revolution cap sells for $12, which is an edge closer to the expensive zone. Still, the price matches the value according to the review section.

Feedback:  Marc says that the cap exceeds expectations, especially as a helmet liner. It is comfortable that he forgets he is wearing it. Then, Bernie Carey likes how it fits well and doesn’t slip and how it retains all the heat. Finally, P. T. Smith affirms that it is worth the extra cost.

So, if you want to step out in French style, revolt with this cap here 

6. Hikenture skullcap with glasses holes: Best for Upgraded Design


  • Weight: 1.76 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Wind resistance
  • Snug yet comfortable
  • Convenient for glasses
  • Lightweight

What You Won’t

  • It is a one-size-fits-all, so small heads won’t comply


Hikenture is one of the most successful brands. That is why we couldn’t leave this well-priced and highly rated item.

First, it has a unique design that accommodates glasses. The google slots give you a chance to wear your sunshades as you step out without having to go under the cap. If that’s not convenient, then I don’t know what is.

Then, the skullcap has extra stretchy fabric that accommodates all sizes of heads. Then, it has a non-bulky design that makes it perfect to be worn under a helmet.

Finally, it has warmish earflaps that provide ample warmth when the weather gets chillier. So, don’t fear harsh winters and their cold–Hikenture is there for you.

Cost: One Hikenture cap sells for $13, but you can buy two at a reduced $21. And although the price is up there, the quality is faultless.

Feedback: Dante calls this skullcap a fantastic headliner because it has a great fitting and goes far on the back of his neck. Then, Learner says that it worked well and stayed warm even when it was as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you want to stay warm with Hikenture’s skullcap, buy it here.   

7. BALEAF thermal skullcap for men and women: Best for Women


  • Material: 90% polyester and 10% spandex
  • Weight: 1.7 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Suitable for cold weather
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Protective
  • Warm earflaps
  • One size fits all

What You Won’t

  • It fades after a couple of washings


The BALEAF store is a lesser-known brand, but with this skullcap, it scores high, and you will see why.

To start, it is designed using a soft and breathable fleece fabric that keeps your head warm and offers you total comfort. Therefore, it is ideal for anyone who wants to participate in a winter outdoor sport.

To add, the fabric has a light and elastic materials that ensure that the cap fits under hats and other outdoor-related headgear. That means you get added protection and a better, more fulfilling experience when stepping outside.

To close, the cap features an expandable hole for women to fit in their ponytails. This excellent addition makes life easier for babes (and guys) with long hair. They can step out without having to bundle the strand under the cap.

Cost: BALEAF sells this cap for around $13, which is pricey but reasonable nonetheless.

Feedback: PA16E, a satisfied woman customer, says that the cap never slips when cycling. Also, her ears don’t hurt because the item covers them excellently. To finish, she praises the cap’s ponytail hole, saying it makes it easy for long-haired women like her.

Then, Douglas, a guy client, says that this is the cap you go for if you have a big head and wear helmets often.

So, if you want to add BALEAF to your closet, buy their cap here .

8. QING Cooling skullcap for men & women: Best Unique Do-Rag Design


  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Wicks away moisture
  • Breathable
  • Absorbs sweat excellently
  • Stretches easily
  • Machine washable

What You Won’t

  • It comes with a chemical smell


QING is one of the lesser-known brands, but they startled our editor with this unique skullcap. They can’t be left out after all that they offer.

First, it is made using a material with excellent sweat absorption. Its fabric is also breathable, and it makes sure that your head stays cooler for longer. So, don’t expect any irritation or sunburn.

To add, the cap is also light and dries quickly. So, it will sit silently under your helmet or hat, and you won’t even know if it’s there. And, if you have anyone who lost hair because of a condition, this cap will protect their sensitive scalp.

Finally, the beanie stretches easily and has an adjustable strap that controls how tight it can get. That unique feature places comfort in your own hands.

Cost: One QING skullcap sells for $15, making it the most expensive on the list. But, if you look at how it packs a punch, you’ll find the price reasonable.

Feedback: Rob likes the skullcap because it dries quickly, even when the weather is moderately hot. Also, it dissipates sweat quicker, making your outdoor experience more bearable. Finally, it gives better functionality thanks to its adjustable straps.

So, if you want a unique skullcap that tightens your head as much as you want it to, buy QING’s item here .

9. Seektop 2-pack skullcap for men: Best Fitting


  • Material: 80% nylon and 20% spandex
  • Fitted closure
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Wicks sweat
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Protects you from the UV rays

What You Won’t

  • It stitches may leave marks on your head


Lastly, we have this skullcap from Seektop, a little-known but powerful brand. And, although people have only bought the item less than 200 times, it is part of Amazon’s Choice. That means it’s well priced and highly rated, and so much more.

It is designed to give you max comfort whenever you’re traversing the outdoor spaces. And, to make your experiences worthwhile:

1. It stops windburn that may beat your face and shift your focus.

2. Also, the cap cools your head down by trapping all sweat and wicking it away.

3. Then, it has a classic design that makes you look fashionable.

4. Finally, it is light and easy to carry. Once you slip it into your pocket, you won’t think about it again.

So, this is an accessory you always want to have when cycling, exercising, or anything therebetween.

Cost: Seektop sells this cap for around $10 – $11, which is reasonable. Why you ask? Well, you get two items, which are more for less. 

Feedback:  Mango Fett says that the item is very nice, light, and excellent for wearing under a helmet. On the other hand, Dustin notes that the skullcaps seem to be of good quality and keep hair clean. Finally, Antwan mentions that they did the job and are very comfortable.

So, if you want to bounce away with this Seektop item, buy it here .

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

After analyzing the features and details of each skullcap, we picked the WSHSTS: 3-pack skullcap for men and women . To refresh, it sells for $3.50 apiece, but you’ll have to pay $10.50 for all three. And apart from that seductive price, you’ll enjoy:

1. Impressive heat retention and moisture wicking

2. UV ray protection

3. Airiness and total breathability

4. And sheer comfortability

That sounds fantastic, so go ahead and buy. Use any links like this here , and you’ll see yourself to Amazon at no extra charge.

Note that all our choices are best, and so, any skullcap that tickles you fancy should make it to your doorstep. So, shop away!

And we’re done!

If you find the article helpful, share it with other outdoor enthusiasts. That way, their shopping will be easier. Also, please let us know if we missed any brands or if we hit the nail on the head. That should help us improve the article and work even harder to make the next one unforgettable for you.

Thanks for reading!

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