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If you move around frequently throughout the day, you need a base layer that guards you against:

1. Nipples that show

2. And sweat that stinks

In 2021, the best solution to help with those situations is wearing a cooling undershirt. That way, you’ll stay dry, comfortable, and totally stench-free. And when you do, you will look and feel better, and you’ll stay in high spirits.

In this article, we have lined up these 10 of the best cooling undershirts for you to shop right:

1. Hanes men's X-temp comfort cool crewneck undershirts 

2. David Archy V-neck men's undershirts  

3. Amazon Essentials men's V-neck undershirts (by DXL)  

4. T Thompson Tee undershirt for men with underarm sweat pads 

5. No products found.

6. BaHoki essentials V-neck long sleeve undershirts for scrubs 

7. Ejis men's sweat-proof undershirt  

8. ATEK’s men’s undershirt extra-long tagless undershirt 

9. tasc performance men's crew neck undershirt 

10. Organic Signatures men crewneck undershirts 

MenNStuff 101: We made sure to pick one cooling undershirt per brand for variety. That is because, at MenNStuff, our goal is to improve your shopping experience while keeping you abreast of the market.

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Comparing The 10 Best Cooling Undershirts

If you don’t have much reading time, we’ve got a table for you. It brings together all the essential details of each cooling undershirt. That way, you can skip to the shopping part and make a reasonable choice while you’re at it.

At MenNStuff, we are happy to do tedious and menial work to make your life better.

No.Best cooling undershirtPrice RangeCooling effect(out of 5)Overall Rating (out of 5)Best (for)
1Hanes men's X-temp comfort cool crewneck undershirts  $12 to $31 (a pack of five)4.84.8All-Round Quality
2David Archy V-neck men's undershirts   $36 to $39 (a pack of three)4.64.6Both Underwear and Outerwear
3Amazon Essentials men's V-neck undershirts (by DXL)   $26 (a pack of five)4.74.7Value in Price
4 T Thompson Tee undershirt for men with underarm sweat pads  $36 (one item)4.64.4Moisture Wicking and Odor Preventing
5No products found. $15 and $23 (a pack of two)4.64.5Comfort and Zero Movement Restrictions
6BaHoki essentials V-neck long sleeve undershirts for scrubs  $10 and $20 (one item)4.54.6Women
7Ejis men's sweat-proof undershirt  $37 and $50 (one item)4.74.5Cooling Effect
8ATEK’s men’s undershirt extra-long tagless undershirt  $28 and $75 (a pack of three)4.64.6Silky Smoothness
9 tasc performance men's crew neck undershirt  $28 (one item)4.64.4Stretchiness and UV Protection
10Organic Signatures men crewneck undershirts  $40 (one item)4.74.3Tank-Top Design

MenNStuff 101: The cooling effect and overall ratings you see are our intelligent guesses based on what customers feel on Amazon. So, take them, but not too seriously 😉.

Now, let us see what each cooling undershirt holds 😀.

1. Hanes men’s X-temp comfort cool crewneck undershirts: Best for All-Round Quality


  • 60% rayon, 40% polyester
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

What You’ll Like (Pros and Features)

  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Adapt to your temperature
  • The collar keeps shape after washing
  • Thin, as an undershirt should be

What You Won’t (Cons)

  • The neck opening is not very snug


Number one had to be Hanes, one of the biggest apparel brands in the US. That’s because customers have embraced their cooling undershirt, and we know you will.

The undershirt combines two fabrics that make it soft and durable and overly comfortable. To add, the rayon-polyester mix has moisture-wicking capabilities, which keeps you dry throughout the day.

Besides, the product also has these unique technologies:

1. The X-Temp, which adapts to your body’s temperature. So, if you start cool, you’ll stay cool

2. The FreshIQ, which gives you advanced odor protection by attacking all the bacteria that causes stinking

3. The Cool Comfort, which wicks fabrics to ensure you are comfortable every step of the way

You will also like that the undershirt has no tag, which saves you from all the itching that comes with labeled shirts.

Cost: A pack of five Hanes undershirts sells between $12 and $31, which is convenient for anyone with any kind of budget.

To close, customers say that the undershirts are thin and are excellent for warmer weather. To add, one notes that they have impeccable quality and are the ‘greatest t-shirts ever made for warm weather.’ So, if you find the Hanes brand delightful, step up and buy their undershirt here

2. David Archy V-neck men’s undershirts: Best for Both Underwear and Outerwear


  • 92% modal and 8% spandex
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

What You’ll Like

  • V-neck closure
  • Gentle machine washing with cold water
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Stay tucked in

What You Won’t

  • It is not tapered at the waist area


David Archy is an excellent brand, and you will see it in this bestselling undershirt.

Their top bears a stylish look that feels comfortable, thanks to the frictionless seams. That also makes it better than most base-layer shirts.

To add, it has a Micro Modal feature that brings you ultra-softness, comfort, breathability, and weightlessness. So, when you walk around, you feel like you have an extra layer of skin.

The undershirt is also long, meaning that it stays in place once you tuck it in. But, it doesn’t always have to remain hidden, so you can use it as outerwear too.

Cost: A pack of three undershirts sells for between $36 and $39, which edges towards the higher side. Therefore, this product is excellent for anyone who has a medium-to-low budget.

To finish, one satisfied customer says that the shirt has excellent materials, is super comfortable, and breathes excellently. She says that they keep her cool and dry and become warmer when needed. So, if you want to elope with this David Archy modal-blend undershirt, get it here.

3. Amazon Essentials men’s V-neck undershirts (by DXL): Best for Value in Price


  • 100% cotton
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Comfortable
  • Fitting
  • Tag-free collar

What You Won’t

  • They come with a factory smell, but that’s only temporary


DXL designs this undershirt and sells it as an Amazon Essentials. That could explain why it has sold close to 2,000 times, but there is more.

The undershirt is comfortable, thanks to its thick-but-not-heavy cotton fabric. And when you wash them, their hems stay nice and flat. Also, it doesn’t wrinkle, which improves your overall look and feel as you step out.

Cost: For all five items, you’ll pay around $26. That is quite a bargain since each shirt sells for about $5 regardless of the size.

To close, one happy customer says that if you want soft undershirts, don’t hesitate to buy these Amazon Essentials. He mentions that they are of good quality, even for women. To add, he says that they keep her cool for the summer. So, if you’re looking for a summer undershirt, grab this Amazon Essentials product here.

4. T Thompson Tee undershirt for men with underarm sweat pads: Best for Moisture Wicking and Odor Preventing


  • 95% rayon, 5% spandex
  • Weight: 3.21 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra-soft
  • Moisture escape technology
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Tag less collar

What You Won’t

  • It takes more time to dry after washing, and you may need to add more cycles to get the underarms


If you’re all about American Heritage, you’ll appreciate what T Thompson Tee brings you today.

First, the undershirt has fully integrated sweat pads in the underarms to guarantee 100% removal of any stench. The pads are absorbent and provide you with a sleeker and more fabulous look. Indeed, you’d be happy to say goodbye to sweat marks and stains.

Then, it comes with a tag-less, lay-flat collar that keeps all the itching and scratching away. That is impressive, especially since the shirt is underwear. Also, you’ll be delighted if you’re all about comfort.

Cost: One undershirt sells for $39, which is quite expensive if you look at others on this list. Still, T Thompson Tee swears that they offer quality for each penny you spend.

To summarize, one happy buyer says that this shirt could change your professional life. That’s because it wicks sweat like nobody’s business. So, if you sweat through shirts all the time, this is the antidote. So now, if you want to save time and sweat-related embarrassment, get the T Thompson Tee undershirt here

5. RBX active men’s V-neck undershirts: Best for Comfort and Zero Movement Restrictions

No products found.


  • 90% polyester and 10% spandex
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

What You’ll Like

  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-soft
  • Easy to wear
  • Free of irritation

What You Won’t

  • There are quality control issues


RBX sells you one of the finest undershirts, and you will see all the value it packs now. They say that RBX is for people who love living lives actively, so be ready to take in all the comfort.

First, it is made with the X-Dri fabric, which wicks away sweat from your skin. Therefore, your days will be dryer, and you’ll feel more relaxed. The material is also stretchy and allows you to move excellently in all directions.

Then, the undershirt has flat-lock seams that reduce chafing and irritation. Again, that improves comfort and makes you feel uplifted as you take on your daily activities.

Cost: A pack of two RBX undershirts sells for between $15 and 23, which is reasonable. Even better, it is cheaper and delivers almost the same quality as other top brands.

To summarize, one fulfilled buyer says the shirt is thin, durable, and provides a second-skin stretchy feeling. He adds that they are not constrictive, and they stay tucked tightly regardless of how much you move around. So, if you want to end your search for the best cooling undershirt, buy from the RBX brand here.

6. BaHoki essentials V-neck long sleeve undershirts for scrubs: Best for Women


  • 57% cotton, 38% polyester, and 5% spandex

What You’ll Like

  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy
  • Odor-resistant fabric

What You Won’t

  • If you’re short, you will find the undershirt rather long


BaHoki Essential is a lesser-known brand, but it doesn’t spare any quality when it comes to this women’s undershirt.

The item has skin-friendly fabric that keeps you cozy and warm. Then, it is not too thick, meaning that it won’t sweat you out on hotter-than-hot days. In addition, it is a slim fit that spares you any feeling of bulkiness.

To add, the fabric comes with a smart-odor technology that pulls the entire odor away. So, you won’t have any worry about smells building up and embarrassing you.

And, unlike many other undershirts on this list, this one is multi-purpose. So, you can wear it as an undershirt, an outdoor item, or anything therebetween. It will fit just right, and you will come out looking dapper.

Cost: One BaHoki undershirt costs between $10 and $20, a reasonable price range. Although they don’t give you value packs, BaHoki packs a lot of value in their single item.

To close, one satisfied customer says that the undershirt is very soft and comfortable. Another one adds that they are great for layering and even greater if won alone. Then, she says that their slim-fitting is good, and the stretch gives zero movement restrictions. So, if you’re looking for something to wear under those nurse scrubs, get the BaHoki undershirt here

7. Ejis men’s sweat-proof undershirt: Best for Cooling Effect


  • Spandex and cotton

What You’ll Like

  • Stays dry
  • Fabric is light and breathable
  • Anti-odor
  • It gives a comfortable range of motion

What You Won’t

  • If you sweat heavily, the padded underarms won’t hold up well


Ejis steps in with one of the well-priced and high-rated undershirts you’ve ever seen. 

First, it has a membrane that activates the sweat-proof technology. Then, around the membrane, you’ll find an absorbent and soft micro modal that prevents anybody fluids from reaching the outwear. Besides, we won’t even mention the sweat-wicking arm pads that save you from marks and stains. 

Then, it has a unique SILVADUR antimicrobial technology that controls your body temperature. And since you’re looking for the best cooling undershirt, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that unique Ejis addition.

Also, the undershirt is softer, thanks to the micro modal fabric, which combines cotton for absorption and spandex for comfort.

Cost: For between $37 and $50, you get an Ejis undershirt. Compared to all other products on this list, that range is quite pricy. However, Ejis tries to match each penny with value at each stage.

To summarize, one successful customer says that the shirt fits well and is very flattering. He adds that it had good absorption abilities because its material is strong, stretchy, and silky. So, if you want to enjoy the intelligent design that Ejis offer, buy their undershirt here.

8. ATEK’s men’s undershirt extra-long tagless undershirt: Best For Silky Smoothness


  • Nylon 97%, spandex 3%

What You’ll Like

  • Shrink resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable
  • Sweat-proof
  • Prevents odor
  • Stays tucked all-day

What You Won’t

  • The collar may warp after several washings


The ATEK store drops a bombshell in the shape of cooling undershirts. So, see yourself through this beauty of a product.

Since it bears a high-quality nylon blend, ATEK’s undershirt excels at wicking moisture. In addition, it dries quickly, meaning that you will enjoy an immediate cooling effect once you’re off the gym or done with a long day’s work.

The blend is also anti-odor, and so it saves you from the embarrassment that comes with a stinky situation.

Because of its excellent length, the shirt stays tucked in excellently. But, of course, that also makes it fantastic underwear and outerwear, which points to a multi-purpose piece of clothing.

Cost: For between $28 and $75, you can get three ATEK undershirts. That range isn’t cheap and can only work if you have a medium-to-large budget.

To close, one happy buyer says that the undershirt is Godsend for the sweating issue. He adds that although the price may make you nervous, the items are worth it. So, if you want to feel the silky smoothness of ATEK’s undershirt, buy it here

9. tasc performance men’s crew neck undershirt: Best for Stretchiness and UV Protection


  • 55% cotton, 40% viscose, and 5% elastane

What You’ll Like

  • Anti-odor
  • Moisture-wicking protection
  • Lightweight fit
  • Superior breathability
  • Protection against UV rays

What You Won’t

  • It can’t be worn as a single shirt 


tasc Performance is a dapper brand that offers you more than what standard undershirts do. 

Their shirt is perfect, thanks to its excellent Bamboo Viscose and cotton. The fabric gives you a semi-fitting appearance, which makes it ideal as both underwear and outerwear. Then, it breathes excellent, meaning that hotter days will feel more relaxed when you wear this tasc crewneck undershirt.

Also, it bears a unique technology to hold all the sweat you produce. That way, the fluid won’t flow into your outer garments and spoil your look.

Unlike others on this list, the undershirt offers you UPF 50+ sun protection. So, as you walk under the sunlight, you won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays.

Cost: The undershirt sells for around $28, which is a near-expensive price considering that you only get one piece.

To close, one satisfied buyer says that the shirt fits and feels great: not too long and not too short. He adds that it is excellent for exercising, and the fabric has an impressive stretch. To top it off, another customer says that it is terrific in hot climates like South Vietnam. So, if you want to feel calmer when everything is hotter, go for the tasc performance here

10. Organic Signatures men crewneck undershirts: Best Tank-Top Design


  • 100% cotton

What You’ll Like

What You Won’t

  • For cooling undershirts, they seem pretty thick


To wrap the list up, we have this exceptional item from Organic Signatures. Please note that although it is an undershirt, it bears a tank-top design. It is what people in the UK would call a vest.

With this vest, you enjoy a breathable fabric with silk-like comfort. Your skin will feel cozy and pleasant, and you’ll love the natural and pure fibers that Organic Signatures use. Simply put, every wear of this undershirt is contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

Regardless of your shape or size, this tank-top undershirt offers you a clean-cut design. It won’t let you look clunky because it has perfectly positioned shoulders and frictionless seams. Also, the design gives you zero movement restrictions, thus upping your comfort levels.

Cost: One piece of this undershirt sells at $40, which is among the most expensive in the market. But, with how Organic Signatures puts value in their items, that price is fair, reasonable, and adds up.

To close, Neo, a fulfilled customer, says that the shirt is soft and smooth and of high quality. Sagewood, a top 500 reviewer, mentions that the tank top is comfy and breathable, and it looks durable. So, if you want to enjoy this quality-packed top, buy it here.

Related Questions

Is An Undershirt The Same As A Compression Shirt?


An undershirt is what the rest of the world calls a vest. However, unlike a vest, most undershirts don’t have a tank-top, sleeveless design. Instead, they are just undergarments that form a base layer for other outer garments. Also, they are considerably thin.

On the other hand, compression shirts mostly play an outerwear role. They are thicker than undershirts, and they have a better stretch. And, in most cases, they are worn as workout outfits and don’t need anything over them.

What a nurse wears under her scrubs is an undershirt, and what your gym instructor fits in is a compression shirt.

Does Wearing An Undershirt Keep You Cooler?


Most medical authorities affirm that most undershirts keep your body cooler. That’s because many brands use remarkable moist-wicking technologies and have sweat pads that catch sweat before it wets your outer garments.

Are Tank Tops Good Undershirts?


If you’re looking for an undershirt that traps sweat, tank tops won’t catch anything. That’s because they don’t extend beyond the shoulder, and they don’t have any pads to absorb sweat.

But, if you’re not a heavy sweater and need a base layer garment, a tank-top undershirt will suffice.

What Is The Best Material For An Undershirt?

Any natural fiber like cotton, nylon, or linen, not rayon, spandex, or polyester.

But, since most undershirt brands mix fabrics, you’re better off with a blended fabric. As long as it wicks moisture and doesn’t stink, it is the best material for your undershirt.

How Many Undershirts Should A Man Own?

You need around 14 pieces, which is at least two weeks’ worth of undershirts. Provided you wash them every week, you won’t find yourself having only dirty ones.

Will An Undershirt Make Me Sweat More?


Undershirts, however tight, cannot make your sweat more. In fact, their sole purpose is to hold your sweat, especially if you’re a heavy sweater. 

Are Undershirts Supposed To Be Tight?

Yes, but not too tight.

Undershirts should hug your body, but not as much as compression shirts do. 

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

As you may have already suspected, we pick the Hanes men's X-temp comfort cool crewneck undershirtsMy product name . That’s because the undershirt combines unique technologies like the X-Temp, FreshIQ, and Cool Comfort for an easy $9 apiece.

However, if you wish to spend less, theAmazon Essentials men's V-neck undershirt (by DXL)  is an excellent choice. It is comfortable, cool, non-wrinkle, and sells for $5 only. Therefore, it fits any low-budget plan without compromising quality.

MenNStuff 101: We believe in all our reviews products, so each is best in its own way.

To conclude, undershirts are a fantastic choice for people who want to wick away sweat and stay cool. In addition, they complement outer garments, so they should be in everyone’s wardrobe, including yours.

And that was it!

If you found value, share the article with others to improve their shopping experience. Then, please let us know if we left any top-ranking undershirt, and we will factor it in as we update.

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