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If you want to buy a heavyweight t-shirt, you should first know about it. Here, first, learn a little bit about the heavyweight t-shirts. The heavyweight t-shirts are a bit heavier than our regular t-shirts, as the name itself suggests. These t-shirts weigh around 170 grams or 6 oz roughly, whereas our normal t-shirts weigh around 3.7 to 4.3 oz. 

Best Heavyweight T-Shirt

Motive Of Designing Heavyweight T-Shirts

Wearing a heavyweight t-shirt might feel like wearing a one and a half-shirt sometimes. Now, the question arises, what is the material used in these t-shirts, which makes them heavier than regular standard t-shirts? These t-shirts are sewn together with heavy cotton, which gives the added weight to the fabric.

Heavyweight t-shirts are in the market for a long time now, but people are getting aware of these kinds of t-shirts in recent times. These t-shirts are heavy-duty t-shirts, and they can be worn without much care. 

These t-shirts are designed to be worn by anyone, but it’s more beneficial for the people who deal with heavy duty work (mechanical work) daily. It altogether gives a different style statement to your overall look and enhances it to some extent.

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Best Heavyweight T-Shirts

Joes USA Men’s Heavyweight T-shirts

It is a t-shirt that is made purely of spun cotton, and the fabric is soft but thick at the same time. This t-shirt is comfortable and durable as well; the collar of the t-shirt is rib-knitted. 

In this t-shirt, the shoulders are tapped from one shoulder to the other, and the neck formation is cover seamed. Overall, this t-shirt seems to be vibrant and long-lasting. But here are some pros and cons related to this t-shirt so that you can make a better choice while buying the product.


1. Plenty of color options available.

2. The seams are made thoroughly. 

3. The length fits you right.


1. Shrinking issues after washing.

2. The composition of fabric may differ. 

3. The tag will irritate you.

Here is the buying link for this product:

Joe's USA Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirts in 50 Colors and Sizes S-6XL 

Dickies Men’s Heavyweight Tees

The classic crewneck, spacious and comfortable fit t-shirt which is 100% jersey knit soft cotton. This is a fully preshrunk cotton made shirt which gives a conventional chest pocket with a pencil divider; it also comes with a long tail which could be either be tucked in or left out hanging, which looks cool both ways.

It’s a tagless t-shirt, and people who have purchased it say that all the t-shirts should see these tagless t-shirts as their benchmark. Dickies provides top-notch expertise in every clothing products. So, here are some pros and cons to understand the product better:


1. No-tag labeling

2. Slightest shrink after washing

3. Perfect seam and length

4. Wear it either as an undershirt or alone as a t-shirt


Commodities of various colors might vary in the standard.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Dickies Men's Short Sleeve Heavyweight Crew Neck Pocket Tee 

Carhartt Men’s K87 Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

It is one of the Carhartt Company gear collection. This heavyweight t-shirt is a 6.75-ounce jersey made 100% cotton. It consists of a rib-knit crewneck collar and a left chest pocket with a Carhartt label sewn on the t-shirt. 

It comprises 100% cotton, 60% cotton, 40% polyester, carbon heather, and dark cobalt blue heather. This t-shirt is produced in many countries, for example, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Vietnam, etc. It is generously cut sized and tends to run big.


1. Available in striped and blank variants.

2. More than 20 colors available.

3. Unmatched durability and the fabric does not lose its color and shape.

4. Well knitted and body proportions are taken into consideration.


1. Size control might occur as a problem.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Carhartt Men's K87 Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes) 

Key Apparel Men’s Big & Tall Heavyweight T-Shirt

No products found.

A comfortable crewneck t-shirt with short sleeves and a left chest pocket. This t-shirt is made with 100% cotton and comes as a relaxed fit, which means it goes easy on you. It comes with taped seams at the shoulders, neck, and back.

This masterpiece is knitted so well that it is one of the bestselling heavyweight t-shirts, among others. It comes with hemmed sleeves, and the bottom of this t-shirt is also hemmed. The pockets of this t-shirt are well reinforced.


1. Fits perfectly; for well-built guys.

2. Minimal shrinkage post washing.

3. Skin-friendly material used.


1. Very less color options are available.

2. The size runs large, be watchful while picking a size.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

No products found.

Hanes Big Men’s Beefy Tees

This is a tagless t-shirt made of pure ringspun cotton exclusively. Highly durable and suitable for machine wash. This product doesn’t come with a chest pocket similar to others. This ring-spun cotton material will be 100% comfortable for your skin.

This heavyweight beefy tee’s length is 3 inches longer than the average length of the same type of t-shirts. It has a laid flat collar for retaining its shape post washing. It has a high stitch density and double-needle seams for better elasticity.


1. More than 50 shades available.

2. Minimal shrinkage post washing.

3. Stability is maintained in shape and color.


1. The proportion of cotton may differ in different colors.

2. Some batches, specifically with tags, are of bad quality.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Hanes Men's Size Tall Short-Sleeve Beefy T-Shirt (Pack of Two) 

Carhartt Men’s Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt

This is one of the best long-sleeved heavyweight t-shirts. It is made purely with cotton and comes with button closure(comes with three buttons). This is also one of the Carhartt gear collection articles and weighs around 6.75 ounces. 

This article comes with a rib-knit neck and is midweight. Here’s a tip for choosing a better fit for this product- if your chest and waist dimensions fall among the sizes then, you should opt for a larger size. Warm machine wash is recommended for the retention of colors.


1. Acceptable for open-air works, specifically for cold temperatures.

2. Longevity in terms of shape, size, and color after countless washes.

3. Sturdy material used.

4. Less twirling because of side-seamed knitting.


1. Low variety of colors.

2. The composition of fabric may differ in different colors.

Here’s the buying link for this article:

Carhartt Men's Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt 

Champion Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt

No products found.

This article is composed of 100% pure ring-spun cotton and is comfortable to wear. Machine wash is recommended for this tee for retention of color. This specific tee comes in classic and athletic fit for better fitting according to your body shape and size.

This ring-spun cotton fabric comes with a narrow neck and pull-on finishing. This specific tee is sewn with a left chest logo and a similar logo on the sleeve side, which gives it an aesthetic look overall.


1. Soft on skin material.

2. Toughness in terms of color and shape retention after washing.


1. Fabric is somewhat thinner than mentioned.

2. The latest batches have poor quality.

3. Some problems with stitch and seam.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

No products found.

Fruit of Loom Men’s Crew Neck Tee Multipack

This is an article that comes with 4 or 5 tagless items in different colors. This is a product tailored in the USA and is made with 100% cotton. Double-stitched and soft covered neck and shoulder seams.

The athletic heather is 90% cotton and 10% polyester, whereas the black heather is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Shoulder to shoulder taping is done in this article, and the bottom hem is also double-stitched. The fabric used in this tee has a very high density. Hence, it is useful for printing purposes.


1. Reasonable pricing for the entire package.

2. It can be worn as an undershirt.

3. Negligible twirling after washing.


1. Fabric properties may vary in Contrasting colors.

2. A bit thinner than regular heavyweight t-shirts.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Fruit of the Loom Men's Crew-Neck T-Shirt 5-Pack 

Pro Club Men’s Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt

These t-shirts are short-sleeved and come with a crew neck and a relaxed fit for better comfort. This 6.5 ounces tee is made with 100% preshrunk cotton. This is made in the USA and gets assembled in Mexico.

These t-shirts are perfect for daily wear as they are sturdy, consistent, and long-lasting heavy duty t-shirts. The ribbed knit collar helps maintain the shape of the tee after washing. The construction quality can be seen with double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem. 


1. Various tints available.

2. Fits perfectly.

3. Doesn’t becomes droopy after constant wearing.


1. Product imitation could be seen sometimes.

2. The composition of fabric may vary.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Pro Club Men's Heavyweight Cotton Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt 

EnKalda Men’s Premium Heavyweight T-Shirt

This is the t-shirt that is purely made with thick ring-spun preshrunk cotton, which is entirely durable. Profound stitching is done to enhance its durability and make it long-lasting. This preshrunk ring-spun cotton t-shirt is made with thick fabric, which makes it a 7.5 ounces t-shirt.

It is a double-needle stitched and cover-seamed at the sleeves, neck, and bottom hem. This is a heavy-duty t-shirt but still feels soft on your skin and comfortable to wear at any time. The crew neck and the ribbed neck keeps its shape away from being sloppy and saggy.


1. As we talked about fabric, it’s thick and durable. 

2. Minimal shrinkage after washing.

3. Neck fitting is perfect.

4. The heavy cotton used in this tee makes the t-shirt warmer and suitable to be worn in cold weather.


1. A premium article it could cost higher than expected.

Here’s The Buying Link For This Article:

Enkalda Men's Premium Heavyweight Crew Neck T-Shirt 

Best Heavyweight T-Shirts And Their Prices

Type Of T-ShirtsPrice Of These T-Shirts
Joes USA Men’s Heavyweight T-shirts$10.99-$19.99
Dickies Men’s Heavyweight Tees$28.96&$38.86
Carhartt Men’s K87 Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt$13.00-$46.92
Key Apparel Men’s Big & Tall Heavyweight T-Shirt$10.04-$35.95
Hanes Big Men’s Beefy Tees$10.04-$35.95
Carhartt Men’s Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt$19.99-$52.94
Champion Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt$18.00-$50.56
Fruit of Loom Men’s Crew Neck Tee Multipack$14.59-$58.20
Pro Club Men’s Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt$5.78-$28.75
EnKalda Men’s Premium Heavyweight T-Shirt$18

How To Choose Heavyweight T-Shirts?

A heavyweight t-shirt usually weighs up to 170grams approximately and clings to the body due to its heavyweight. These t-shirts do not undergo any malfunctions like an uprising. That’s why they are just the perfect t-shirt for guys undergoing active movements.

Heavyweight Shirts Are Usually

1. Thick and smooth and comfortable to the skin

2. Perfectly stable in a windy or any kind of adverse weather condition

3. Capable of covering flaws in your figure or visible obesity.

4. It lasts longer than the lightweight t-shirts

5. It does not search or goes out of proportion with time.

Keep some essential points in mind before choosing the right heavyweight t-shirt.

1. Size And Fitting: Men with a very ideal and beefy body can always go for a tight-fitting t-shirt. With tight-fitting t-shirt, they can always show off their body built. But men with little obese or bulky body built could always go for an upper size. Getting the upper size would also help you to move around freely in a room

2. Color: The younger crowd usually prefers the t-shirt with more graphics and prints, and it is usually worn on casual occasions. The blank t-shirts suit people from all age groups and are preferred on all occasions. These blank t-shirts are very versatile.

3. Material: Lightweight t-shirts are usually covered by some top later, but in heavyweight T-shirts, they are preferred as the top layer. It is because they are good to look at. It is 100% pure cotton and also feels warm and smooth on the skin. The shrinking and wrinkling of the fabric are reduced due to the addition of polyester in it.

All you have to do is to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Measure your size accurately, and then select the t-shirt of the right size. Read the reviews given. And always keep in mind that the ranges of sizes vary with companies.

Why Is A T-Shirt Weight Important?

What do you look at first to select the kind of t-shirt you want? It’s material, the fitting, the sizes available, the graphics or the color it is of, and sometimes its cost. Have you ever thought of its weight?

We never bother about the weight of the t-shirt, but we do get irritated when our t-shirts upraise during heavy wind flow or heavy activity. Usually, a man’s t-shirt should weigh approximately 5oz. It ranges from lightweight to heavyweight. Lightweight can be luxurious, but heavyweights are stable. Both of them has their drawbacks and points

The Lightweight

The top brands or the most preferred brands create a very smooth and flowing fabric. Because they are lightweight and shiny and comfortable to wear, people go crazy about them.

Other most preferred brands who choose high-quality cotton as a fabric usually inject them with enzymes and softeners. These t-shirts produce a super soft material that feels great on the skin when you touch it. It feels very airy, and it could be your next favorite t-shirt you would prefer.

A test was conducted on the Todd Shelton t-shirts, this included a lightweight t-shirt to do some studies, and they obtained the results. Although the lightweight t-shirt felt very good on the skin, it started to stick to the skin after some time. This leads to exposure of all the curves and flaws in your body. 

The Heavyweight

These t-shirts are known to last for decades. But as the drawback, it is stiff and hard to move. Since it is heavy, it feels a little bit warmer when you wear it.

The Todd Shelton Weight

On a scale of thickness, where 1 is the lightweight and 5 is a heavyweight T-shirt, this is 3.5. It’s a perfect weight not to stick to your curves not it is heavy enough to feel hot in it

How To Choose A T-Shirt – Fabric Content- Polyester, Elastane, Bamboo,  Modal Tencel.

When we pick up any random t-shirt from our favorite brand store, we are least concerned about the material used. If the material used is 100% cotton or polyester, elastane, bamboo, or modal Tencel. For people who don’t know what is Tencel, it is a sustainable fabric, hand-generated from the cellulose of eucalyptus trees. What is safe and preferable is a 100% cotton material. It is heavy and doesn’t stick to the body; on the other hand, the other materials are weight-weight shiny but catch the pink screen inks quickly and fade away with time.

Things To Keep In Mind About Texture.

When you go through some of the products for the purpose of regular use, you might have come across a few elements like combed or ring-spun, what we should expect area tender and soft material. But when viewed under the electron microscope, we can find many impurities in the main fabric. When it Is combed or ring-spun, it gets smoother pure, and disinfected. These are worth a thought. Ring spinning doesn’t make the fabric softer at that rate, but it is better than the heavyweight and lightweight t-shirts. We should keep in mind about texture.

Which T-Shirt Qualifies As A Heavyweight T-Shirt?

The main feature of the heavy t-shirt is that it weighs around 6oz. But the standard t-shirt we prefer or wear is around 3.7 to 4.3oz. It feels very lights as compared to the heavy t-shirt. Wearing a heavy t-shirt feels very heavy, like wearing a bulky jacket because it is made using heavy cotton. This is the main reason it is heavy.

Why Should We Wear A Heavy T-Shirt?

The word-heavy t-shirt doesn’t mean rough cloth that stays stiff all the time. Heavy t-shirt with the right amount of weight can also be soft as well as heavy. It also has the shine that other lightweight t-shirt has and also needn’t stick to your body.

A more structured fit: since the material of the heavyweight t-shirt is comparatively more in weight; they are more stable. Hence these fit the structure. When we look at the lightweight t-shirt, it sticks to the edges and makes the body look bulky, but heavyweight t-shirts just fit the corners and do not make it bulk.

Suitable for layering: since the heavyweight t-shirts are so heavy and sturdy, they keep you warm if you wear them. It’s ideal for wearing during the winter and rainy seasons. In winter, these t-shirts look great beneath a jacket or an overcoat.

Lasts long: some people tend to be messy and get themselves bruised with a thorn tear or develop holes. These t-shirts are made of thick materials, that’s why they last for decades.


Having a good fashion sense is an essential part of your first impression on anyone. Good fashion sense is not just limited to the type of dresses you wear. It is also the materials you prefer. Preferring a heavyweight t-shirt is suggested to have a cool look. It has longevity until decades together. It can prevent the uprising and is perfectly capable of making a good impression on others. Wearing a heavyweight t-shirt can be layered while wearing or can be the top layer. It will look perfect under a jacket, and wearing it on the top would also give an aristocratic look.

FAQs Related To Heavyweight T-Shirts 

1. What Is The Minimum Weight To Be Expected From The Heavyweight T-Shirts?

In a heavyweight T-shirt, the maximum weight expected should be in a range of around 7.5-8oz. These t-shirts are usually made of a single type of heavy cotton. But on a scale, the weight might differ due to the sales like long sleeves, short sleeves, tall fit, etc.

2. What Other Details Can Be Kept In Mind About The Tees?

Usually, these tees are 100% cotton. There is an exception to it. It is a heather tee. Any heather neck tee has a mixture of 10% polyester and 3% lycra in its neckline, sewed with a double-needle for comfort.

3. When Is The Sale For Free Shipping?

It is known to have issued coupons that reduce the shipping charges for now. Often we have no shipping charges when the shopping is done on a large scale usually the threshold price is $100.00 or more

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