Best Lingerie For Men

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The best brands for men’s lingerie are Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Derek Rose, etc. Today men wear feminine undergarments. It’s now become a trend, and men are having fun wearing lingerie. Sometimes feminine undergarments look more attractive to men than women. Every undergarments company has their specialties on their products. It’s not easy to choose the best one among them. Calvin Klein is on the first rank for the time being.

Best Lingerie For Men

Why Should Men Wear Lingerie?

Wearing lingeries became a trend for men. Men feel comfortable with lingerie. Lingerie helps men in various ways. There are some advantages to wearing lingerie. 

1. Men will less likely suffer from chafing down.

2. Undergarments absorb all body sweat well. So that your cloth remains dry and you look fit. Undergarments save you from being embarrassed in the public area.

3. Lingerie sometimes helps to keep the body shape fit.

4. Wearing lingerie or undergarments of a woman can make a man sexier.

5. Women’s undergarments panty is more comfortable than brief.

6. Lingerie reduces the risk of crotch rot.

Men should wear lingerie to lessen the risk of crotch rot. Lingerie can help a man to stay cheerful all day long.

Why Do Men Like To Wear Lingerie?

Some men like to wear lingerie. This may sound weird. Unlike a man wearing lingerie is a choice in a man’s life. Panties can comfort a man more than brief. Most of the man wears panty. Panties are made of cotton that absorbs the body sweat.

1. A man might look sexier by wearing lingerie.

2. Wearing lingerie in public is a new trend.

3. Wearing lingerie might feel modern.

4. To go with the trend man likes to wear lingerie.

Size For Men’s Lingerie

Before going to the shop to buy your desired lingerie, you need to know the size. Here is the measurement table for your waist. Have a look at the size table before going to the shop.


Best Lingerie Company Around the World

There are so many companies selling male lingerie. Every company doesn’t get its popularity. Some of them are popular. Here is a list of the companies selling the best male lingerie. Let’s have a look at them.

Sl No.Brand NameFoundedProduct NameCountry
1Calvin Klein1968Brief, boxer brief, etcUSA
2Emporio Armani1975Emporio Armani men’s cotton briefsItaly
3Hugo Boss1924Boxer brief, brief.German 
4Diesel1978Schiesser retro double ribbed boxer brief.Italy
5Polo Ralph Lauren1967Mid-rise briefs, boxer briefs, and trunksUSA
6Derek Rose1926Derek rose men’s modern fit cotton boxer shortsUnited Kingdom
7Dolce & Gabbana1985Boxer brief, briefItaly
8Ermenegildo Zegna1910Brief, boxer brief, trunk, etcItaly 
9Hanro1884Brief, boxer brief, trunk, etcSwitzerland
10Bonds1915Briefs, boxer briefs, men’s undergarmentsAustralia 
11Hanes2006Briefs, boxer briefs, men’s undergarmentsUSA
12Uniqlo1949Men’s undergarmentsJapan
13American Eagle1977Briefs, boxer briefs, men’s undergarmentsUSA
14Exofficio1986Briefs, boxer briefs, men’s undergarmentsUSA
15Duluth Trading1989Briefs, boxer briefs, men’s undergarmentsUSA

Different Lingeries Brand Around the World

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the first undergarments or lingerie company in rank. Calvin Klein sells both men’s and women’s undergarments. They provide a 90day return service online shopping. Calvin Klein has the most attractive cutting-edge design.

Calvin Klein site link:

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani lingeries are both sex-appeal and luxury. Emporio Armani has a high-end design. The products of Armani are made of soft fabric like cotton, Pima cotton, or modal.

Emporio Armani’s site link:

Hugo Boss 

Hugo Boss is a German lingerie brand. They made a range of high-end boxers briefs, briefs, and trunks. Their products are made of a quality cotton-elastane mix. Their underwear provides a comfortable fit and a gentle lift.

Hugo boss site link:


Diesel’s designs are often colorful and made from a stretch-jersey fabric. It gives a smooth finish and breathability.

Dissel site link:

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren provides a high-end stylish design. It’s an American fashion company. They made undergarments for men and women both. Their undergarments are made of soft cotton that provides comfortability. All styles of Polo Ralph Lauren are in black and grey color.

Derek Rose

Derek Rose provide a luxury and comfortable underwear to men. They are made of fabric that produces in houses, such as wool, cotton, and silks.

Derek Rose site link:

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana made the products in white, black, and grey. Their products are made of high-quality cotton. Their signature logo is printed on the waistband.

Dolce & Gabbana site link:

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is also known as Zegna. The company Zegna offers locally produced male undergarments.

Zegna site link:


Hanro is serving for more than 130 years. Hanro is a luxury product brand. It provides a catchy and high-quality design. It provides the quality that you can feel on your skin.

Hanro site link:


The brand bonds are known for their specific underwear group. It is an Australian clothing brand that provides undergarments for men. Bonds is an underwear company well known worldwide.  It is an iconic brand in Australia. Its product is made of cotton. Bonds have its material mix that gives a softer feel and a nicer fit to the skin.

Bonds site link:


Question 1: Why Men Wear Lingerie?

Answer 1:  Man thinks that wearing lingerie can make them look stunning and attractive. Men tend to have fun. A man wears feminine undergarments such as panties, male bras, and nylon stockings. Men spent hours on undergarments to look more stunning.

Question 2: What Happens When Men Wear Women’s Lingerie?

Answer 2: A man’s crotch stays safe from rotting if he wears women’s lingerie. Undergarments help a man to stay active. So a man feels comfortable when he wears women’s lingerie.

Question 3: What Is The Best Way To Look Good In Lingerie?

Answer 3: The best way to look good in lingerie is to choose the color of the lingerie that suits you best. To look best in lingerie, you need to choose the stylish one and also the branded one.

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