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If you’ve been in the logging industry for a while, you know that boots are crucial to the craft. They complement the rest of your uniform, and they help your feet negotiate the grass and woodiness. So, it is only natural to get the best logger boots. 

That’s where MenNStuff comes in.

To help you shop, here is a list of eight of the best logger boots:

1. Georgia boot men's 8 

2. No products found.

3. Carhartt men's 8 

4. Chippewa men's 8  

5. No products found.

6. Irish setter work men's Mesabi steel toe 83834 boot   

7. Rugged Blue ms003-st-9.5m pioneer ii insulated logger boot steel toe 

8. Skechers USA men's cascades logger boot    

MenNStuff 101: We’ve picked the shoes from 8 different brands to add variety to your shopping.  

Now, let’s kick off the guide with an explainer.

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Logger Boots: An Explainer

Logger boots fall under the work boot type. For the most part, they stand up to 10 inches tall and are usually very sturdy. And although they’re not the best in terms of maneuvering, they keep your feet dry and safe, and they last long.

Unlike other boots, the tip of a logger boot is shaped squarely, and it comes with toe protection. Also, many such boots come with a raised heel, and you’ll see that as you keep reading.

Comparing The Best Logger Boots

If you don’t want to read all the way through, here’s a table that tells you essential details for each shoe:

MenNStuff 101: If you like any, click on the links on the logger boots names to check out on Amazon.

No.Logger boot brandWeightToe ProtectionSlip protectionInsulatedThicker heelWaterproof
1Georgia boot men's 8  2.75 poundsYesYesYesYesYes
2Ad Tec 9in logger crazy horse leather work boots for men    3.1 poundsNoYesNoYesYes
3Carhartt men's 8  2.3 poundsYesYesYesYesYes
4Chippewa men's 8   5.13 poundsYesYesYesYesYes
5No products found. 4 poundsNoYesNoYesYes
6Irish setter work men's Mesabi steel toe 83834 boot    2.7 poundsYesYesYesYesYes
7Rugged Blue ms003-st-9.5m pioneer ii insulated logger boot steel toe  5.6 poundsYesYesYesYesYes
8Skechers USA men's cascades logger boot     2 poundsNoYesNoYesYes

Now, let us see what each of our best logger boots holds.

1. Georgia Boot Men’s 8″ Safety Toe Logger Boot: Best For Price


Weight: 2.75 pounds

What You’ll Like (Pros And Features)

1. 100% leather

2. Made outside the US

3. Has a rubber sole

4. Waterproof

5. Has lace-up closure

6. Comes with toe protection (steel-toe)

7. The outsole is resistant to abrasion

What You Won’t (Cons)

If you wear the boots on snow, you’ll need to be careful

This Georgia lace-up logger boot has quality written all over it. From its oil-resistant outsole to its steel-toe protection, it keeps you protected at every step. Also, it has pliable leather coupled with a cushioned insole for round-the-clock comfort.

Notably, the manufacturer gives you a 1-year warranty, which may come in handy if any craft issues come up. Such a guarantee from the people at Georgia should make you feel confident as you add the item to your cart.

The shoe retails at between $137 and $163, the baseline for most logger boots. It comes in both wide and non-wide sizes, and you can get it in three colors (brown, chocolate, and tumbled chocolate).

One satisfied buyer says that the shoe is warm, authentically good-looking, and impressively waterproof. As soon as he broke the boots in, he fell in love with them too. Well, that could be your story, only if you buy the shoe from here:

Georgia Boot Men's 8 .

2. Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Horse Leather Work Boots For Men: Best Value For Money


Weight: 3.1 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Comes with a rubber sole

3. Has a full-grain horse leather upper

4. Bears the Goodyear welt construction

5. Sole is oil resistant

What You Won’t          

The heels may go down fast

If you’re looking for a feet protector in the rain, stop at this excellent logger boot by Ad Tec. Its outsole has dependable traction, meaning that your logging activity will continue seamlessly. In addition, the boot has a shock-resistant outer layer to keep you safer for longer.

The unique feature of this Ad Tec boot is the Goodyear welt construction. This technology makes the leather stronger through oil treatment. So, you can bet that the overall shoe is more robust and, consequently, very durable.

This boot retails at between $69 and $125, making it one of the cheapest on the list. And, you can get it in two colors and both wide and non-wide sizes.

One 5-star buyer says that this Ad Tec logger boot is super comfortable. He adds that you won’t feel a pinch even if you stand on your feet all day. That sounds amazing, and you too can enjoy the boots if you buy them here:

Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Horse Leather Work Boots for Men 

3. Carhartt Men’s 8″ Waterproof Composite Toe Leather Logger Boot: Best For Protection


1. Weight: 2.3 pounds

2. Shaft: 7 inches from arch

3. Heel: about 2 inches

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather, horse brown oil

2. Has a rubber sole

3. Has a waterproof membrane

4. Has unique PU cushion holes

5. Bears the Goodyear welt construction (like Ad Tec)

What You Won’t        

The heel may be a little too high

Carhartt is one of the biggest apparel brands globally, and today, they bring you the CML8369. This logger boot is durable and comfortable, and it keeps your feet dry in most (if not all) wet conditions. 

This boot stands out as a protector of the feet. That’s because of the Carhartt heel stabilizer, which keeps your ankle stable and heels secure. Also, the heels have reinforced steel shanks that come in handy when climbing. Then, because of the safety toe, the boot also protects you from incidental contact with any electrical circuits.

This logger boot sells at between $162 and $189, which is relatively convenient. Also, it comes in a crazy horse brown color, and the sizes are in both feet type. 

One buyer mentions that once these Carhartt logger boots are out of the box, they feel comfortable already. He says his feet remain warm, dry, and comfortable, which is an excellent experience. If you want to feel that too, buy the logger boot here:

Carhartt Men's 8 

4. Chippewa Men’s 8″ Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe EH 73050 Logger Boot: Best For Insulation


Weight: 5.13 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the 🇺🇸 (with imported material)

3. Artificial sole

4. Leather construction is waterproof

5. Insole is Texon

6. Has 3M Thinsulate ultra insulation

What You Won’t    

When you receive the boots, they may not look slim and stylish.

Chippewa, a sublet of Justin Boots, proudly presents its logger boot. It is 100% waterproof and gives you 400gms insulation. Also, it has an excellent Electrical Hazard rating, meaning that it is protective and reliable. 

Most Chippewa boots are designed to stand the test of time, so expect this one to behave similarly. Also, its unique insulation feature will keep your feet area breathable no matter the weather outside.

It costs between $167 and $280 and comes in one color: black oiled. Also, it’s true to fit, so order your usual size (wide or non-wide).

One 5-star buyer loves these boots, and he wears them at home, at work, fishing, and hunting. In the dead of winter, the shoes keep his toes warm. Funnily, he says that he would like to be buried in them, but we know what he means. Buy here:

Chippewa Men's 8 .

5. Safety Girl GS009-BRN-FT-9.5 Safety Girl Women’s 8″ Logger Boot: Best For Women


1. Weight: 4 pounds

2. Height: 5 inches

3. Length: 12.5 inches

What You’ll Like

1. Has a soft toe

2. Made of full-grain leather

3. Has an oil-resistant outsole

4. It comes with a waterproof membrane

What You Won’t

If you don’t pick the right size, it won’t fit

When people talk about logger boots, they always think of men. But, Safety Girl changes the narrative and brings a boot for the girls. As the brand says, this logger shoe is comfortable, dependable, and affordable.

This Safety Girl logger boot is oil, water, and slip-resistant, meaning that you can wear it in any wet condition. Also, it includes the superior Goodyear welt construction, and it has a chunky heel that gives you extra grip through any terrain.

It has a one-off cost of $74, comes in six sizes, and in a single color: brown.

One buyer says that it is true to size, meaning you won’t have any problems fitting. This boot could be the perfect gift for a female hiker, so grab it using the link below:

Safety Girl GS009-BRN-FT-9.5 Safety Girl Women's 8 

6. Irish Setter Work Men’s Mesabi Steel Toe 83834 Boot: Best For Style


1. Weight: 2.7 pounds

2. Shaft: 8 inches from arch

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. The outsole is heat resistant

3. Has steel-toe protection

4. Has Electrical Hazard clearance

What You Won’t

The wide size may be too narrow for your feet

Irish Setter sets this brilliant boot right before our eyes. The Mesabi steel toe withstands everything, thanks to its reinforced leather. Its sole is of Goodyear welt construction, which adds durability and strength.

For support, the shoe has a comfortable steel shank, and for comfort, it has a sole made of heat-resistant material. That helps you stay safe and secure and pull through tough jobs.

The shoe sells easily between $137 and $154 and in two colors: brown and black. Luckily, you can find it in both wide and non-wide sizes (however you like).

One buyer says that the boots fit well and are incredibly stylish. He mentions that the shoes are a very comfortable pair and that they are worth every penny. So, if you also want to share in that experience, buy the Mesabi logger boot using the link below:

Irish Setter Work Men's Mesabi Steel Toe 83834 Boot 

7. Rugged Blue MS003-ST-9.5M Pioneer II Insulated Logger Boot Steel Toe: Best For Comfort


1. Weight: 5.6 pounds

2. Height: 5.0 inches

3. Length: 14.75 inches

What You’ll Like

1. Has steel-toe protection

2. Genuine brown leather

3. Shock-absorbing shoes

4. Oil and slip-resistant

5. Has 3M Thinsulate insulation

What You Won’t  

The heel may be too high

The Rugged Blue store gives us this boot, and it’s not top-rated for nothing. Like the Chippewa, it has a 400gms insulation, meaning that your feet will stay warm and dry all day long. 

The shoe is super comfortable to fit, thanks to its pull-on loop at the top rear. Also, it has an aggressive tread pattern that grips all surfaces. For protection, the boot has a steel-toe mechanism that can handle up to 2500 pounds of pressure.

The boot retails for between $92 and $100, making it one of the cheapest on this list. Unfortunately, it only comes in one color – brown – but sells in both wide and non-wide sizes.

One 5-star buyer says that the boots are high quality. Although they’re heavy, they fit well and keep him cozy. Another says that the shoes are well made and rugged, and they highly recommend them. So, if that piques you, click this link to buy them:

Rugged Blue MS003-ST-9.5M Pioneer II Insulated Logger Boot Steel Toe 

8. Skechers USA Men’s Cascades Logger Boot: Best For Style


1. Weight: 2 pounds

2. Shaft: 8 inches from arch

3. Heel: about 0.5 inches

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Rubbery soles

3. Padded tongue

4. Has a stitched top sole

What You Won’t

The sole may wear out faster than you expect

Finally, we have a pair of logger boots from Skechers, the award-winning brand. This pair has oiled, smooth leather, which guarantees longevity. In addition, it gives you comfort in the shape of a soft lining, a cushioned insole, and a rounded plain toe.

As work boots, these loggers have a rugged outsole that provides the needed traction for heavy jobs. So, if you want toughness, get it from these Skechers.

The boot retails at between $119 and $149 and comes in two colors: dark brown and oily black. And although it has multiple sizes, there are no wide-feet options.

One buyer says that the shoes look good and that they are true to fit. Another says that if you have an admirable fashion sense, you can dress them up and down. That sounds amazing, so buy the boots using the link below:

Skechers USA Men's Cascades Logger Boot 

Related Questions

What Should You Consider When Looking For The Best Logger Boot?

Since these are specialized shoes, you can’t just pick standard options. Instead, you need to check the product along with these pointers:

1. Is It Slip And Oil Resistant?

Loggers often tread along wet and slippery surfaces, so they need their shoes to hold them down. With rain, for example, the vegetation becomes wetter, meaning that one wrong move could bring you down.

Therefore, get a boot whose sole has deep and aggressive treads. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing your footing. 

2. How High Is Its Heel?

Like resistance, heel height contributes to traction. Because loggers go through challenging terrain, they will always need to be on top of the situation. So, a thicker heel will help you navigate uneven grounds, and it’ll give you stability.

3. Is It Waterproof?

Mud and water are cool to look at, but you wouldn’t want them inside your boots. That’s why you should pick a watertight pair. You’ll know you have such a shoe if it has an extended shaft and well-stitched outlines.

4. Does It Fit Comfortably?

Your logger boots should have enough padding to cushion your foot as you walk. So, look for features like shock absorption as you buy.

If you pay attention to comfort while shopping for the boots, you’ll be preventing long-term pain and damage.

What Is Special About Logger Boots?

Unlike other work boots, logger boots are heavy-duty. What makes them unique is that they are meant for people in the logging industry, hence the name.

Are Logger Boots Good For Everyday Use?

No, but some of the more snug options can warm your feet seven days a week.

If the boots you own are heavy, you wouldn’t want to wear them all day unless you work round the clock.

Why Do People Wear Logger Boots?

People wear logger boots to tread the woodlands and forests – that’s their purpose. But, others also wear them when doing other outdoor activities like climbing and hiking.

Why Are Logger Boots So Comfortable?

Logger boots are comfortable because they have extra padding on the inside. Also, some have shock-absorbing material, which keeps feet safer and free of any trouble.

Are Loggers Good for Hiking?

Yes, loggers can make good hiking shoes. But, such shoes need to fit well so that the hike is bearable.

Why Do Logger Boots Have Kilties?

Kilties, or brush guards, sit under the laces of logger boots to protect them from water, debris, and dirt.

Do You Need Steel Toe Boots For Logging?


With loggers, you’ll only need protection from wetness. That’s because logging happens in the woodlands, far from the heavy-machine industries. The people who need steel toe boots the most are those who work with metal objects.

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

Of all the eight brands we’ve seen in this review, the one that stands out for us is the Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Horse Leather Work Boots for Men . That’s because it has a reasonable price and includes features from other shoes. Also, it gives you all the comfort you need during logging.

Nevertheless, all the boots we’ve presented are excellent picks. So, pick one according to your liking.

And we’re done!

If you fancied that review, share the link with others. Indeed, loggers will be excited to see all the top eight brands in one place.

For any comments, use the box below, and we will get back to you. Now, as you exit, check out some of these well-reading reviews:

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Bye for now, and see you in the next one!

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