7 Best Men’s Blazers In 2020 For A Classic Look

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A blazer is a versatile fabric that is a must-have for every trendy gentleman.  It is a significant attraction of every outfit, whether formal or casual. You can wear a blazer with pants of the same or different color, material or pattern and still stand out among your equals or colleagues at work.

The best Men’s blazers come in distinct colored stripes or solid colors, and they may have either single or double-breasted contour.  You can use this garment as uniform in schools, sports team, or clubs if they have a logo imprinted.  Putting on a blazer gives you an elegant look that makes you more attractive and classic. 

Many blazer types are available, and your choice will depend on your taste, preferences, as well a purpose. In this guide, we highlight;

  1. Seven best Men’s blazers – Buyer’s Guide
  2. Main styles of Men’s blazers
  3. Different fabrics for men’s blazers
  4. Factors to consider when purchasing
  5. Frequently asked questions

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Men's blazers

The Seven Best Men’s Blazers – Buyer’s Guide

1.  Beninos Men’s Slim-Fit Blazer Jacket

This one-button blazer is a slim fit style with button closure. Beninos jacket is 0.7-inch high and 14-inch in width with the design of a suit blazer. If you are looking for a casual jacket with an excellent look and finished by superior stitching, then look no further than this slim fit blazer.

The jacket is stylish with a linen texture and specifically designed for men in the west. This attire gives you an elegant, generous, and minimalistic look in the crowd. You can match it with jeans or khaki pants, a white dress shirt, and a pair of casual loafers and stand out in public. You will leave a long-lasting impression around the people that you interact with. It is ideal for formal, business, casual wear and other special occasions.

Key Features:

  • A slim fit style that does not lose too much
  • A lightweight jacket with notch lapel
  • One button closure, decoration of a fake pocket on the left chest
  • Two real pockets on front flap and a real pocket inside


  • Manufacturer                 Beninos
  • Product dimensions       5 x 5 x 0.7-inches
  • Item model number        302 Black L

2. COOFANDY Men’s Casual Suit Blazer

This men’s casual suit blazer is a lightweight sports coat with a single button. The jacket is made of polyester and cotton blend material that is dry-cleanable and can also be hand-washed with a maximum temperature of 40o.  You should not bleach but can be ironed with a maximum temperature of 110o.

Coofandy’s fabulous jacket features a one-button closure, a real pocket on the left chest, a notch lapel, two practical pockets on the front flap, and an authentic pocket in the inside. This blazer has a casual and elegant appearance that is finished by superior stitching and a linen texture which is specially designed for the western men.

It is a stylish blazer that makes you elegant, minimalistic, and generous in the crowd. You can pair this outfit with a white T-shirt, your daily pants, and a pair of casual shoes. Coofandy suit blazer is an excellent piece in every gentleman’s wardrobe and ideal for wedding, disco, meeting, banquet, yacht party and more.

Key Features:

  • Button closure
  • Features notch lapel
  • Elegant and casual looking
  • Excellent stitching
  • Designed especially for western men


  • Manufacturer                 COOFANDY
  • Product dimensions         11.81 x 7.87 x 0.79-inches

3. Men’s Dress Floral Stylish Blazer by Cloudstyle

If you are looking for a stylish blazer that is perfect for dates, graduation party, weddings, prom and more, look no further than this gorgeous blazer dress suit. It is a single-breasted jacket with a notched lapel, centre vent button-closure and features a printing process with hot stamping.

Clodstyle’s men’s blazer is easy to care for since it hand-washable and made of 70% polyester material and 30% Viscose. To maintain the good texture of the fabric, it is advisable that you hand-wash and avoid exposing it to hot sun for long.

Key Features:

  • Button closure
  • Single-breast notched lapel
  • Hand washable
  • Features hot-stamping printing process


  • Manufacturer               Cloudstyle
  • Product dimensions     13.82 x 12.4 x 2.2-inches
  • Item model number     YD809HS1S

4. H2H Men’s Casual Slim Fit jacket

Every fashionable man likes to stand out in their outfit regardless of the weather conditions. H2H men’s slim-fit jacket has long thermal sleeves that keep you warm while making you leave an unforgettable impression. It is a 100% polyester blazer with a button closure that gives you the confidence you desire when wearing it.

This stylish cardigan is of excellent quality and softness, making it suitable for all seasons. You can pair the jacket with a different dress or casual pants for a fabulous look any day. You will easily care for the garment since it is hand-washable and dry-cleanable.

Key Features:

  • 100% polyester
  • Button closure and collar type
  • Slim fit
  • Streamlined silhouette for a modern look
  • Lightweight cardigans
  • Chest pockets


  • Manufacturer                         H2H
  • Product dimensions               13.8 x 11 x 1.1-inches

5. Mage Male Men’s 3-Pieces Suit

Mage Male men’s 3-pieces suit consists of a vest, a pair of pants, and a single-breasted party blazer. You do not need to match it with other pants or vests. This suit is made of cotton polyester blend material that is durable and elegant.

You can easily match the set with a business/formal tuxedo shirt and wear it to work, date, wedding, graduation or any other events and still stand out. The slim-fit jacket has a 3D cut and a shoulder pad that makes it more stylish and elegant.

Key Features:

  • One button closure
  • 0.7-inch high and 14-inch wide
  • Single-breasted, side vents, notch lapel
  • Slim fit style cut from 3D draping
  • Can be matched with any business or formal tuxedo shirt


  • Manufacturer              Mage Male

6. Slim Fit Single One Button Blazer by Geek Lighting

Geek Lighting slim fit is a one-button blazer jacket for men that is made of cotton/polyester blend material. The jacket is a lightweight, modern fashion and features a notch lapel, a real pocket on the left chest, a real pocket inside as well as two authentic pockets on the front flap.

For a stylish and casual look, this jacket is finished by superior stitching with a soft touch that is specially designed for western guys. This suit blazer fashion gives you a fabulous, minimalistic, and generous look that makes you stand out in the crowd. This outfit is comfortable, skin-friendly with no harm. You will also easily care for the blazer as it does not crease and will smooth out with quick steam.

For any man looking forward to adding a fabulous jacket to their wardrobe, this is a suitable pick. You can wear this blazer for wedding, nightclub, graduation, dating, meeting and more of the best occasions and leave an unforgettable impression to those who interact with you.

Key Features:

  • Button closure
  • Lightweight and modern fashion
  • Casual and fabulous looking
  • High quality and does not harm the skin


  • Manufacturer                      Geek Lighting
  • Product dimensions            13.07 x 10.5 x 2.99-inches
  • Item model number            LT2016balzer-002 -1A

7. Pishon Men’s Slim-Fit Blazer Jacket

Any man who is conscious of his looks cannot afford to lack Pishon Men’s slim-fit blazer. This jacket is a solid, one-button casual wear with flap pockets at the sides. Pishon blazer is made of high-quality material that is soft and comfortable to put on. It also features a left chest pocket that is only for fashion.

You can easily match the blazer with pants and shirts of your choice and still make an impression. Wear the outfit for nightclub, ceremony, disco, banquet and any other event when you don’t feel like being formal. You can give the garment as an ideal gift for valentine’s day, Christmas day, thanksgiving day and more.

Key Features:

  • Button closure
  • Single-breasted, solid blazer
  • Dry-cleanable
  • High quality, soft and comfortable wear
  • Ideal as a gift


  • Manufacturer                   Pishon
  • Product dimension          12.4 x 9 x 3.1-inches

Main Styles Of Men’s Blazers

Men’s blazers come in two main styles, i.e. single-breasted and double-breasted;

i). Single-Breasted

This type of blazers has one, two, or three buttons just like suit jackets, but on rare occasions, you can get one with more like five or six. You can comfortably wear a single-breasted blazer for casual events such as night dates, or formal ones like weddings.

ii). Double-Breasted

These blazers are made with more fabric than the single-breasted ones. The material folds over at the front, and they also have two columns of buttons. This type of jackets is more formal and may not be perfect for casual events.

Although the double-breasted blazers are not so popular, they can be a perfect outfit for formal events if you match them with the right pants and shirts.

Different fabrics for Men’s Blazers

There are different types of fabric options that you can pick from for men’s blazers. The various materials are suitable for different events, and you should be keen when selecting. These fabrics include:

  • Tweed

Tweed is a woollen fabric that is rough and with a soft, open, and versatile texture. It resembles homespun or cheviot, but it is closely woven with a plain weave. To obtain the yarn’s color effects, dyed wool is mixed before spinning.

Tweed blazers are more formal and warm and various types of tweed include striped, checked, twill, over-check, and herringbone. You can match this blazer with well-fitted jeans, smart pants, or chinos in neutral colors.

  • Cotton Twill

Cotton twill is a breathable fabric and blazers made from it are suitable during the months of summer. Cotton twill blazers are more formal but also suitable for fancier events, and you can wear them for long stretches.

  • Wool

Wool blazers are warm and thus ideal for wearing during the winter and autumn months. They have a formal look that makes them perfect for casual occasions and can also work well as smart –casual wear.

You can get different colors of blazers to choose from such as neutral tones like light brown or even burgundy. The blazers can be paired with different trouser options, including jeans, chinos, or smart trousers.

  • Linen

Linen blazers are ideal for warmer months such as summer since they are light and breezy. You will get a wide range of colors to choose from making the blazer suitable for different styles and occasions.

These jackets make a great staple for your wardrobe due to the classic colors available such as beige and navy.

  • Velvet

Velvet blazers always look formal since the fabric is luxurious and perfect for fancier events. You can pair the jacket with a pair of slim-cut pants in either grey or black. You can also wear a plain formal shirt or match it with a grey or white T-shirt. To complement your looks, you can put on a pair of Chelsea boots or brogues.

Factors to Consider When Buying Men’s Blazers

Blazers are perfect additions to a man’s wardrobe if you want to look excellent but feel like a suit is too much. They are appropriate for both formal and casual wear, and you need to consider a lot of things when purchasing these essential outfits. The following factors are worth considering:

  1. Style

There are two styles of men’s blazer, i.e. single-breasted and double-breasted. Your choice depends on the occasions for which you will wear them. A single-breasted blazer is ideal for various casual events such as night dates or weddings.

Double-breasted blazers, on the other hand, are more formal and not suitable for casual events.

  • Size

Your figure plays a major role when selecting the best blazer and the fit of the shoulder is more critical. You should ensure that the seam sits directly above your shoulder edge to avoid buying a jacket that is too big. A poorly fitting shoulder is hard to fix even by the most qualified tailor, and it can be hectic to wear as well.

  • Body

You should choose a blazer that is not too tight, especially at the arms. Ensure that the jacket skims your torso well without its bottom falling below your butt. To be on the safe side, the bottom of the jacket should line up with the sleeves.

Sleeves length also plays a great role on the way you look in the blazer. Ensure that they leave about a half-inch on the hand so that the shirt’s cuff can be seen. If the sleeves are too long, you can get a tailor to adjust them to give you a perfect fit.

  • Fabric

The type of fabric making the blazer also plays an essential role when choosing since it impacts on the season to wear the outfit. For example, a linen or cotton blazer is suitable for humid and hot weather as they are breathable and light, hence comfortable.

Thicker fabrics such as wool, corduroy, or tweed are best for cooler weather as they will keep you warm and cosy looking.

  • Arm Holes

Your blazer’s armholes should not be too high to cut into the armpits. They should be large enough but without extra inches between the bottom of the hole and the armpit. You should be able to move your arms freely during ordinary motion.

  • Color

Blazers come in different classic colors that are suitable for matching with various trousers and shirts. You can choose trendy colors such as blue, black, or brown since you can wear them up or down with several other colors. To make the blazer stand out, always match it with a contrasting shade of the trousers but not the same color.

  • Collar

You should ensure that the collar of your jacket rests against the shirt collar, which in turn rests against your neck’s back. There should be no gaps in between as this will mean the blazer is too loose. There should also be no bunching under the back of the collar of the jacket as this will indicate the blazer is too tight. The jacket’s stance may also be off.

Frequently Asked Questions About Men’s Blazers

  1. What is Blazer?

A blazer is an outfit that resembles a suit jacket but which is more casual. It is tailored from solid color materials, and they have buttons that are naval-styled metals. These buttons reflect the origin of the blazers that were worn by members of the boating club.

  • Is There a Difference Between a Blazer and a Jacket?

A blazer is usually considered as a step down from a suit jacket. One main distinction between the outfits is that a suit jacket is bought together with a pair of trousers to match it. A blazer can be worn on various occasions, including casual and formal, but a suit jacket is mainly a formal outfit.

  • How Long Should My Blazer Be?

Your blazer’s length should end somewhere between mid to lower crotch, i.e. if you are shorter than 5-feet, 9-inches. It should end around mid-crotch, but if you are taller than this height, then it should end lower.

Your jacket’s length determines the balance between your upper and lower body. If your blazer is longer than necessary, you can get a tailor to adjust it up to an inch.

  • How Much Money Should One Spend On a Blazer?

The amount of money you should pay for a good blazer will depend on the following among others;

  • The number of times you will be wearing it.
  • Whether the blazer will work with different pairs of trousers
  • Whether you can wear it for different occasions
  • How much money you are willing to spend

 A blazer that can be paired with different trousers and one which you can wear for various  occasions will be highly-priced than one that will be worn on selective events and with one pair of pants. The cost of the jacket will also depend on the quality of construction, fabric, as well as style. Ensure that you compare the cost of the blazers against features and decide on best price.

  • What is the Best Color of a Blazer?

Gray and Navy colors are the best since they are safe and also versatile while tan and brown are excellent for casual wear. But if you are looking for a trendier blazer, then maroon and vibrant blue will be a perfect option.

  • How Many Styles of Blazers are Available?

There are two primary styles of blazers, i.e. single-breasted and double-breasted blazers. Single-breasted blazers have one, two, or three buttons and can be worn on various occasions since they are comfortable.

Double-breasted blazers have more fabric which is folded at the front and have two button columns and blazers are suitable for formal events than casual ones.

Final Word

For any man who wants to stand out among the rest and who may not be comfortable wearing a suit all the time, a blazer is an excellent piece in your wardrobe. This garment is versatile enough that you can wear it on various events such as date night, wedding, birthday parties, among others. You can also wear them for formal occasions if you match them with the right trousers, shirts, and a pair of shoes. 

It is essential when choosing this garment, you ensure that it is made of the right material that is suitable for the particular weather condition for you to remain comfortable. Ensure also that the outfit is the right fit, i.e. not too tight or too loose as this will compromise your looks.

Choosing perfect colors that can be matched with more than one pair of trousers will also save you a lot of money. It means that you can wear the jacket several times and still be smart as long as you match it with contrasting colors.

Our list offers you a wide selection of blazers such that you cannot miss what suits your needs.

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