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Men struggle in doing workouts and spend plenty of time in the gym trying to get rid of adipose tissue accretion around their bellies, but this does not happen so quickly. Others tend to change their diets, but still, no significant results are obtained. 

Thanks to celebrity endorsements and modernity, the waist trainer is the most trending in the health and wellness domain giving you a reasonably impressive outcome within a short period. 

A waist trainer is a squeezing garment firm enough to compress, that you put around your belly to restrain the surplus fat from accumulating. Waist trainers pleasantly curve the abdomen by efficiently narrowing the midsection when thermogenesis happens in your body.

The waist liner has changed the way men exercise their bodies for good body shape, not only minimizing time spent but also the physical force involved.

Remember that waist trainers’ reliability highly depends on the quality of the material used.

Types Of Waist Trainers.

They are two types: Waist Cinchers and Waist Training Corsets.

Waist Cinchers

This kind of stiff shapewear is well designed to allow your body to move with ease. Wearing these gadgets is a superb idea as they are invisible under your clothes and do not restrict your daily routine.

Waist Training Corsets

Boning is the only feature that differentiates between a waist cincher and corsets. 

On the one hand, cincher is plastic boned, thus user friendly while a corset is steel boned, and this characteristic poses challenges to users.

On the other hand, corset compresses your body more, thus shaping your waistline quicker than the waist cincher. 

Top 7 Waist Trainer Reviews In 2020 (Best Picks)

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Waist Trainer

Best Waist Trainer Reviews

It is undeniably true that a waist trainer is an essential garment that helps in shaping your body and figure.

Here are the top-reviewed products that will impress you:

  1. GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt
  2.  McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt
  3. ActiveGear Waist Trimmer Belt
  4. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer
  5. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Belt For Men & Women
  6. Wonderience Men Waist Trainer Vest
  7. Bracoo Waist Trimmer Wrap

1.GKVK Men’s Slimming Body Shaper Vest Shirt

This waist trainer is among the best body shapers used in modern society due to its complementary services offered to an individual. Apart from shaping your belly and waist for that slender look, this accessory prepares your body to attain long-lasting fitness.

With a balanced diet and training, this type of accessory helps eliminate excess adipose tissue around your belly in a short period. Posture advancement is an added advantage.

The accessory is well designed to stay compact i.e. no rolling and to slither. Nylon and spandex are the primary materials used; thus, your belly’s comfort and contraction are assured. This minimizes any chances of skin irritation.

Key Features:

  • Springy closure
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Strong chest shaper
  • Supports the back and gives an upright posture


  • Material 80 % Nylon and 20 % Spandex
  • Product dimension 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches

2.McDavid Waist Trimmer Belt

The model comprises of rubber-based paint-free neoprene that gives a high-quality contraction and a non-slickness inner liner that ensures that there are no unnecessary movements of your belt around the belly. 

The textile’s comfort and lightweight nature makes the belt suitable to wear for long underneath your regular clothes with no skin irritation whatsoever. The belt magnifies the outcome of your training sessions and beefs up your gist muscles.

This kind of belt can be useful to patients suffering from afflictive muscles or arthritis to curb pain and fasten the recuperation process. Additionally, the belt works in almost all sizes up to 40 inches as it contains adjustable Velcro closure on the forepart of the cloak giving you a close-fitting.

Key Features

  • Latex-free neoprene make
  • Designed to hold back heat to promote sweating
  • Contraction keeps muscles energized and suppress pain
  • Fortifies your pith
  • Prevents muscle stress in the back and abdominal area
  •  Contains a non-slickness inner layer to keep the belt compact.


  • Style Name Men’s Size
  • Product dimensions 3.5 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches 
  • Weight 8.8 ounces
  • Color variety

3.ActiveGear Waist Trimmer Belt

This belt is availed in two sizes; medium size, which fits all waist sizes up to 42 inches, and the larger size, which can suit up to 52 inches. The item is classically designed to serve both male and female by giving support to your belly and lower back muscles while training.

Compared with other types of belts, this accessory provides a configured match, improved support and comfort. This brand’s inner lining has an anti-slip bend mode that repulses sweating, thus keeping your physical structure and the belt dry and bacteria-free.

Therefore, the brand is the best pick that will give you maximum support to your back muscles.

Key Features

  • The material of make is of high-quality neoprene
  • Broad enough to cover your belly
  • Durable and designed with quality craftsmanship.
  • Comes in with two optional choices to choose from
  • Non-slickness technology to keep it intact
  • Repulse moisture to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and odor


  • Product dimensions 10.6 x 8.3 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight 10.4 ounces
  • Color variety

4.Sports Research Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

This waist trimmer is a top-listed and liked device due to its capability to get rid of excess water. You can comfortably wear this brand while training or throughout the day as the material of make is stiff, stretchy, and supportive.

The device can easily be carried to the gym as it has a breathable carry bag. Your belly is not constricted since this belt is well conformed to fit comfortably around your waist even after prolonged use. You can comfortably change it according to your waist size with the help of a velcro closure.

Key Features

  • Comes in 5 different optional sizes
  • Ameliorates the pace of sweating training and daily deeds
  • They are contoured and pliable for comfort
  •  Made with rubber-based free neoprene for enduringness.
  • Provides superior heat insulation
  • Has an inner lining to prevent slippage.


  • Size variety
  • Color variety

5.TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Belt For Men & Women

This device comes in two colors: pink and yellow. The varieties provided in the market also differ in their sizes to suit different individuals. The material of make is durable and contains a non-slip inner lining making the accessory compact throughout the exercise.

The model is pocket friendly and works well, helping you sweat and trim your abdominal area. A Velcro closure assists in adjusting the waist liner according to your size.

The durable materials used comprise an interior product designed to remain compact, even if you are energetic. The slenderness of this belt is convenient even when worn under your clothing while performing various tasks.

Key features

  • Broad enough to cover your belly
  • Availed in six optional sizes
  • The Interior repulses excess water and resists the clogging of bacterial and odor accumulation.
  • Made of long-lasting materials
  • Comfortably worn under regular clothing
  • Non-slip inner lining that prevents slippage, bunching, and rolling.


  • Color yellow & pink
  • Size variety

6.WonderienceMen Waist Trainer Vest

The material used has a 100 % inner Neoprene and 100 % outer polyester. This, therefore, makes this trainer vest boost excretion due to increased body temperature and heat. Neoprene Sauna Suit heightens the belly and spinal support as you train, thus giving you an upright posture.

Additionally, this waistcoat is a low-profile exercising garment and can comfortably be worn inside a regular shirt. Besides, the vest completely combusts fat and swifts the weight loss process.

Apart from making your body sweat more than usual, this stiff shape-wear tends to keep your body warm during cold days and also maximize fat burning for weight loss, thus getting the anticipated body’s figure and shape. 

By wearing this kind of a waist trainer, you are assured of a firm posture, lower back support, and crazy sweating all day through.

Key Features

  • High-quality material
  • Increases the rate of excretion
  • Has a secured package
  • Contains a protective layer that protects your skin when zipped up

Specifications :

  • Color Black &Gray
  • Size variety
  • Material inner 100 %  Neoprene and 100 % outer Polyester
  • Product dimensions 13.6 x 10.5 x0.7 ounces

7.Bracoo Waist Trimmer Wrap

This brand efficiently regulates and raises the temperature of your mid-section, increasing the pumping rate of the heart, which in turn results in the burning of fat, speeding the excretion process.

 The stiff shape-wear is featured with an anti-slick grip surface along with the inner liner, keeping the trimmer in compact when exercising. It can comfortably be worn under regular clothing due to its lightweight nature.

The device is designed with a superior Velcro grip, which is non-stinky and non-toxic. Plus, is a unisex designed, easily adjustable, and fits up to 40 inches in circumference. 

Mild contraction enhances stability and reduces unreasonable movements as well as energy loss during exercises.

Key features

  • Has an adjustable core thus maximizing performance
  • User-friendly and latex-free
  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Has an anti-slick inner liner
  • Easily washed in freshwater
  • Upgraded fat burn


  • Manufacturer Taiwan
  • Product dimension 43.3x8x0.1 inches
  • Weight 8 ounces. 

How to use waist trainers

You might face challenges in wearing trainers, especially if you are a first time user. Damages may occur in case the clasps are forcibly pulled.

Follow the procedures below.

  • Tighten the lowest crochet of the cloth in front of your body
  • Pull the waist trainer downwards around your midriff
  • For adjustability purposes, wear your waist trainer for at least one hour the first two times of use.

What to Look at Before Buying a Waist Trainer for Men- Buyer’s Guide

To get the best deal with ease, you must be selective and, most importantly, focus on the below-mentioned factors. 

Used material

The belt is meant to be worn directly on the skin, and the material used should provide almost a hundred percent comfort. Choose an accessory that is soft, comfortable, and does not harm your skin in any way.

To gain maximum comfort, pick a material that quickly assimilates heat and tapers away moisture comfortably, thus preventing any bacteria growth.

Neoprene belts are the best due to their high capacity in absorbing sweat and high durability. This material can easily be changed and is highly flexible, making it comfortable while training.

Targeted use

The reason behind the buying of waist liner differs between individuals. There are those specifically designed for weight loss and working out, while others deliver slimming upshots and hide imperfections.

There are other considerations to put in mind, like how much adipose tissue you want to get rid of and your level of the training regime. 

Measurement and Fitting

Size always differs from one guy to another. Choosing the perfect size will not only enable you to wear your belt safely but also ensures its longevity. Pick an accessory that perfectly fits.


As shape differs from one person to another, so does the waist trainers. Keeping in mind that some individuals prefer wearing these belts high while others like them low, their adjustability becomes a pivotal factor to consider.

Choosing the one which is easy to change to different sizes gives you that anticipated control and comfort. Buttoned and Velcro strapped accessories are the best to go with as they give you that excellent adjustability results and maximum comfort.

Body Shape

Chose a belt that perfectly lines with your body shape and size. There are different waist liners available depending on individuals. You are therefore advised to pick the one that suits your body characteristics’, i.e., high in stature, plus size, full bust, or mid get body. 

Ease of cleaning

Hygiene is essential in any type of garment, including these belts. There are high chances of bacterial breeding grounds in case these belts are not adequately cleaned due to their sweaty nature after a period of use. 

You may find that some brands are difficult and time-consuming in washing hence affecting your busy schedule.

Pick a machine-washable accessory that will make your cleaning process super easy.


You don’t have to go out of your budget to get the best belt. This is because some brands come with inflated prices that do not reflect their quality.

There are a variety of these products that are pocket friendly, making sure that you remain within your limit as it goes without doubt that expensive is not always quality.

Brand –Origin 

The choice of buying products should be made without haste to avoid making wrong decisions. The quality of the items bought depends on the materials used and the purpose intended to be undertaken by that particular accessory.


The liner of a waist trainer plays various roles and is the most significant part of this kind of belt. Thermo-genesis stimulating neoprene is placed on the liner.

Apart from increasing the localized temperature of the pith, the liner should be characterized by some form of upgraded shape for a more static hold on the fabric.

The liner should also be hydrophobic to avoid the absorption of sweat.


The closure performs a vital role in ascertaining whether the waist liner remains intact while working out or not. There are two different types of closures available: Velcro and Loop 

  • Velcro

Velcro is the most preferred type of closure in that you can promptly and effortlessly put the waist trainer on, adjust when necessary, or remove at the end of the exercise.

Most notably, Velcro is the most pliable making it more convenient, comfortable than other types and does not restrain your motion.  

  • Loop

This kind of waist trainer is rarely available. They are featured with a grummet like a belt made of plastic, allowing the waist trainer to intertwine through and then back effortlessly.

Although the loop is also steady and restrains movements, it is less comfortable than the Velcro closure.  

Importance of waist trainers

The time factor is very crucial to the reduction of weight and tummy fat. Not everyone has that extra time to visit gyms to get rid of excess body fats. With the modernization and the need to cater to an individual’s physical appearances, the stiff shape-wear becomes necessary.

Support cure of bloating

Belly massage is essential in that it helps in the digestion process, and this enhances the regulation of intestinal peristalsis.

Helps in the treatment of digestive diseases

Even though water is essential in everyone’s body for a laxative and upright posture, physical body exercises are essential in getting rid of chronic wastes and excess water.

Helps prevent fat accumulation

The trainer puts a significant wallop on the belly and assists the structure in heating up and excretes sweat products from the body. Therefore, the putrefaction process is fastened and big-bellied guys are easily slim after a short period of using waist trainers.

Help in making the skin firm and elastic

Body shape can sometimes be challenging to retain due to the kinds of food you eat. However, after frequent use of the trimmers, the skin becomes steady, preventing plumpness and droopiness caused by the aging process. 

Reduction of stress

To stimulate the circulation of blood in your body, the waist trainer will help you achieve that without straining. Body pain and soreness, therefore, decompress the muscles, making you comfortable and with less tension.

Advantages of Waist Trainers 

  • Aimed for both males and females in different sizes
  • Substantial results after a short period
  • Helps in meliorating back posture thus boosting self-esteem
  • Controlling your weight with much ease.
  •  Help in achieving the desired body shape and figure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When damaged, can liners be replaced?

 Yes. The liners are replaceable in cases where they get damaged or cease to serve the intended purposes. There are always provisions of spare parts in case of failure.

Q: Are Waist trainers effective in losing weight?

Yes, though indirectly. They tend to increase the rate of the excretion process, inducing more weight loss. Moreso, waist trainers pressure your abdominal area, deterring you from overeating fat, which in turn supports your weight loss process.

Q: Are there any problems that can be caused by the waist trainer?

Discomfort may be experienced in the beginning. But with the right size and material, you are good to go. In most cases, low-quality material may lead to skin irritations or cause symptoms of allergy. So, chose the best material to avoid any inconveniences.

Q: Where should I wear a waist trainer, under or over my clothes? How should I wash it?

Waist trainers are made to be worn underneath regular clothes, although it’s not necessary to hide them. The frequency of washing should be after every two weeks to enhance the fabric’s contraction. Warm water and shampoo are enough to clean- wash them. 

Q: How long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results?

In most cases, you can lose from 1 to 4 inches when you wear it. Weight loss may vary between individuals depending on the flexibility of your muscles. Men with elastic muscles take a shorter period than their counterparts. 

But for significant results, you are advised to wear it for along time, take a balanced diet, and frequent training.

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Final Word

There is no doubt that preferences differ between individuals; for example, one kind of product will be the best for one person and not be the case to another. This also applies to Waist trainers.

Irrespective of the above, there are elusive differences between waist trainers, which can guide you in getting the best.

Consider the perfect fit and non-toxic material and avoid low monetary valued products, although expensive is not always quality.

Among the most viewed products, Sports Research Sweet Sweatwaist trainer is the best. Compared to the rest of the brands, this is one of the most durable with a dual overlocking knot structure and a paired Velcro closure.

Plus, this waist trainer remains compact, especially when combined with the anti-slick and hydrophobic liner. This brand also comes with a free sample gel to perfect the outcome.

There is no doubt that this type of stiff shapewear is the best keeper whatsoever.

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