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If you are a carpenter or a construction worker, having a nice pair of boots is occupational safety. So, you must get the best of the best.

In the world of boots, the wedge sole type stands out as being functional and practical. That is why today, we bring you these eight excellent wedge sole work boots: 

1. Thorogood American Heritage 6” moc toe work boots for men 

2. Irish setter men's 6 

3. Carhartt men's 6-inch waterproof wedge soft-toe work boot 

4. Wolverine men's loader 6 

5. Timberland pro men's wedge sole 6 

6. Golden fox work boots 6 

7. Keen Utility women's Cincinnati 8 

8. Georgia boot men's 8-inch wedge work shoe 

MenNStuff 101: The list includes eight different work boot brands to give you a variety. It is like getting the best in all eight worlds!

Comparing The Best Wedge Sole Work Boots

We know that reading can be tasking, which is why we brought together a table. It captures all the essential details for each shoe to help you shop excellently.

MenNStuff 101: If you like any boot, click on the link under the brand name, and you’ll see yourself to Amazon.

No.Logger boot brandWeightSlip protectionSoleBest For
1Thorogood American Heritage 6” moc toe work boots for men  5 poundsYesRubberAll Craft Industries
2Irish setter men's 6  1.6 poundsYesRubberProtection at the Job
3Carhartt men's 6-inch waterproof wedge soft-toe work boot  1.94 poundsYesRubberWaterproofness and Breathability
4Wolverine men's loader 6  1.18 poundsYesRubberLittle Break-in Period
5Timberland pro men's wedge sole 6  2.1 poundsYesRubberDurability
6Golden fox work boots 6  3.6 poundsYesRubberPocket-Friendly Price 
7Keen Utility women's Cincinnati 8  3.85 poundsYesRubberWomen
8Georgia boot men's 8-inch wedge work shoe  4.8 poundsYesRubberImpressive Leather

Now, see the specifics of each shoe, and we hope you will enjoy scrolling!

1. Thorogood American Heritage 6” Moc Toe Work Boots For Men: Best Overall (For All Craft Industries)


Weight: 5 pounds

What You’ll Like (Pros and Features)

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the USA

3. Durable full-grain and oil-tanned leather

4. Slip-resistant outsole

5. Shock-absorbing footbed

6. Special Goodyear storm welt for dependability

7. Fiberglass shank construction for shapeliness

What You Won’t Like (Cons)

Their price is a little higher than all the other boots here

If you crisscross the Internet looking for wedge sole boots, Thorogood will come up more times than others. That’s because of this American Heritage boot, which lasts longer and performs excellently.

The boots’ soles are electric-shock resistant and have a removable shock-absorbing footbed. Those features keep you safe as you deal with the toughness of your industry.

Also, the wedge has reinforced slip resistance, meaning that you won’t smooth along as your work. The leather is also impressively breathable, so comfort is guaranteed even if your job punishes you.

These boots sell for between $209 and $312, making them the most expensive on our list. But, you get value for each penny spent, so don’t be scared by the price tag. Also, note that you can get the pair in five colors, either wide or non-wide sizes.

One satisfied buyer says that he was delighted when he pulled the shoes out of the box. Another says that their leather is thick and supple and that he highly recommends them for you.

Buy here: Thorogood American Heritage 6” Moc Toe Work Boots For Men .

2. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot: Best For Protection At The Job


1. Weight: 1.56 pounds

2. Heel size: 1.5 inches

3. Boot opening: 13.5 inches around

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather, full-grain

2. Heat-resistant rubber outsole

3. Meets the set standards on electrical safety

What You Won’t

1. The arch support is not as impressive

Irish Setter is one of the big names in the work boot industry, so it’s no surprise that they appear at number 2. This boot uses a unique trout brook leather, making it tough on the outside.

This shoe has a unique heel that keeps you safe from electrical parts, thus reducing hazards at work. In addition, it is highly heat-resistant, and the sole only melts over 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

The shoe retails at between $127 and $149, and it comes in one color: brown. Moreover, you can get it in either a wide or a non-wide size.

One verified buyer says that the boots’ soles have lasted longer than he expected, considering he wears them for over 40 hours a week. So, if you’re on the fence, buy them, and you won’t regret them. Indeed, you will enjoy their durability and weightlessness.

Buy here: Irish Setter Men's 6 .

3. Carhartt Men’s 6 Inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot: Best For Waterproofness And Breathability


1. Weight: 1.94 pounds

2. Shaft: 7 inches from arch

3. Hell: 1.5 inches

4. Boot opening: 10.5 inches around

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Tough rubber sole

3. Completely waterproof

4. Comes with a comfort cushion insole

What You Won’t

It is soft toe, so it isn’t as protective as the rest

Carhartt brings us an excellent product that we’re sure you’ll like. It has improved durability and comfort, and the upper is made with top-quality tanned leather. Also, the rubber outsole has dual-density to provide you with complete ground contact.

These Carhartt shoes have improved cushion comfort, meaning that your feet will sit well even as you do the most demanding job. And, because of the Goodyear construction, expect the boots to last longer.

Notably, the boots bear the Storm Defender, a unique technology that includes a membrane to keep them dry and airy on the inside.

The shoes sell for between $128 and $273, which is a relatively reasonable price. To add, you can get them in any of the available six colors and both wide and non-wide sizes.

One impressed buyer says that the leather in the boots holds well and that the pair is as tough as nails. Another is glad to have bought them because of their great fitting. Generally, the customer sentiment is positive, so buy them when you can.

Buy here: Carhartt Men's 6 Inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot 

4. Wolverine Men’s Loader 6″ Soft Toe Wedge Work Boot: Best For Little Break-In Period (How Quick A Shoe Becomes Comfortable)


1. Weight: 1.18 pounds

2. Shaft: 6 inches from arch

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather, genuine

2. Toughened rubber sole

3. Unique Goodyear welt construction

4. Cushioned footbeds

5. Wedge outsole for shedding dirt and debris

What You Won’t

The shoe lacks support for the heel bone

Wolverine, the fearless brand, brings you these spectacular moc-toe boots. They are built lightweight, and they keep you comfortable and stress-free, thanks to the fatigue-fighting reinforcement and unlined upper. Also, their Goodyear construction helps mold your feet into the boots, thus improving your wearing experience.

Even in the harshest of days, these boots will hold up because of their steel shanks. So, you can push yourself to the limit without having to worry about the shoes breaking down.

The Wolverine store sells the shoes for between $100 and $136, which is relatively cheap. When buying, you’ll get the boot in brown and your preferred size.

Once contented buyer says that this Wolverine is a better brand. That’s because their boots last longer, and it takes less time to break into them. So, if that tickles your fancy, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Buy here: Wolverine Men's Loader 6 

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Wedge Sole 6″ Boot: Best for Durability


1. Weight: 2.1 pounds

2. Shaft: 6.5 inches

3. Heel: about 1 inch

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. EVA midsole for super comfort

What You Won’t

The boot’s tongue doesn’t always stay centered.

Timberland is a bestselling brand, and so you expect this wedge boot to be fantastic. Indeed, it does not disappoint.

It has an aggressively patterned sole, which gives you the best traction. In addition, it has electrical hazard protection, slip and oil resistance, and built-in comfort technologies. All those features contribute to the performance, durability, and convenience of the boot.

Indeed, the shoe brings the best features from all corners of the work boot world.

The shoe retails at between $98 and $119, which edges to the cheaper side of the spectrum. You can get it in two colors and in any size you want (wide or not)

One fulfilled buyer says that the shoes form well on your foot. Another adds that they’re sturdy, meaning they’re built for long.

Since the customer sentiment is impressively positive, try them out.

Buy here: Timberland PRO Men's Wedge Sole 6 .

6. Golden Fox Work Boots 6″ Men’s Moc-Toe Wedge Comfortable Boot: Best For A Pocket-Friendly Price


1. Weight: 3.6 pounds

2. Shaft: 6.5 inches

3. Heel: about 1 inch

What You’ll Like

1. 100% full-grain leather

2. Durable and water repellent

3. The cushioned insole is comfortable and breathable

4. Rubber outsole is resistant to chemical and oil erosion

5. Anti-slip tread patterns

What You Won’t

1. The boots are stiff around the ankle area, but things get better as you break in.

Golden Fox uses full-grain leather on this boot, making it soft, supple, and easy to break in. In addition, the uppers are considerably waterproof and durable, which contributes to better functionality.

Although the outsole is polyurethane, it is comfortable and keeps the shoe living longer. The same item is also resistant to erosion, meaning that workers in precarious industries can use it as a safety boot.

It is easy to walk on these shoes, thanks to the uncomplicated grooves that Golden Fox fits. However, the treads are deep enough, so expect them to hold you up in the mud, rain, or snow.

The boot is available in multiple sizes and colors, and it goes for between $87 and $99. That makes it the cheapest on the list. However, don’t take that as a compromise for quality. Instead, see it as a steal, considering that the shoe has excellent features.

To sum up, most buyers agree that the shoes sell at a bargain since they are value-packed, just like the other big-name brands. Therefore, if you’re on a budget, these Golden Fox wedge boots are yours to take.

Buy here: Golden Fox Work Boots 6 .

7. KEEN Utility Women’s Cincinnati 8″ Soft Toe Waterproof Wedge Work Boot: Best For Women


1. Weight: 3.85 pounds

2. Boot opening: 1.5 inches around

What You’ll Like

1. Made in the US with imported goods

2. Protects against minor impact

3. Waterproof

4. Impressive traction

5. Bears underfoot protection

What You Won’t

The soft toe doesn’t give you major protection

The KEEN brand is keen and understands that women too love wedge sole work boots. That’s why they bring these Cincinnati boots for them. The shoe is built for a woman’s foot, and so, it has improved comfort and fitting.

The barnyard leather and special membrane keep the boot dry, which contributes to its longevity. Also, the inside is breathable, such that when work becomes unbearable, the boot won’t exude any sweat-related odor.

Apart from those features, the boot enjoys a host of KEEN-based technologies that improve its slip-resistance, abrasion, and unbeatable durability.

The boots cost between $128 and $324, which is higher than most of the others. But, it is a bearable price altogether. In addition, it comes in one color (sand shell) and multiple sizes (even the wide options). 

To summarize, buyers like how the boots fit, mainly because they cater to women in construction. One fulfilled customer says they are worth every penny, and they are a better solution for women who keep bumping into men-only products online.

Buy here:KEEN Utility Women's Cincinnati 8 .

8. Georgia Boot Men’s 8 Inch Wedge Work Shoe: Best For Impressive Leather 


Weight: 4.8 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Leather is full-grain SPR

3. Unique Goodyear welt construction

4. Insole is cushion-covered

5. Slip and oil resistant

What You Won’t

There is no eyehole at the top of the boot

There is leather, and then there is what Georgia calls SPR leather. It is uniquely tanned, making your boots three times stronger and more resistant to abrasion. Therefore, this shoe is excellent for people working in chemical factories.

Because of the Goodyear construction, the shoe is flexible, firmer, and lasts for longer. To add, the steel shank included makes the boot stable, thus taking away any wobbliness.

The shoe retails at a cool $128, which is reasonable. It comes in a single color, but we’re not sure whether wide-feet sizes are available.

Finally, one buyer says that the shoes have no break-in, which makes them more comfortable quicker. So, as you shop, don’t second-guess yourself.

Buy here: Georgia Boot Men's 8 Inch Wedge Work Shoe  .

Related Questions

What Is The Advantage Of A Wedge Sole Boot?

Wedge sole boots are better because they have a larger contact area. That is advantageous because of these reasons:

1. If you walk on a hard surface with wedge boots, there is potentially less shock.

2. Also, you get more traction, especially if the shoes have an aggressive tread pattern. 

Are Wedge Work Boots More Comfortable?


Compared to heel boots, they are more comfortable because their soles run through the entire length of the shoe. So, the pressure becomes evenly distributed, and thus, you won’t experience any foot pain at the end of the day.

Are Wedge Boots Good for Your Feet?


Unlike other work boots, wedge soles are more flexible and evoke a barefoot feeling. But, compared to heeled boots, they are not draggy and uncomfortable.

Are Wedge Sole Boots Good For Mechanics?


Because mechanical areas are not rugged, wedge sole boots are excellent in that context. They provide the best traction and perform optimally in non-outdoor environments.

So, all mechanics should own wedge sole boots.

Can You Hike In Wedge Boots?

Because of their weightlessness, wedge boots are perfect for hiking. For example, the Wolverine Men’s Wedge Work Boot is around 1.18 pounds, which is exceptionally light.

Some hiking boots like the FREE soldier men's tactical hiking boots  are around 3 pounds, which makes the experience more exhausting than it should be.

So, if you’re looking for an anti-fatigue hiking boot, go with a wedge type. 

Are Wedge Boots Good For Concrete?


Wedge boots take away the stress of walking on hard surfaces like cement. That’s because they raise the foot, hence securing it from the pressure and hardness beneath.

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

After weighing between the eight brands, we found the Golden Fox wedge boot  as the best overall shoe. That’s because it sells at the friendliest price, and it combines the best features from across the board.

However, all boots reviewed here are best, so pick yours, check out, and enjoy the delivery.

And we’re done!

If you liked the review, share it with others. That will bring more people to know of the best wedge sole work boots.

Now, let us know the wedge boot that tickled your fancy below, and we will get back with some tips. And, as you exit, be sure to check out these related topics:

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Ciao, and we will meet in the next article!

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