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The other day, you and your fellas were discussing boots in America, and one brand came up more times than any other: Chippewa.

After that conversation, you vowed to try their products, but you needed help with the shopping. We sensed that, and that is why we prepared this review.  

For over 100 years, Chippewa has been a leading brand, offering Americans fine quality footwear. That is why today, we will take you through these best Chippewa boots:

1. Chippewa men's 6 

2. Chippewa men's 9 

3. Original Chippewa Collection men's 6-inch service utility boot 

4. Chippewa men's 73101 8 

5. Chippewa men's 8 

6. Chippewa men's 29416 8 

7. Chippewa men's 9-inch bay apache waterproof steel-toe super logger boot 

8. Chippewa men's 73100 lace-to-toe logger boot 

9. Chippewa men's 8 

10. Chippewa men's 6 

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Comparing The Best Chippewa Boots

Before we look at each item, here is a table that boils everything down for you:

MenNStuff 101: If you don’t want to read all the way down, use the links under each boot to buy your pick.

No.Chippewa BootWeightWide size available? Price RangeBest For
1Chippewa men's 6  1.38 poundsYes$154 to $189Multiple terrains 
2Chippewa men's 9  3.3 poundsYes$310 to $364Industry work
3Original Chippewa Collection men's 6-inch service utility boot  1.18 poundsYes$104 to $279Military-like service
4Chippewa men's 73101 8  5.13 poundsYes$199 to $294Comfort while working
5Chippewa men's 8  5.13 poundsYes$167 to $280Insulation
6Chippewa men's 29416 8  5.1 poundsYes$283 to $321Waterproofness
7Chippewa men's 9-inch bay apache waterproof steel-toe super logger boot  3.5 poundsYes$319 to $346Tough works
8Chippewa men's 73100 lace-to-toe logger boot  4 poundsYes$254 to $274Extra waterproofness
9Chippewa men's 8  5.13 poundsYes$219 to $234Short Break-in period (comfort comes quickly) 
10Chippewa men's 6  1.81 poundsYes$184 to $199Both outdoor and indoor activities

Now, let us look at each one of them 🙂.

1. Chippewa Men’s 6″ Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot: Best For Multiple Terrains (Wet Or Dry Surfaces)  


1. Weight: 1.38 pounds

2. Lace length: 54 – 55 inches

What You’ll Like (Pros And Features)

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US

3. Has a Vibram outsole to give you max traction

4. Boot in burnished leather

5. Has D-ring lacing hardware

6. Has a removable cushion insert

7. Has a debossed logo on the side

What You Might Not Like (Cons)

Naturally, the shoe looks worn

If you’re looking for an outdoor boot, stop at this Chippewa’s Rugged Lace-up boot. It has a Vibram Stockbridge outsole that is impressively slip-resistant. And even though the cold weather may be harsh, this boot steps up and doesn’t lose its physical properties.

The boots stand up to moderate amounts of rain and snow, but they shouldn’t be overexposed. That’s because that can make them cracked and dry. We recommend that you waterproof them with oil for increased weather durability.

This boot is true to size, and it costs between $154.95 and $189.99. So, if you wear an eight wide, order precisely that. Also, it is available in one color – Chocolate Apache – and in nine sizes.

Satisfied buyers say that they’re impressed by their fit. Also, they say that the boots are lightweight and breathable enough to keep feet dry. However, one says that to make the boot stay longer, you will need to clean and polish it regularly.

2.Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot: Best For Industry Work (Hauling And Bringing Barrels, Contract Jobs, etc.) 


1. Product Dimensions: 14.9 by 12.9 by 4.7 inches

2. Weight: 3 pounds

3. Shaft: 9 inches from arch

4. Heel: about 2.25 inches

5. Boot opening: 14.25 inches around

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made within the US

3. Sole is manmade (handcrafted)

4. Has Goodyear leather welt construction

5. Has the Ruby Dri-Lex 2000 special lining

6. ATSM Electrical Hazard

What You Might Not Like

The liner inside may not stay put all the time

This thorough boot has four unique technologies:

1. Vibram Tacoma Logger Outsole, which makes it suitable for barking, stability, oil and slip resistance, and traction;

2. 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, which keeps your feet warmer and leaves you feeling comfortable;

3. Dri-Lex, which helps manage moisture to keep the shoes dry and breathable;

And the Chip-a-Tex membrane, which locks out all water and improves air circulation in the foot area.

With all those features, you can say that this boot is entirely industrial. It is tested for impact and compression, meaning that it matches the ruggedness of factory tasks. So, if you’re a worker looking for an outdoor shoe partner, this is it.

It costs between $319 and $364, and it comes in three colors: Black Oiled, Bay Apache, and Brown Chip-a-tex.

Buyers say that it is comfortable, and its electrical resistance standards are admirable. In addition, it has a solid construction, meaning that it will serve you longer.

3. Original Chippewa Collection Men’s 6-Inch Service Utility Boot:  Best Leather Quality


1. Product Dimensions: 15 by 13.1 by 4.6 inches

2. Weight: 1.81 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US

3. Bears a rubber sole

4. Bears the unique Goodyear welt construction

5. Has the Vibram cork outsole

What You Might Not Like

Quality control issues

This utility boot has the unique Vibram V-Bar outsole. That addition makes it durable, and it gives you the best traction around.

Since the shoes copy the 1940’s US Military boots, expect them to handle desert heat and light hiking excellently. They are first-class leather shoes, and you can tell by the premium raw material used to bring them together.

Costing between $104 and $279, these shoes are true to size. In addition, they come in nine colors, including sand suede, tan renegade, and brown bomber distressed.

Satisfied customers say that shoes are snug across the forefeet, and they give plenty of wiggle room (provided you choose the correct size). The leather will impress you, and you will like how everything fits symmetrically.

4. Chippewa Men’s 73101 8″ Lace-To-Toe Logger Waterproof Boot: Best For Comfort While Working


1. Product Dimensions: 17 by 5 by 14 inches

2. Weight: 5.13 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Has removable orthotics

3. Waterproof

4. Comfortable (gives feet breathing room)

What You Might Not Like

They don’t have insulation

These boots are rigid and built to last. They have roomy steel toes, meaning that they will keep you comfortable for long. And although it may take time for the leather to break in, you will enjoy the experience. Also, the shoes have excellent ankle support. 

The boot sells for between $199 and $294, and it is only available in one color: Bay Apache.

Satisfied customers say that the boots are a perfect fit, and they enjoy the extra toe room. Also, they have excellent arch support, and as loggers, their traction is superior.

5. Chippewa Men’s 8″ Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe EH 73050 Logger Boot: Best For Insulation


1. Product Dimensions: 24.5 by 14.5 by 5.2 inches

2. Weight: 5.13 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US (using imported material)

3. Sole is manmade

4. Has a Texon insole

5. Leather is oiled and waterproof

6. 3M Thinsulate 

What You Might Not Like

Older people may not like their heaviness

Any worker will enjoy these insulated steel-toe boots. That’s because they’re snug, and compared to other brands like Timberland, they are thicker and more padded. Also, they have rugged construction and durable leather, which improves their quality.

The boots sell for between $167 and $280, and you can only get them in one color (black oiled). Also, they are true to size, so don’t go an inch higher or lower as you order.

Satisfied customers that the boots are strong work footwear, but they are pretty heavy. Also, the shoes remain comfortable even when you squat or crawl. Some buyers are overly impressed with their purchase, and they say that they’re getting another pair.

6. Chippewa Men’s 29416 8″ Waterproof Insulated Work Boot: Best For Waterproofness


1. Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 13 x 4.7 inches

2. Weight: 5.1 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US

3. Has Goodyear leather welt construction

4. Has non-tarnishable hardware

5. Has the Ruby Dri-Lex 2000 lining

6. Bears a Chip-A-Tex waterproof liner

What You Might Not Like

You may need to buy an extra pair of laces

These non-steel toe shoes have sturdy, rugged bottoms that will keep your feet protected on any surface. Also, they give you great heel and ankle protection. That’s because the inside has excellent padding, which is a mark of comfort.

The shoe has a widely padded tongue, meaning you can lace the boot however you want. Also, you’ll enjoy the waterproof feature as it works even on the wettest of days.

Costing between $283 and $321, the shoes come in one color – Bay Apache – and a whopping 21 sizes.

Content customers say that the shoe has excellent insulation to keep your feet warm. Also, it is 100% waterproof, meaning that the rain won’t sip in. Finally, as a work boot, it keeps you safe and warm throughout the big and small jobs.

7. Chippewa Men’s 9-Inch Bay Apache Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot: Best For Tough Works


1. Product Dimensions: 17.3 by 13 by 4.6 inches 

2. Weight:  3.5 pounds

3. Shaft: about 9.5 inches from arch

4. Heel: approximately 2.25 inches

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US

3. Has the Vibram sole

4. Includes a leather welt

5. Has lace-up shaft with special non-tarnish eyelets

6. At the top, there is speed-lace hardware

What You Might Not Like

You may need to buy an extra pair of laces

These boots are built to last, and they sit your feet comfortably. Also, they have perfect insulation, meaning that your feet won’t burn up when you’re under the summer sun. Also, these loggers are great for climbing through rocks, snow, ice, and mud. So, we can call them multipurpose boots.

The shoes sell at between $319 and $346, making them one of the most expensive on the list so far. You will get them in brown and in about 19 sizes.

Satisfied customers say that the boots are outstanding, especially for people with foot problems. And while they may not be cheap, they’re not expensive. So, if you’re looking for a gift for a son, grandson, or boyfriend, go for this super logger boot.

8. Chippewa Men’s 73100 Lace-To-Toe Logger Boot: Best For Extra Waterproofness


1. Product Dimensions: 16.7 by 13 by 4.9 inches

2. Weight: 4 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Made in the US

3. Has the Chip-a-Tex waterproof membrane

4. It comes with the Vibram sole

5. Has the Goodyear leather welt construction

What You Might Not Like

If you fit them too tightly, the eyelets may rip out

Chippewa makes this pair of boots with quality in mind. They have an excellent fit, are fast, and break in excellently. Because of their Vibram sole, expect them to hold well in wet and muddy conditions. As serious outdoor shoes, expect them to last longer and perform maximally.

The shoes sell for between $254 and $274, making them a relatively pocket-friendly product. It comes in two colors – Bay Apache and Brown – and in around 20 sizes.

Successful buyers say that the boots are fantastic since they don’t need a break-in period. Also, they look sturdy, and you’ll find them comfortable. 

9. Chippewa Men’s 8″ Waterproof Insulated Comp Toe EH 55053 Logger Boot: Best For Short Break-In Period (Comfort Comes Quickly)


1. Product Dimensions: 16.5 by 14.8 by 5.7 inches

2. Weight: 5.13 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. 100% leather

2. Sole is rubber-made

3. Well insulated

4. Removable insole

5. Triple rib shank

6. Top grain leather

What You Might Not Like

Quality control issues

If you’re looking for wide but great-looking footwear, these logger boots are yours. That’s because they’ll become comfortable quickly. Also, they’re a good fit, and their waterproofness helps you stay warm during rainy days and cold winters.

If you’re working through rough terrain and construction sites, this boot will hold you firmly on the ground because of its excellent traction.

The boot sells at between $219 and $234, and you can get it in either black or brown. Also, it’s available in 30 sizes for both wide and non-wide feet types.

Satisfied customers say that the boots are comfortable. Also, the composite toe is an excellent addition since it gives them a good sense of security. 

10. Chippewa Men’s 6″ Waterproof Comp Toe 55161 Lace-Up Boot: Best For Both Outdoor And Indoor Activities


1. Product Dimensions: 14.7 by 12.1 by 5.1 inches

2. Weight: 1.81 pounds

3. Boot opening: 14 inches around

4. Shaft: 6 inches lace-up

What You’ll Like

1. 100% full-grain leather

2. Made in the US (with imported materials)

3. Has composite safety toe

4. Excellent rubber sole

What You Might Not Like

The heel does not have much support

These rugged leather upper shoes are well insulated and impressively comfortable. Also, they have traditional laces which give an excellent fit, plus a thick sole that cushions and supports you.

They sell for between $184 and $199 and come in two colors: apache and brown. And, in the 24+ sizes, you have both wide and non-wide options.

Satisfied customers like the quality of these work boots. Also, they don’t give feet fatigue, meaning that wearing them has no hitches. They’re friendly, and for some buyers, they are the best Chippewa works boots.

Best Chippewa Boots: Related Questions

Does Justin Boots Own Chippewa?


Although Chippewa was founded in 1901, Justin Brands brought it in 1984. Both brands – Justin Boots and Chippewa – belong to Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company that Warren Buffet owns.

Are Chippewa Boots Good for Snow?

The logger boots are suitable for snow, but the lace-up type is not.

Are Chippewa Boots Discontinued?


Most Chippewa boots are available on Amazon, and the brand has been alive for over 100 years.

Are Chippewa Boots Made in Vietnam?


If not all, most Chippewa boots are made in the US. If Vietnam is involved, it could be a source of raw materials, but not the place of manufacture.

How Good Are Chippewa Boots?

On a scale of 1 to 10, Chippewa boots get an 8. That’s because, looking at the review section, most of their footwear is rated 4/5. So, Chippewa boots are perfect.

Are Chippewa Boots Made in China?

Some sources say that some of Chippewa’s boots are made in China. But, if they indeed are manufactured there, you shouldn’t worry about the quality. That’s because all Chippewa boot styles use the best available materials. 

What Leather Does Chippewa Use?

Premium cowhide leather.

Are Chippewa Boots Resoleable?


To resolve the shoe, you should talk to the people at They have a Chippewa Boot Restoration Program that helps rebuilt such boots. Read more here.

How Do Chippewa Logger Boots Fit?

For most boots, the fitting is accurate. However, you may have to buy a shoe that is 0.5 inches bigger than your foot’s size.

Are Chippewa Boots Goodyear Welt?

Some of them, not all

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

You won’t go wrong if you pick the Men's 6 . That’s because it works best for all work and non-work activities. But, if you prefer logger boots, go for theMen's 9 . Both options are excellent, so it’s up to you to pick the better one.

As you buy, consider the following:

1. Price – for an excellent work boot, anything upwards of $200 is okay.

2. Comfort – look at how long you’d have to break in for your feet to feel at home.

3. Waterproofness – you won’t need a boot that’ll be soaking your feet wet.

And that was it!

If you enjoyed that review, be sure to share it with other Chippewa lovers. Also, don’t forget to engage us in the comment box below. And as you leave, check out these exciting topics:

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Bye, and see you in the next one!

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