The Best Colour To Die Over Blue Hair

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Nowadays, sapphire blue is becoming one of the most known or popular hair dye colors in the market. It is because something is fascinating about this color that makes people fall in love. Also, it is a diverse color that comes in black hues and dazzling shades.

When an individual chooses a blue hair dye for his need, it is essential to know about the different color choices available in the market.

Here’s a list of 13 blue hair dyes available in the market to showcase a clear understanding.

Few of them help prove beautiful blue, and the others make it somewhere closer to a dark black or even brown. However, inspire of such combinations, there’s a presence of blue essence in them.

Before choosing a particular product, be sure about its benefits and even how to use it.

1. Nevayah Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Multicolor Dye Pens

Product Link:

As semi-permanent sapphire blue hair dyes are among the popular product for many users. But, one of the best alternatives which can be found is hair chalk. It perfectly fits those who want a less permanent solution.

This particular product gives you access to about six different colored chalk pens, including blue, pink, purple, green, and silver. However, it costs just $30 with the presence of such attractive colors.

This chalk is crafted to remain nonallergic or toxic to the hair and skin. It is why many people can get their hands on this chalk without even thinking about any negative impacts.

One of the most exciting features that it offers is that it can be applied without using hair spray.

Additionally, this stick is suitable for up to 80 applications. This is why nevayah’s product is considered a reliable choice for the ones who want occasional and even short-term sapphire hair coloring.

One can easily apply this hair dye. All you need to do is rubbing chalk over your hair to create a whole head sapphire style or highlight.

As soon as the color is implemented, brush it lightly to spread it around your hair. Sooner, it will get settled in your hair, making them look cool.

Best Colour To Die Over Blue Hair


1. Bright Colour

2. Presence of Metallic Sparkle with a greasy texture

3. Long-lasting

4. Can be applied easily


1. Does not work well on dry hair

2. Hard to wash out

3. Cannot be applied to dreadlock hair

2. Sapphire Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Product Link:

If someone wishes for an intense and vibrant sapphire hair color, this product could be considered the best choice. It consists of peroxide ingredients or ammonia. Ultimately, it is the easiest and safest to use.

Additionally, along with its nontoxic feature, it also comes with an attractive price range, i.e., $10. It is why it is one of the most affordable sapphire blue hair dyes presently in the market. Every order offers approx two ounces of hair dye. Therefore, it is more than enough for a higher quality blue color dye to last even longer.

The labeling of the product is semi-permanent. It means that it will last several months prior it needs to be reapplied. For those who wish to apply color for a long-lasting experience, this product is the best choice to go for. It even offers you an extended period for a long-lasting experience.

On the other hand, people who wish to dye their hair temporarily, as in Halloween costume, should not choose this as their hair dye. The reason is that it is quite hard to wash out the color and get your normal hair back. It is where it could prove a pathetic experience for those who wish to apply for an hour or two.

However, it is relatively easy to apply this hair dye. Maximum effectiveness can be gained with the help of pre-lightening. The whole process Includes bleaching of hair to make it lighter for gaining a more comfortable dye experience.

This suitable dye can be easily applied to the hair. Begin with rubbing the roots and then to the tips of the strand. Doing so can help you spread it fully by covering each direction and every corner of your hair.


1. Hair feels super soft after applying

2. Variety of shades available.

3. Worth the Price

4. Long-Lasting


1. Colour might vary when compared to the original texture

2. Feels thick while applying.

3. Aloxxi Chroma Creme Colour

Product Link:

The manufacturer of Aloxxi Chroma has not talked much about their product as other products in the market. This is why they are not widely known among the people, and competitors can get a higher advantage.

However, their creme color sapphire blue dye gives a high quality dying experience to the user. This product costs somewhere around $17 with almost three ounces of sapphire blue hair dye, which creates a kind of semi-permanent hue to your hairstyle. Ultimately, it will look great for weeks to come.

Comparing many other hair dyes, this comes relatively cheaper. You just need to wash it into your hair for a few minutes under the shower. After all this, you are ready to go.

Few applications would be more than enough to keep this hair dye look gorgeous for a longer period every week. The brighter color which it offers is perfect for those who wish to opt for an eye-catchy style.


1. Industry tested product.

2. The application comes relatively easy

3. Pigment rich color


1. Does not satisfy the price point

2. Less color variant is available.

4. Joico Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Huo Set

Product Link:

This semi-permanent hair dye is one of the most popular ones in the market. It comes with two different attractive color choices: Sapphire Blue and Magenta.

Indeed, this product might cost you relatively higher than others, which are present in the list ($21.99). On the other hand, one can easily see or even make use of magenta hair dye if you are bored with your old sapphire and wish to go for a new style.

One of the fun aspects of this selection is that one can mix sapphire and magenta to own even attractive and funkier hair color.

When added to your sapphire dye, some drop of magenta will generate an excellent new shade that would highlight the immense beauty of sapphire and your hair as well.

Another cool benefit of using this dye is that Jaico adds Quadramine Compels Solution to their dyes. Ultimately, this helps in promoting more moisturized and healthier hair.

After using it, you might not suffer from such a brittle effect of broken hair. This could be a one-stop solution for those who suffer from brittle hair after dyes and treatment jobs.


1. Great color in brunette hair

2. Can undergo many washes (Long Lasting)

3. Worth the Price


1. Cannot be applied to wet hair

5. Matrix Color Sync Watercolours Sapphire Blue

Product Link:

Matrix is the manufacturer of powerful hair dyes that could last even after 20 washes. Though it might fade a little yet the texture would be easily visible or noticeable. The thing which sets it apart from the competition is the usage of ceramides.

Such unique items help in promoting healthier hair among the youths as well as adults. Promoting healthier hairs that won’t turn too brittle or thinner after each application of dye. It also uses a unique color sync product that is perfectly designed to fill the affected or damaged area of your hair.

Similar to other hair dyes, it is easily used to wash hair under a shower. It offers such natural conditioning elements that promote more robust and longer hair than ever.

Using tremendous and healthier hair products can help dye lasts even longer than normal.


1. Inclusive of natural elements

2. Keeps hair healthy

3. Last longer

4. Consists Ceramides


1. Not widely known

6. Midnight Blue-Black Permanent Creme Hair Colour

Product Link:

If you wish to own a dark sapphire hair color, this Midnight Blue dye could be a great choice. It consists of enriched natural items, including Argan oil and Pequi.

These high usage ingredients help give hair an enhanced boost, which will make them look greater long past your initial dye.

After such a benefit, it is one of the most hydrating. Such hydration power highlights that your hair will get the ultimate cover that it will need to feel and look suitable for a few months.

Consolidate that benefit with PPD-free formula and low-ammonia. Also, you will get a hair dye that will make you feel comfortable using multiple times.

Feeling happy and comfortable with your hair dye is the ultimate aspect of picking the right for your needs.


1. Its midnight blue color is highly preferred by the customer

2. Consists of natural items

3. Helps in boosting hair health


1. Hard to remove.

7. L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Fade-defying Colour + Shine System

Product Link:

This product often creates a light color that might seem too immature for several people. It doesn’t mean that the fun factor is absent. However, it is not associated with younger people.

Certainly, darker sapphire dyes like the L’Oréal option are among the most popular products for those who wish to opt for a more sophisticated color style.

This specific product uses an attractive light-reflecting color gel. It creates one of the most luxurious and most affluent shines in the market itself.

It even offers an add-on with a Care Supreme conditioner that whenever they are applied to the hair on a regular basis. It retains the initial day’s color style, making an individual’s dye job smoother than ever.

A unique concept about the product is that it consists of a long-lasting nature. As soon as one applies, it must look shiny and bright for as long as eight weeks without even fading.


1. Long-lasting

2. Comes with care supreme conditioner

3. Makes hair shiny and smooth


1. Strong smell

8. Developlus Splat Kit Pure Saphire

Product Link:

Developers Splat is a hair dye based on a unique concept, and the company focuses on a fun style that has teenagers finds Interesting.

One of the brightest hair dye available in the market is Sapphire dye. It creates a quirky style that fits the individuals who wish to stand out from the whole group of people in such a way that cannot be ignored.

It utilizes a one-application formula that avoids the need for several applications. Every single box costs about $15.00 or somewhere around the figure and a dye job that should last about several weeks. Ultimately, the product is the best value of money in the market.

However, this might not be appropriate for some experienced dyers. But this might be best suited for those who wish to show off their fun little attitude.


1. Easy to use

2. Smells great


1. Might seem different from the color presented on the box

2. Takes too long to settle in

9. Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Colour Chalks

Product link:

Nevayah Hair Chalk already discussed this Wicked crown pack offers you a more extensive range of handsome and vibrant temporary hair color variety.

Within the price point of $15, it’s relatively cheaper than any other available product. Such a low product price makes it an affordable and excellent choice for those who wish to buy a temporary sapphire hair application. People can easily wash them out easily and quickly.

This sapphire hair chalk is estimated to last about five washes. Such long-lasting nature helps create a style easily, and that can get rid of without much of a fuss.

Apart from this benefit, every strip of chalk is designed to avoid creating stiff hair and creating brittle, which looks awful. One can easily apply these chalks on the hairs.

Ab individuals could quickly get the work done with just an easy rub and spread it across each strand. This application method allows you to color style across one’s whole head or design a single strand.

People who want darker or lighter sapphire colors can easily mix multiple chalk colors to make the shade changes.


1. Highly preferred for weekly parties

2. Can be washed without much hassle

3. Hair comes significantly brighter after applying.


1. Doesn’t work well on dark hair

10. L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-faceted Shimmering Color

Product Link:

The big brand L’Oreal is well known for offering high-end products. Their hair dye is one of the most respected ones as compared with the competition. With the availability at about $9, it offers you a large variety of benefits, making every penny investment-worthy.

The darker-hued sapphire color is best for those who wish to less noticeable shade to hair. Also, who still wishes that their hair should have a little sapphire – tinge.

Another nice aspect of the hair dye is that it consists of a conditioner that hydrates the hair when it gets applied. This type of conditioner keeps your hair from getting strung out or beaten up from excessive dyeing.

Such a conditioner makes this product a beat suitable and reliable one. It mostly fits those who plan on multiple applications. Applying this dye is another simple aspect. One simply needs to rub it off and dye your hair directly under your shower.

To spread it around the head, one needs to scrub it through the hairs gently. A single application must be more than enough to spread this dye on your head directly.


1. be applied easily

2. One of the best Natural Redhead color


1. Easily washes away (if not taken care of)

11. Clairol Natural Instincts Creme Keratina Hair Colour Kit

Product Link:

Those who wish to go for a darker sapphire side of hair color can look for Clairol products. It’s created to design a thick, beautiful, and nearly black sapphire color that looks awesome on different heads.

To protect your hair, ammonia-free formula is the best available formula.

Every application comes with a high-level comfortable level of coconut oil. The oil highlights the healthier level of an individual and even more luxurious texture to your hair.

The addition of coconut oil to your hair can prove to be a good idea for most people worldwide. However, this dye is not a permanent option. It clearly states that this will fade away or wash out over some time.

For some people, it just lasts for weeks or even no month. It is where it makes the best value choice for semi-permanent hair coloring.

It can be easily applied within 20 minutes. Therefore, it presents an excellent sapphire color tinge to slightly darker hair. The shades available are brunette, black, sapphire colors for bronde.

There are a few great ideas to follow some quick steps that will present the quality and length of your dye.


1. Perfectly fit for beginners

2. Settles within 10 minutes


1. Vibrant color fades away quickly

2. Its rubber smell might smell awkward

12. Jerome Russell B Blonde Temporary Highlight Spray, Sapphire Spray

Product Link:

Jerome Russell focuses on the area of hair spray products, which specializes in several effects and colors. The product is specifically designed to be made to add sapphire blonde highlights.

The product helps those with darker hair and wishes to create comfortable and quick strips of sapphire blue blonde hair without spending much time or money.

Once applied, it may last for several days without fading a bit. The product perfectly suits those who wish to have a temporary hair dye solution on their long hair.

If any wants to apply this while in a Halloween costume, it will act as a perfect solution in such a situation. The products are even highly recommended for those who go through theater production.

With this spray, sapphire blue might not be glowing with other options, but it is one of the safest solutions that would not damage your hair and be easily washed out.


1. Easy to handle

2. Comes with a stainless steel spoon (proves convenient)

3. Perfect results


1. Expensive product

13. Schwarzkopf ultimate Hair Colour Cream

Schwarzkopf ultimate offers a high-quality coloring cream that highlights the sapphire hue, which suits people perfectly. It uses an intensive care elixir that eliminates the chances of hair damage in other products.

It also utilizes a pearl essence, which promotes higher, much healthier hair quality. Keeping the toxic chemicals away from your hair is the ultimate goal of Schwarzkopf ultimate.

With dye, it can be noted how soft your hair becomes when someone uses it. It is just because of intensive care, Elixir.

Also, it is because of the presence of nature conditioner elements added to every bottle of sapphire hair dye. Ultimately, you can grab a more prosperous and darker sapphire hair color that might look relatively better than other products in the market. Additionally, it even lasts longer than standard hair products.

The sapphire dye also protects hair from getting damaged and provides a much softer experience. One cannot ask for more while choosing a hair dye as this product offers an ultimate and one-stop solution for an individual’s hair needs.


1. Consists of fewer Chemicals

2. Makes hair softer

3. Feels more organic


1. Easily washes away

The table below indicates the specifications for different blue color dyes.

Blue color dyes  Specifications  
Sapphire Semi-Permanent Hair Colour  Softer Hair  Colour variations available
L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-faceted   Best Natural Red-Head color  
Shimmering Colour   Easy Application  
Schwarzkopf Ultimate Hair Colour Cream  Fewer Chemicals  Soft Hair Experience  
Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Colour Chalks  Easily Washable Brighter Hair Experience  
Clairol Natural Instincts Creme  Perfectly designed for beginners  
Keratina Hair Colour Kit  Can be settled Easily  


As we understood about several blue hair dyes, choosing a product that perfectly fits your need can be easily selected. A right decision can only be made by a person who wishes to apply the hair dye. They are well aware of their hair type and the issues they are going with. Therefore, the final decision is a customer’s decision, and choosing the best one on the list above will be convenient.

Pro Tips To Consider While Buying Blue Dye

Dying is one of the best ideas to give a change to your hair. However, one must also consider the negative aspect before going for a blue dye. The things that one must be thinking about are:

1. Dyed hair requires treatment

2. There are multiple blue dyes available in the market.

3. The dye can damage your hair

4. The initial try might not provide you the color of your choice.

All such aspects have to be considered before arriving at a final decision to apply the color dye.


1. How Long Will The Blue Hair Dye Last?

The life span of blue dye depends on its nature.

Temporary dye might survive for around 3 washes. On the other hand, semi-permanent dye lasts for about 12-28 washes. However, permanent hair dye lasts as long as the time an individual gets a haircut.

2. How To Dye Dark Hair Blue Without Bleach

This decision might not be as vibrant as expected. However, if you wish to stick to this decision, try wishing your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

How light does hairs needs to be for dying blue?

The dying blue results can be easily obtained when hair is stripped of all color. Before applying blue, take bleach, and make sure the previous color is as light as possible to obtain the best result

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