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When fall comes, the weather rages unfairly. It pushes us to the wall and folds us into cocoons. At that time, we desperately search for any warm covering to sail us through the stinging cold.

Many people buy jackets, some hoodies, and others like you look for the best moleskin shirts. That is why we brought together this article to help you shop. But before that, let us answer this question:

What Is A Moleskin Shirt?

A moleskin shirt comes from unique but heavy cotton. To create it, you weave and shear cotton into a soft but shortened pile on one side. What comes out is a fabric that feels like mole fur, hence the name.

In terms of softness, moleskin appears and feels like chamois, but it is not as plush as velvet. Nevertheless, it is sufficiently smooth to the touch.

With that said, it is now time to see what the market holds. Therefore, here are eight of the best moleskin shirts:

1. Filson men's moleskin Seattle shirt  .

2. Nautica men's slim-fit moleskin long sleeve shirt .

3. Kirsch supply co plains stretch moleskin shirt olive .

4. No products found..

5. Boyt harness hu135 DK moleskin hunting .

6. Nautica men's slim-fit double pocket moleskin shirt .

7. Orvis men's moleskin shirt .

8. Nautica men's slim-fit chest striped moleskin shirt .

Comparing The Best Moleskin Shirt

If you are pressed for time, here is a table that boils everything down. It is a shortcut to help you to buy faster without having to read much.

So, if you like what you see, click and shop away. 

No.Moleskin ShirtWeightStretches?Warmth ratingBest For
1Filson men's moleskin Seattle shirt   1.2 poundsUnsure4.8Quality and Functionality
2Nautica men's slim-fit moleskin long sleeve shirt  1 poundUnsure4.5Style and Fitting
3Kirsch supply co plains stretch moleskin shirt olive  0.5 poundsYes4.7Stretch and Easy Mobility
4No products found. Yes4.5Women
5Boyt harness hu135 DK moleskin hunting  1.6 poundsUnsure4.3Hunting
6Nautica men's slim-fit double pocket moleskin shirt  0.9 poundsUnsure4.5Multiple Pockets
7Orvis men's moleskin shirt  Yes4.Velvety Softness
8Nautica men's slim-fit chest striped moleskin shirt  Unsure4.5Design

MenNStuff 101: The warmth ratings given are merely intelligent guesses based on how customers feel across shopping platforms, including Amazon. So, take them, but not too seriously. 😉

Now, let us look at each moleskin shirt 😃.

1. Filson Men’s Moleskin Seattle Shirt: Best For Quality And Functionality


1. 100% cotton

2. Weight: 1.25 pounds

What You’ll Like (Pros And Features)

1. It keeps you off the cutting chills of a windy day

2. Adjustable cuffs

3. Long-sleeved

4. Button-flap chest pockets

4. Machine washable

What You Won’t (Cons)

1. You can’t toss it in the dryer


If you want to keep you off the cutting chills of a windy day, this Filson moleskin shirt is what you need. It is delicate and tightly woven to create a wind-resistant design.

Filson’s cotton fabric is reputable, seeing that it comes from the 140-year old Brisbane Moss Mill in the UK. That means quality control is a priority for this brand, and thus, the shirts delivered are perfect.

It sells for between $195 and $332, making it the most expensive shirt on the list. However, its quality matches that price tag, and so don’t be turned off.

You can get it in multiple sizes and the following colors:

1. Lovat

2. Navy

3. Dark olive

4. And dark green

To sum up, one satisfied buyer says that you get what you pay for when you buy the Filson moleskin shirt. He adds that it is warm, comfortable, and keeps his body concealed nicely. But, he recommends that after washing, you should let it dry naturally overnight.

Another customer mentions that the shirt is fantastic. It is thick, super soft, densely woven, and fits perfectly. He also says that if you are unsure about sizing, check out the measurement chart from the product’s official website here.

If you are sold, buy the shirt here .

2. Nautica men’s slim-fit moleskin long sleeve shirt: Best For Style And Fitting


1. 100% cotton

2. Weight: 1 pound

What You’ll Like

1. Machine washable

2. Button closure

3. Adjustable double-button cuffs

4. Buttoned chest pocket (single)

5. Slim style

6. Long sleeve

What You Won’t

If you have broad shoulders, the shirt may not fit


Nautica creates this shirt from durable and season-right moleskin cotton. With every wash, it becomes more comfortable and softer. And if you’re a fashion-forward person, you’ll appreciate how the shirt fits.

The small size of this shirt sells at $57, which is cheaper than what we saw at Filson. In addition, it comes in one color, sandy bar, which gives you a streetwise vibe.

To finish, one satisfied customer says that it has thick fabric and comes as expected. In addition, it fits perfectly, and it gives him the necessary warmth for the cool fall weather.

So, if you like looking trendy and feeling warm, buy the Nautica moleskin shirt here.

3. Kirsch Supply Co Plains Stretch Moleskin Shirt Olive: Best For Stretch And Easy Mobility


1. 97% cotton, 3% elastane

2. Weight: 0.5 pounds (8.5 ounces)

What You’ll Like

1. Heavyweight

2. Double-needle stitching throughout

3. Brisbane Moss (like Filson’s shirt)

4. Machine washable

What You Won’t

It may shrink if you use a dryer


With this shirt, Kirsch sets out to make the best moleskin shirt under the sun. You can see that by how they use heavy 8.5 ounces of moleskin from the 140-year old mill in the UK.

The fabric is incredibly stretchy and gives you extra mobility. Also, you can use it as a shirt jacket because of the shirt’s thickness. Simply put, the shirt has an excellent design and sturdy construction.

It sells in one color for around $150, which is on the higher side. Nevertheless, it matches the quality, so don’t look away.

From the official website, one satisfied customer mentions that the shirt is superbly tailored. Another says that the shirt’s stitching is flawless and that they highly recommend it. 

If you are ready, shophere  .

4. Orvis Women’s Classic Moleskin Shirt: Best For Women

No products found.


1. 100% cotton

2. Woven at Brisbane Moss (like Kirsch and Filson)

What You’ll Like

1. Brushed to a velvety softness

2. Wind and abrasion-resistant

3. Works as shirt and shirt-jacket too

4. Comfortable

What You Won’t

You can’t put it in the dryer because it’ll shrink


For women, this Orvis product has the best moleskin fabric you can find. It is super soft and is woven to become sturdy and resistant to abrasion. To add, it is windproof, meaning that you will be comfortable even on the harshest of days.

This should be your go-to jacket if you live in the South because it helps you keep up with the bumpy climate. And, if you’re a woman, you should be impressed that the Orvis brand is out here catering for you.

It sells for $119 and sells in two colors, cardinal, and harvest gold. Although the price is up there, Orvis gives value for each penny. So, girlfriend, don’t be shy.

From the official website, one fulfilled customer loves how the shirt fights back the Kansas wind. She says that she got many compliments, which made her buy another. Finally, she highly recommends the product, so go ahead and get it from No products found..

5. Boyt Harness hu135 DK Moleskin Hunting: Best For Hunting


1. 100% cotton

2. Weight: 1.6 pounds

What You’ll Like

1. Durable and long-lasting

2. Button-down collar

3. and long-lasting

What You Won’t

It is only made for hunting and nothing else


You won’t find much info about this Boyt brand online, but this outfit is one to consider. If you are a hunter, this shirt will keep you warm as you make your kills.

Its quilted suede shooting pads help you to rest your arms while aiming. That makes your experience better and the hunting more comfortable.

At the moment, the olive green 4X large is the only available size, and it sells for $127. That is not cheap, but it is neither expensive if you consider the fit.

MenNStuff 101: This shirt is limited because Boyt discontinued its manufacturing. So, if you don’t want to miss that XXXXL, buy here now.

6. Nautica Men’s Slim-Fit Double Pocket Moleskin Shirt: Best For Multiple Pockets


1. 100% cotton

2. Weight: 14 ounces (0.9 pounds)

What You’ll Like

1. Machine washable

2. Button closure

3. Slim fitting

4. Two chest pockets

5. Poly suede elbow pads

What You Won’t

It is not as slim as described


Another Nautica makes it to this list, and it is not very different from the other one. While the first has one pocket, this one comes with two. However, the quality is the same, and the shirt still has a streetwise design.

It sells at around $57, making it a convenient option if you are on a budget. And, it only comes in one color, but you can get it in multiple sizes.

One buyer says that the shirt’s materials are suitable, but the fitting is not as slim as described. Still, it is well received across multiple stores, so don’t second-guess yourself as you buy it here .

7. Orvis Men’s Moleskin Shirt: Best For Velvety Softness


100% cotton

What You’ll Like

1. Woven at Brisbane Moss

2. Washable

3. Imported quality material

4. Warm and super soft

5. Abrasion-resistant

6. Button-front style 

What You Won’t

Women won’t fit in it well


This moleskin shirt is precisely like the other Orvis product, except that it is for men.

Because it is woven using tiny threads, it has a sturdy construction that guarantees you a longer stay. To add, its thickness makes it ideal as a shirt-jacket, so you have two apparel in one.

The other features you will like are the spread collar, two patch pockets with flaps, and the adjustable cuffs.

It sells for $149, which is not cheap. However, the shirt does not compromise quality, so you get value for every penny you spend.

To summarize, one satisfied customer says he was delighted with the shirt. He adds that it is stretchy and has a wide range of motion in the arm area. Another adds that the fabric is wonderfully soft, and the olive color evokes a classical style. So, if you want to partake in that greatness, buy the shirt here.

8. Nautica Men’s Slim-Fit Chest Striped Moleskin Shirt: Best For Design 


100% cotton

What You’ll Like

1. Chest-stripped design

2. Adjustable double-button cuffs

3. Buttoned collar long sleeves

4. Impressive slim fit. 

What You Won’t

So far, nothing


Simply, this Nautica moleskin shirt is like the other two, except that it has a different design. Instead of a single color, it has stripes running across the chest. Otherwise, it is still durable and season-right, and it gets more comfortable and softer with each wash.

Like the others, it has a slim-cut, which gives it a unique streetwise vibe for fashion-forward people. 

It sells for $57, a reasonable price for someone looking for a slim-fitting and uniquely designed moleskin shirt. So, if you are that person, get this fancy apparel here.

Related Questions

What Should You Consider When Buying A Moleskin Shirt?

While shopping, here is what you should have in mind:

1. The Fabric’s Weight

If you want to spend more time with the moleskin shirt, it should be weighty enough. That way, the heaviness guarantees longevity and durability.

Most moleskin shirts are usually mid-fabric garments, meaning that they weigh between seven and nine pounces. Others are heavy, and they go up to one pound (16 ounces). However, both keep you warm, and they arrest the wind impressively.

2. Length

If you wish to tuck in the moleskin shirt, we suggest that you get a longer one. That way, the extra fabric will go through the waistband and under your pants.

But, if you like dressing untucked, let the length be short but not too much. If you go for a dwarf moleskin shirt, you risk looking like a clown.

3. Ability To Stretch

Do you want something elastic, or do you want 100% cotton? As you’ve noted, some moleskin shirts like the Kirsch have 97% cotton and 3% elastane. That is a stretch fabric blend, which makes it easy for you to move around.

If you’re wearing a moleskin shirt to work, we recommend that you get a stretch type. That way, bending, and crouching won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise, go for a 100% cotton shirt, and it will deliver nicely.

Is Moleskin Waterproof?


Moleskin fabric is waterproof because the threading is always tight. That way, shirts, and pants made using it do not let anything seep through.

How Warm Is Moleskin?

In a wide range of temperatures, moleskin fabric is surprisingly comfortable.  Because of its dense weaving, it is impressively windproof, and when you wear it, you will feel warm.

To explain, a moleskin shirt will keep you snug even if the day goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Is Moleskin Warmer Than Denim?


Again, moleskin is warmer because of how tightly its threads are stitched and how thick and rugged it is. That windproof weaving makes it better than denim, but many people do not know that. 

Final Words (Our Pick, Your Takeaway) 

With all factors considered, our pick for the best moleskin shirt is the Filson men's moleskin Seattle shirt . Its fabric comes from the Brisbane Moss mill, which is over 140 years old. That means its quality is unmatched. In addition, it is warm, comfortable, sturdy, durable, and customers have received it warmly.

If you are on a budget and love style, bounce away with any Nautica moleskin shirts. And if you want a super-soft feel, Orvis has got you covered. Simply put, all the brands reviewed have done an excellent job to bring their best moleskin shirt.

And we’re done!

If you enjoyed reading, share with others who want a warm outfit for the cold times. Then, talk to us in the boxes below about any other shirt we left out, and we will add it when we update.

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