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The story of a man in the relationship is constantly changing and you have to be the one to make sure it changes for the better. You have to be the one who makes sure that your relationship doesn’t stagnate. The responsibility lies on you and only you can make sure that it is up to par.

One of the main responsibilities of a man in the relationship is to provide emotional support for their partner. This may seem like an obvious task, but a lot of men do not have the emotional skills needed to fulfill this responsibility properly.

5 Things To Keep In Mind:

Things To Keep In Mind

1. Communication:

Communicate openly, honestly and respectfully with your partner.

2. Support:

Be supportive of your partner in all that they do.

3. Respect:

Demonstrate respect for your partner and their opinion by listening to them and valuing their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

4. Compromise:

Be willing to compromise when there is a disagreement or problem between you and your partner. This does not mean that one of you must give in completely, but it does mean that both of you need to make some concessions.

5. Safety:

Be mindful of the safety of your partner by not doing anything that could put them in danger and being supportive when they are feeling unsafe or anxious. Safety includes emotional safety as well as physical safety.

Whats Are The Men’s Duty To Please His Partner?

1. Be honest with her and yourself, always.

2. Give her your love and affection.

3. Respect her, but don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

4. Listen to her and show her that you are listening

5. Be a good communicator and share both your feelings and hers with her

6. Share your thoughts and feelings with each other through conversation

7. Be honest with each other about what is going on in your life, whether it is good or bad

8. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially

9. Provide emotional support to her when she needs it

10. Give her the space she needs to grow, even if it means letting go of the relationship for a time

11. Be open-minded about what she wants to do in the relationship

12. Respect her decisions

13. Make sure she knows you’re there for her no matter what.

14. Don’t take her for granted; tell her she’s important to you every day.

15. Surprise her with little gifts or notes every now and then, just because you want to see her smile or know she’s on your mind.

16. Share your thoughts and feelings with her – not just what you think she wants to hear, but what you really feel inside as well, even if it scares you or is hard to say out loud sometimes because it might make the relationship more difficult in the short term (but it will make it stronger in the long term).

Whats Are The Women’s Duty To Please Her Partner?

1. Accept him for who he is

2. Be honest with him

3. Be supportive and understanding

4. Be patient and not be too critical

5. Be available when he needs you

6. Listen to him and hear what he is saying

7. Don’t nag him or constantly criticize him

8. Trust him, even if he doesn’t trust you back

9. Don’t give up on the relationship

10. Make compromises

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