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The fashion world is always changing, and as a result, so are the latest trends. With new designers coming out of nowhere and old favorites returning to take their rightful place on the runway, it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot in the industry. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of seven top trend magazines that will give you all the information necessary to dress like an expert!

1. Bridal Guide

2. NewBeauty

3. Esquire

4. Elle

5. Harper’s Bazaar

6. Vogue

7. Allure

8. Instyle

9. Marie Clarie

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is the ultimate resource for all things related to weddings and celebrations. Whether you are a bride-to-be or just an observer, this magazine has something for everyone! With articles on everything from new trends in wedding gowns to unique honeymoon destinations, Bridal Guide covers every aspect of planning your big day: from budgeting to etiquette advice.

The one thing that sets it apart though? All types of couples are welcomed in their pages – gay marriages included.

Brides who want more personal attention can even sign up for bridal-related content delivered straight to their inboxes each month with “My Day” by Brides Magazine. From dress designers’ tips on what alterations should be made ahead of time to instructions on how to create your own ceremony program, these emails will be a useful tool as you prepare for the big day.

Keep up with all of your favourite stars and celebrity-wedding gossip in InStyle Weddings Magazine! From wedding dress designers’ tips on what alterations should be made ahead of time to advice from top event planners on how to host an unforgettable party, this is one source that can’t be beaten when it comes to planning out the details of your big day.



NewBeauty is packed with articles on skincare and makeup. From how to find the best concealer for your skin type, to tips from top celebrity makeup artists that will give you flawless results, this is one mag well worth picking up each month

We are all about bringing you great content so we have created a monthly e-newsletter! It’s completely free of charge and can be delivered right into your inbox everyday or every other day. Throughout the year there will be a number of topics covered in our blog posts such as: wedding planning tips; DIY craft ideas; fashion trends & more



Esquire is a monthly men’s magazine that offers articles on news, politics, sports, and clothing. It has been published since 1934 by the Hearst Corporation

The Esquire blog tackles current events in an easy-to-read format with posts like “How to Dress for Success,” which will help you make more informed choices about your wardrobe than ever before!

Esquire does not currently offer any kind of e-newsletter service but they are always looking for new ways to engage their readers so feel free to let them know what you would like from them.



Elle is a fashion magazine that has been published in the US since 1985.

The Elle blog provides exclusive access to their editors and writers, who share stories about everything from breaking news in the world of style all the way through product reviews for your everyday life.

Followers are never left out as there are always special perks offered such as giveaways or store discounts

There is no email newsletter but they do have a Facebook page with almost 12 million likes!

Harper’s Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is one of the most iconic fashion magazines in America and has been published since 1867.

Their blog provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look into the latest, breaking news as well as insider tips from both their editors and featured experts on everything from shopping to beauty trends.



Vogue is the world’s most prestigious fashion magazine, and it has been published in America since 1892.

Their Blogspot provides a glimpse into the latest news from their editors as well as insights on beauty trends from makeup artists, hair stylists, models and bloggers. It also features reports on top designers such as Prada or Dolce & Gabbana to what you should be wearing this season.

The key focus of Vogue focuses on everything that is “now.” Their monthly magazine often previews runway collections before they are released while their website delivers daily updates about what’s new in fashion.



Allure is a fashion and beauty magazine that has been published in the United States since 1991.

The Allure Blogspot provides their readers with everything from makeup tips to hairstyling tutorials, as well as information on the latest skincare discoveries or interviews with top designers. They also offer capsule wardrobes for every occasion – whether you’re heading into work, going out for dinner or attending an event. The site features articles written by experts such as Coco Rocha (model), Drew Barrymore (actress) and Rachel Zoe (fashion stylist).

Their goal is to provide women of all ages with advice about how they can be healthy inside and outside while being fashionable at any age!



Instyle is one of the most well-known and popular fashion magazines in America. They provide their readers with everything from celebrity news to clothing trends, beauty tips, home design ideas, recipes, and much more!

The magazine includes editorials about hot topics like health & wellness; celebrities such as Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez have even appeared on the cover of Instyle multiple times throughout the years. Whether you are looking for new style inspiration or want to find out who’s the newest Hollywood couple we’ve got it all covered here at Instyle.com!

Their goal is to help women live a stylish life through great advice and fabulous products while also being healthy inside and outside!

Marie Claire

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a French women’s magazine that has been published in France since 1937. The publication provides readers with articles about beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics like dating advice or health tips for both men and women.

Their goal is to empower their readers so they can achieve the perfect balance between how they look on the outside (the way you dress) as well as feel from within (having your most radiant skin and healthy hair). Their content aims to help people live an elegant life through great advice while also being fit inside and out!

The company was founded by Maurice de Beverely who wanted to create “a new type of magazine” aimed at an educated, sophisticated middle-class woman living in Paris. Today it reaches more than women.

The magazine is headquartered in Paris and features a variety of French models on their covers like Cara Delevingne, Marion Cotillard, or Brigitte Bardot. Readers can find out about the latest trends with information from Marie Claire’s fashion section which includes style advice as well as articles that explain different types of clothing for both men & women such as kilts or ball gowns!

No matter what your budget may be there are plenty of options to choose from when you read through Marie Claire because they offer helpful tips on how to create a wardrobe without breaking the bank thanks to affordable pieces found at H&M or Zara just to name a few!

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