5 Best Fashion Wholesale Clothing Distributors In The USA

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Fashion is a huge industry that touches on all aspects of our lives. It has been said that fashion makes up between 5-10% of the GDP in America, and it only continues to grow every year. Here are the 5 top wholesale clothing distributors in the USA:

  • Clothingline
  • Wholesale-Clothing
  • United Apparel Liquidators 
  • Bizrate
  • Glamour Boutique, Inc

5 Best Fashion Wholesale Clothing Distributors In The USA


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Clothingline is one of the best wholesale clothing distributors in the USA. They have been around since 1994 and carry several different lines such as Gottex, Kayser-Roth Corporation, Loveless Enterprises Inc., Royce Leather Company Inc., Seams N Lace LLC, The Original Twirl Company INC., TrimTex Apparel Group LTD. Plus they list all their prices on their website! If you are looking for a high-quality supplier with competitive pricing then Clothingline should be your first stop.


– List prices on website

– Large selection of brands and products

– “Best in the USA” Award Winner (2012)


– Requires a login to view prices

– No dedicated customer service phone number. Information and questions are primarily answered by email or online chat window. Customer service does not offer a call-back option.

Product Availability: Available online only from Clothingline; available locally from major department stores like Macy’s or Sears Stores; available internationally for a premium price range if you order from their international site

Payment Options: Credit cards are accepted through PayPal shopping cart service, purchase orders are processed by Merchant Services via fax or phone, and wire transfer payments to a bank account are also possible.


Wholesale Clothing

Provides accurate and up-to-date wholesale clothing prices. Shipping is free for orders above $100. Orders below this amount are charged a flat rate of $14.95; international customers are also subject to customs fees which vary by country, so you can check the website for more information about those

Product Availability: Online only – no retail store location as well as not accepting any trades or purchases from outside sellers. The company additionally does not deal with custom-made items such as gowns and prom dresses if they do happen to be out of stock in your size/color preference at one point during their ordering season (i.e., spring) but will notify you when the item becomes available again

Payment Options: Major credit cards, PayPal – you can also use the company’s website to order over the phone with a customer service representative

Shipping Time: Orders will generally ship from their warehouse within three days of your purchase date. Depending on when they receive your package as well as any potential customs delays or other unforeseen circumstances, it may take up to two weeks for an international shipment and one week domestically before arriving at its destination

Price Range: The price range is very wide depending on what type of clothing item you’re looking for (i.e., dresses start around $19.99) and how much money you would like to spend in total but typically ranges between $20-$100 per item so be sure to look through all options carefully!

United Apparel Liquidators .A.L

United Apparel Liquidators is a wholesale clothing distributor and retailer of close-outs, overstock or surplus apparel for businesses in the United States and abroad.

With an inventory exceeding 100,000 different items on any given day from more than 500 brands, you are sure to find what you’re looking for with UAL! Plus as one of the largest distributors in America, they have great buying power which means they can offer even better discounts off already low prices – that’s right not only do these clothes come at rock bottom prices but we also provide them free shipping so there will be no need to pay anything extra when ordering through our site. A customer service representative is available should you ever need help finding just what it is your business needs.


– List of high fashion wholesale clothing distributors in the USA

– Low prices and free shipping on all orders

– Competitive pricing with brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger.


In the case that a customer is not satisfied or needs to return an item there are no refunds offered by UAL – please be sure you inspect your items before purchasing if this poses any concern for you as it does reduce some risk associated with online shopping.


Bizrate is a company that offers deals on products for merchants and consumers. Their website, Bizrate.com, allows customers to search through over 100 million reviews as well as compare prices from more than 31000 stores in the US and Canada. Customers can also find coupons or access information about free shipping promotions at any time while browsing their site!


-Bizrate has over 100 million reviews and 31000 stores in the US and Canada.

-Their website, Bizrate.com, allows customers to search for coupons or access information about free shipping promotions quickly while browsing their site!


The only con is that they do not offer a mobile app on the iTunes store (or Google Play) which can be inconvenient if you are always on the go like me! However, this does not affect my rating of them as I find their website easy enough to navigate without one so it would just depend on what is most convenient for your situation. Other than that there’s nothing negative worth mentioning! Overall great company with lots of benefits!!

Glamour Boutique, Inc.

Glamour Boutique, Inc. is a company that specializes in the sale of designer clothes at wholesale prices to other businesses like department stores and specialty clothing shops. They sell new merchandise as well as high-quality used items. The company mostly does business online with customers all over the world, but they have a physical store also!

Their website offers customers an easy way to find what they are looking for by using keywords or narrowing down results through filters such as price range or style etcetera which makes it really convenient if you’re only looking for one specific item! They also offer free shipping on orders $175+ which helps make finding what you want easier and quicker.


– Free shipping on orders $175+

– Easy to find what you’re looking for through filters and keywords.


– Shipping time takes a while.

– Requires Login to view prices

– Product Availability can vary depending on where you live!

What to Consider While Buying from Wholesale Clothing Distributors In The USA

  1. Reputation of the Distributor: Customers should consider the reputation of the wholesale clothing distributor in the market. They should seek feedback and reviews to ensure that the distributor provides good quality products and excellent customer service.
  2. Quality of Clothing: The quality of clothing items is a crucial factor to consider. Customers should prioritize distributors that offer high-quality products that ensure longevity and comfort. Moreover, the clothing should be manufactured in compliance with ethical and sustainable practices.
  3. Variety of Stock: The distributor should have a diverse range of clothing items. This includes different styles, colors, sizes, and sector-specific clothing such as corporate wear, sportswear or high fashion.
  4. Pricing Strategy: Customers should consider the pricing strategy of the distributor. A high-quality distributor will have competitive and clear pricing policies, without hidden costs. Additionally, customers should look for potential discount opportunities on bulk purchases.
  5. Location and Delivery: Customers should take into account the distributor’s location and delivery capabilities. Distributors based in the USA will generally have faster delivery times and lower shipping costs for US customers.
  6. Return and Exchange Policies: A reliable distributor should have an easy and quick return and exchange policy. This is particularly important in case of any defect or mistake in the delivered product.
  7. Customization Facilities: Some customers may require personalized clothing based on unique needs or designs. Therefore, they should check if vendors offer customization services.
  8. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ): Different distributors have different standards for their minimum order quantity. Depending on the customers’ needs, they need to select an appropriate distributor with an acceptable MOQ.



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