How Much Does A Name Tattoo Cost? Tattoo Style And The Price

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The cost of a name tattoo varies depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. A simple name tattoo on the wrist or ankle can cost around $50-$100, while a more complex name tattoo on the back or chest can cost $500-$1000 or more.

Name Tattoo Cost

How Much Do Word Or Name Tattoos Cost?

Generally, people want any word and name tattoo in small size. If they need more creativity and a big size tattoo, then it will affect the rate of the tattoo. Any tattoo artist charges for any tattoo on that tattoo construction. If a tattoo artist needs to do more creativity in any name or word tattoo, then it will also increase the price of the tattoo. If you want a simple, small tattoo, then the charges of that tattoo are low. And, if you need any word tattoo but in a creative style then, you need to pay more for that tattoo. 

3D Name Tattoo Price

The structure of any 3D tattoo style is a bit complex, and that is the reason that this type of tattoo will take more time. So, the price of 3D tattoos depends on time. If you want any simple 3D tattoo in a small size, then you need to pay low since it will take less time and the structure of any simple tattoo takes less time for the tattoo artist. If the tattoo artist has a great experience and you can see incredible tattoo art, it can increase the price of the tattoo. Any person who wants a tattoo on their body and that person wants to see incredible tattoo art, then that person needs to pay more for that.    

Script Or Serenity Prayer Tattoo Cost

This kind of tattoo takes lots of time for tattoo artists since this type of tattoo includes lots of alphabetical lines, which they need to write clearly and in a creative way. So, it can take lots of time. If you want any serenity prayer type tattoo in a small size, then it is not that costly, but if you want it with a complex structure, then this tattoo can take lots of time.

Portrait Tattoo Price  

The portrait kind of tattoo takes lots of time for any tattoo artist, and it will increase the price of that tattoo. It is up to you which type of tattoo you want in portrait tattoo style. If you desire to see any simple structured tattoo, in this case, the portrait tattoo is perfect for you. If you want any different type of tattoo design, which you already chose, then the charge depends on that tattoo structure and design. If your budget is less, then you should prefer a simple and short tattoo design. But, if the tattoo is more necessary for you, then you should choose the type of design that looks beautiful.

Tribal Tattoo Cost

This kind of tattoo explains the culture of human history, but this kind of tattoo style is less demanding. The cost of tribal tattoo style is also depending on the size and time. You need to understand the construction of a tattoo, which affects the charge of that tattoo. Sometimes people get confused when they choose any tattoo style. You need to choose a tattoo with proper attention since it can help you to decrease the rate of that tattoo. 

Water-Colored Tattoo Price

The water-colored tattoo creation is a difficult task, and this type of tattoo has a fixed high price. If you want more changes with this kind of tattoo design, then it can increase more price of that tattoo style. The simple design of the water-colored tattoo price is also high. If you want to see incredible tattoo art, then you need to leave thinking about the price. The water-colored tattoo is a beautiful tattoo art which is why it takes more time to build. The construction of watercolor takes less time than you need to pay a fixed price, but if you want some changes, then you need to pay more.

Quote Tattoo Cost

The cost of the quote tattoo design depends on the lines of those quotes. If you want a single-line quote in a simple writing design and small size, then the average price is $50 to $75. If you need various lines of quote tattoo design, then it will take lots of time for that tattoo artist. If you want a full-body quote tattoo, then it would depend on you. Tattoos with more construction will take more time which takes much time and can increase the price of the tattoo.

Semicolon Tattoo Price

The semicolon tattoo is a symbol tattoo style. If you need a single small and simple design, then the minimum price is $50. Moreover, if you want to any type of change in the tattoo style, then it can increase the rate of that tattoo. Any tattoo artist gives their time to make any tattoo more beautiful.

The Below Table Shows Different Tattoo Style And Its Cost:

Tattoo Style And The Price

General Price (Not Fixed)Tattoo Style
$75 to $100Word or Name Tattoo
$100 to $300Script or Serenity Prayer Tattoo
$200 to $350Portrait Tattoo Style
$50 to $300Tribal Tattoo Style
$200 to $3503D Name Tattoo Style
$400+Water-colored Tattoo Style
$50 to $75Semicolon Tattoo Style
$90 to $200Hair Tattoo Style
$50 to $90Soundwave Tattoo Style
$200 to $350Quote Tattoo Style
$500+Freckle Tattoo Style
$150 to $400Blackout Tattoo Style
$50 to $100Forest and the trees Tattoo Style
$80 to 150Lion Tattoo Style

How to Save Money on Your Next Name Tattoo

Getting a name tattoo can be a significant and personal decision. However, one of the most common worries that come with getting a tattoo is the cost involved. Here are some insightful tips on how to save money on your next name tattoo.

1. Research and Compare:

Before diving into the first tattoo shop you come across, conduct thorough research of various tattoo shops in your area. Compare their pricing, and don’t be afraid to ask for price quotes from multiple shops.

2. Artistic Simplicity:

An intricate design will naturally be more expensive. If you have budget constraints, opt for simpler designs that require less time and fewer details.

3. Choose the Right Tattoo Artist:

More experienced tattoo artists may charge higher fees. If you’re considering a relatively simple name tattoo, a less experienced but competent artist might be a cost-effective choice.

4. Size and Placement Matter:

Larger tattoos and those in sensitive areas may cost more. Choosing a smaller tattoo and a less sensitive area can lower the cost.

5. Walk-In Vs. Appointment:

Some tattoo parlors have lower rates for walk-in customers compared to appointments, as appointments often require a deposit.

6. Use Your Ink Wisely:

Grayscale tattoos are usually cheaper than colored ones. If your design doesn’t require a lot of colors, opt for grayscale.

Research and CompareAsk for price quotes from multiple shops
Artistic SimplicityOpt for simpler designs
Choose the Right Tattoo ArtistLess experienced, competent artists might be cost-effective
Size and Placement MatterSmaller tattoos, less sensitive areas can lower the cost
Walk-In Vs. AppointmentWalk-ins can sometimes be cheaper
Use Your Ink WiselyGrayscale tattoos are usually cheaper than colored ones

In conclusion, spending less on your tattoo does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on the quality. Instead, it’s about making well-informed decisions about the design, the tattoo artist, and the place of getting your tattoo done. Keep these pointers in mind and you’re on your way to getting a great name tattoo while staying within your budget.


1. What Is The Price Of A Full Back Tattoo With Script? 

Ans: The price of a tattoo depends on the structure of that tattoo, and if you want a simple Script tattoo, then the average charge is $100 to $300.

2. What Is The Minimum Price Of The Name Tattoo?

Ans: The average minimum price is $75, but it depends on the structure of the tattoo that you want. If your tattoo takes more time, then it can increase the price of the tattoo. 

3. Can I Get Any Word Tattoo Design For $10?

Ans: I already told you in the above paragraphs that any tattoo price is depending on that tattoo structure and time, but it is not possible to get any tattoo for $10.


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