How Small Can A Tattoo Be? Things To Consider When You Get A Small Tattoo

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A tattoo size should be at least 1/2″ tall or more. Tattoos that are smaller than this size would not hold up or last their neatness and quality well in the long-term, which is why tattoo artists do not recommend tattoos that are way too small. 

Small Tattoo

Things To Consider When You Get A Small Tattoo

Small tattoos are expanding in popularity as more and more people tend towards smaller designs for their first-time or next pieces of ink. Besides, they look good, consume less time to complete, and are comparatively easier to cover up depending on the ink’s location.

As there are several matchless things to consider when getting a small tattoo, it felt like it would be best to provide you with some perception into the processing.


One of the most judgmental things to consider while designing a small tattoo is placement. Small tattoos are unique because they could be done almost anywhere on the body due to their small size, but some areas are suggested to avoid.

Small Hearts Tattoo

While we occasionally art small tattoos on hands and feet, there is one thing that we should know is that you should consider the areas where there is the ruggedness of the skin in those areas of your body. Lean-to change if you want it on the top of your hand or feet to the bottom. Tattoos on the bottom of your hands and feet would eventually fade quickly because of the intense use of these areas of your body.

Areas For Small Tattoos 

Some marvelous areas for getting small tattoos are the inner biceps, lower pelvis, lower forearm and wrist, collarbones, behind the neck, at the top of the shoulder, top of the back, under the chest, and on the ankles as well as lower legs. These parts of the body are the best to put on small tattoos because the skin’s quality is less inclined to fade, and it also complements smaller tattoo designs.

Size For Tattoos

The tattoo design is another crucial attention-worthy thing when getting a smaller piece. Usually, small tattoo designs are restricted due to their size. So the simpler the design, the better there would be results. 

It is also because small tattoos are not always conducive to aging. If the design is too complicated, then closer sections can ‘bleed’ ink into each other and ruin the effect. Ensure that you work with your tattoo artist to ensure the design has adequate spacing to look great for years to come.


When searching for a tattoo design, several large tattoo styles could be the best and can look amazingly irresistible as a small tattoo. Texts, as well as script tattoos, occasionally work extensively as small pieces. Kindred designs are also effortless to scale down entirely as they are usually straightforward.

There are also some of the tattoo styles that do not go well as small designs, such as pragmatism due to the high amount of detail required. Asian tattoos also have some difficulty scaling down as the tattoo style is robust and significant, which is usually very difficult to regenerate in a smaller design.

Other Things To Consider

Even if a tattoo is small in size, it is still a permanent spot or a mark on your body, and it is essential to educate yourself all enough about the process before you go under a needle. All tattoos, and all tattoo ink, artists or parlors, are not created equally. I learned this recently after reading a person’s Instagram story, according to which his one tattoo came out well. Another one looks total ugly because of the inexperience of the artist. 

While with smaller tattoos, there is an entirely different set of things to look out for exclusively because there is less chance of any error. Even if an artist skews up a line on a tiny tattoo, it is not like they could go over it again and fix it quickly, but it is the same way they could with a bigger one. Perfection is the only key with small lines, so you need to understand what you are getting into beforehand.

You do not have to be worried because you just need to know about some essential precautions and a little research before getting a tattoo. But by the end, it’s after all your body that matters the most!

Although tattoo prices are similar worldwide, some artists may charge more and less than this. You can use this guide as an approximate rate.

Beginner Artist (1-3 years) 

$80 – $120 per hour

$800 – $1000

Solo Tattoo Artist (3-5 years) 

$100 – $150 per hour

$1200 – $1500

Pro Artist (5-10 years) 

$150 – $200 per hour

$1500 – $1800

Popular Artist




1. Could It Be A Bad Decision To Get A Small Tattoo?

Answer: Small tattoos are magnificent because they could be done almost anywhere on the body because of their small size. 

2. How Long Can A Very Small Tattoo Take To Design?

Answer: A more prominent tattoo design with details or color might take around two sessions. In contrast, a simple and small-sized tattoo takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

3. How Long Does A Tattoo’s Pain Last?

Answer: Pain in a small size tattoo won’t last more than two days, but large-sized tattoos might cause pain for about a week or more. 

4. Can You Shower Just After Getting A Tattoo?

Answer: Do not take a shower within 24 hours of getting a tattoo. Later on, even if you have slight pain, then don’t let the shower waterfall directly on your tattoo. 

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