How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shoe? Ship A Shoe With USPS

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The courier services do not follow a standardized format for shipments. USPS is the cheapest and best of all the mail services for delivering small and light packages like a shoe, charging $7.50 for Priority Mail, whereas FedEx for delivering a Flat Rate Medium Box charges $22.15. It hardly takes 1-3 business days to deliver the shoe, depending on the distance between two points.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Shoe

What Are The Factors On Which The Cost Of Shipping Shoes Depends?

The cost of shipping shoes depends on a few factors, those are enlisted below:

1. Size: Larger the final package, the larger is the amount of shipment. The charge increases if the shoe package is oversized and occupies more space.

2. Dimensional Weight: Generally, all the rates of courier services depending on the weight of the parcel. The more the weight of the shoes, the more is the shipping charge.

3. Distance: The cost also largely depends on the distance between the departing location and the location where it is shipped to. International shipments can be quite expensive. The more the parcel covers the shipping zones, the more is the shipping charge.

4. Importance: Valuable packages are given more importance as they are separately stored and handled with care. Like vintage shoes should be paid more importance.

5. Speed: If the sender opts for express delivery or time-specific deliveries, the parcel is delivered overnight. In that case, the shipment cost increases than the standard delivery cost.

6. Surcharges: These extra costs can be like the fuel surcharge, delivery of fragile goods, overtime deliveries, and delivery in remote or rural areas.

What Are The Rates Of The Other Types Of Mail Services Provided By USPS?

TypesWeight And SizeDelivery TimePickup OptionTracking OptionInsurance OptionRatesBest For
Priority Mail ExpressUp to 70 lbs and 108 inchesOvernight to 2 daysAvailableAvailableInclude insurance of $100$26.35Urgent Parcels.
Priority MailUp to 70 lbs and 108 inches1-3 business daysAvailableAvailableInclude insurance of $50$7.50Any Packages.
First-Class MailFor letters is 3.5 oz and for parcels is 13 oz.1-3 business daysUnavailableUnavailableAvailable$0.55Letters, postcards, large envelopes and small packages.
USPS Retail GroundUp to 70 lbs and 130 inches2-8 business daysUnavailableAvailable for Packages only.Available$7.50Not so urgent and oversized packages.

What Is Meant By Flat Rate Shipping?

Priority Flat rate shipping is the service provided by USPS in which the weight, size, and shape of the shipping package do not affect in deciding the delivery charges. The only consideration is the package should weigh less than 70 pounds. The shipping charges remain uniform throughout. They usually deliver the shipping items within 1-3 business days. Plus, it gets insured up to $50 and the tracking option is available.

The Different Types Of Priority Flat Rate Boxes Are Mentioned Below:

Types Of Flat Rate BoxDimensionsPrice At The Post OfficeBest For
Small Flat Rate Box8 11/16” × 5 7/16” × 13/4”$7.90Small Electronics item.
Medium Flat Rate Box – 111 1/4″ × 8 3/4″ × 6”$14.35Shoes and Office Supplies.
Medium Flat Rate Box – 214”× 12” × 3 1/2”$14.35Shoes and Office Supplies.
Large Flat Box12 1/4” × 12 1/4″ × 6”$19.95Gifts and large electronics items.

How To Ship A Shoe With USPS?

US Postal Service (USPS) provides the most affordable rates and ensures quick and safe delivery. USPS has a wide range of mail services to offer with different package weight and sizes, speed, and importance. It is the best option for shipping shoes and other footwear.

Below Are A Few Steps For One To Follow To Ship A Pair Of Shoes Through USPS’ Priority Mail:

1. Choose The Box: Priority Mail Flat rate Shoe Box is available for free from the website or at Post Office; it is exclusively designed to fit in the footwear. Custom packages can also be used. The sender needs to make sure the box they choose should be durable and of standard size. One should make sure to hide the previously used details if they used old boxes.

2. Pack The Parcel: The box should protect the content of the parcel against the various types of danger. Cushion the shoe with extra bubble wraps or any other suitable materials. Tape all the sides of the box with a 2-inch packing tape; it will prevent from opening up the parcel, therefore keeping it intact.

3. Put The Address On The Package: Senders might save some money by buying postage online as it can give them access to USPS’ special discounts like Commercial Pricing or Priority Mail Cubic. Senders can also print the address label at home. Accurate ZIP codes of both the sender and recipient must be mentioned; use permanent markers in case of the handwritten label.

4. Calculate The Price: Enter all the vital information like the weight and size of the parcel, type chosen for courier into the USPS Postage calculator to get the exact prices.  

5. Drop Off Or Pickups: Depending on the weight of the shoe, one should decide where to submit. Senders can request a free pickup option or schedule pickup on-demand or also can drop off the parcel at the Post Office.

Some Tips To Remember While Shipping Shoes:

Packing is considered to be an important aspect of delivery. The receiver should find the parcel in a good condition.

1. The regular shoe boxes are not appropriate for mailing as it can be easily crushed and cannot be securely locked. It is better to use a sturdy box to avoid high chances of damage.

2. The shoe shipping box should be selected small but comfortable enough to fit the shoe and save money.

3. It is advisable to use the original box of the shoe as the inner container.

4. Secure the pair of shoes with bubble wrap or papers to protect them against all odds during transit.

5. When one mails light items like shoes, it is preferable to bring your own mailbox as it makes it cheaper.

6. Weigh the shoe package accurately from beforehand with the help of scale and measuring tapes to get an idea about the pricing.

7. Recheck the mailing address and specifically include the correct postal codes to ensure delivery on time.

8. If the sender drops off the parcel in the courier center, the delivery charges might lessen a little.

9. Check the prohibition list from the website before shipping. Some of those are perfumes, poisons, Gasoline, marijuana, perishable items, alcohol, tobacco, dry ice, live animal, etc.


The best and the most economical choice for shipping shoes are through the USPS’ Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. USPS helps the sender to save money through its unique discounts and also provides a free box to store the content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How Can I Track My Package On The USPS Website?

Ans: On the USPS website, under the ‘Track and Manage’ tab and enter the provided tracking number, then press Enter to check its status.

2. Should I Get Insurance On My Parcel?

Ans: It is advised to get insurance on the parcels when the content of the parcel is valuable, or when the sender is tensed about theft or damage in the process.

3. What Are The Other Few Options To Ship Other Than USPS?

Ans: Few other options for shipping other than USPS are FedEx, APC, DHL Express, UPS, TNT, Sky Postal, and Global Post.


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