Can You Use Hand Soap As A Body Wash? Types Of Hand Soap

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It is certainly possible for you to use hand soap as a body wash but with a little care. The ingredients present in the hand soap are a little bit harder than the elements that we find in the body wash. But it is certainly not a good idea to use hand soap as a body washes for a long time because it will negatively impact the body and skin.

Hand Soap As A Body Wash

Types Of Hand Soap

In this article, you will know the types of hand soaps available in the market. There are different hand soaps, which you can use to keep your hands free from bacteria and germs. Some types of hand soaps are given in the following list:

1. Lavender Hand Soap: It comes with lavender as its primary ingredient, making it a natural product to use. It cleans the hands and makes them fresh.

2. Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap: This kind of hand soap generally cleans more than 99% of the harmful germs and bacteria from your hands.

3. Foaming Hand Soap: This kind of hand soap creates foam after mixing it with the water. It cleans the hands well and makes them bacteria-free.

4. Hand Soap For Sensitive Skin: This kind of hand soap generally doesn’t have chemicals or dyes, which can affect your skin, and is specially made for sensitive skin.

5. Hand Soap For Dry Skin: This kind of hand soap usually doesn’t have any alcohol, but rather it includes some essential oils for the betterment of your hands’ dry skin.

Ingredients Of Hand Soap

Many kinds of hand soaps contain different ingredients. It makes them very useful to clean your hands and make them bacteria and germs free. Let’s look at the list of the ingredients available in most of the hand soaps in general.

1. Fragrance

2. Aloe Vera

3. Glycerine

4. Dyes

5. Ph adjusters

6. Cocamidopropyl betaine

7. Sodium Laureth Sulfate

8. Sodium benzoate

9. Benzoic acid

Types Of Body Wash

There are varieties of body wash available in the market for different purposes. They all have different ingredients in them for various purposes. Let’s look at some types of body wash given as follows:

Shower Gels: There are different kinds of gel-based body washes available in the market, and their ingredients are very gentle to clean the body correctly.

Shower Creams: These are opposite to the gel-based body washes because these kinds of shower creams usually are thicker. It stays on the skin if you don’t use it properly and thoroughly rinse them off with water. It cleans the body and gives complete freshness if used with the proper instructions.

Foam Washes: Foam body washes are very bubbly, and you don’t need to rub a lot to get the foam. Foam-based body washes automatically form suds till the time you use it on the body with water.

Body Scrubs: These body washes are based on scrubs; generally, they have exfoliating substances, which help in the deep cleaning of your body. It removes any dirt from the skin and makes your body clean.

Ingredients Of Body Wash

Body washes contain different ingredients than hand soaps, but many components are standard in hand soaps and body washes. So let’s look at the list of the ingredients used in the body washes.

 1. Water

2. Betaines

3. Sodium Laureth Sulfate

4. Fragrance

5. Glycerine

6. Alovera

Some ingredients are essential to clean the body while preparing the body washes and hand soaps. We will look at the benefits and the utilities of some components of both hand soaps and body washes in the table mentioned below.

Sl. No. IngredientsUtilities
1Aloe Vera It helps in curing any cut in the skin and also cures acne on the skin.
2 WaterWater dissolves all the ingredients in soap or body washes.
3GlycerineGlycerine gives moisturization to the skin along with shining.
4BetainesIt helps in softening the skin to the fullest.
5 Fragrance It gives a unique smell to the product feels good to use.

Difference Between Hand Soap And A Body Wash

Hand soaps are produced with a combination of sodium hydroxide and liquid fats and are known as “Saponification.” At the same time, body wash is made similarly but contains potassium hydroxide in place of sodium hydroxide.

The differences in these products also depend on how both are designed. Soaps having rich moisturizing effects undergo a “Super-fatting” process when the liquid fats are added to them. Transparent soaps usually consist of glycerin, and anti-bacterial ingredients are added to prevent fungi and kill bacteria.

Hand soaps and body washes contain similar ingredients.  Hand soaps are less hygienic and harsher than body washes. They can dry out the skin more. The body washes are more gentle in contrast to hand soaps. They are expensive than hand soaps.

Can Body Wash Kill Germs?

Most of the body washes do not kill germs unless you purchase an anti-bacterial body wash. However, washing can let your germs washed off from your body. It is not advised to use an anti-bacterial body wash for a longer time.

A lot of microorganisms and germs stay in oils on your skin. These germs are washed off with any brand of body wash you use. Washing will help you get rid of the majority of bacteria and germs.

Can Hand Soap Be Harmful If Used For Bathing?

Generally, the hand soaps are only for the hands and not for the body. In case body washes are not available, then you can use hand soaps on your body. But one thing to understand about this is that you should not use hand soaps as a body wash for a very long period.

All the strong chemicals available in the hand soaps may not be suitable for the skin. It may harm your skin if you use them with vigorous rubbing.

What Problems Can Occur If Hand Soaps Used As A Body Wash?

Many skin issues may occur due to using hand soap for the body instead of body wash. Those issues can be from irritation to dryness, and they can also cause acne problems.

The skin problems may also include swelling along with redness because of strong chemicals in the hand soap. It may not be able to adjust with the skin of your body.

If you firmly or harshly rub hand soaps as a body wash, it can lead to bleeding and make the skin more irritated and inflamed.

How Can You Use Hand Soap As A Body Wash?

If there is an emergency when body wash is not available, you can use the hand soap as a body wash. However, it is vital to keep the rubbing very mild and smooth while bathing. Gentle and soft rubbing will not hurt the skin of your body.

Only gentle washing is required when you are using hand soap as a body wash with the water. It will clean the dirt from the skin without having to rub it too much.

Your body’s skin is not very tight, but it is softer than the hands’ skin. Hence, rubbing it mildly and smoothly will do the job entirely to give it the required cleanness and maintaining its moisturization level.


Q1. How Safe Is It To Use The Hand Wash As A Body Wash?

Ans: It is safe up to some extent, but it is essential to keep in mind that you should not make it a regular habit to use hand soap as a body wash.

Q2.  Will Hand Soap Cause Irritation And Redness If Used As A Body Wash?

Ans:  The main difference between the body wash and the hand soap is about using the quantity. Using hand soap regularly as a body wash may give redness and irritation.

Q3.  Do The Experts Recommend Using Hand Soap As A Body Wash?

Experts never recommend using hand soap as a body wash. If body wash is not available, one can use hand soap as a body washes for a limited time.

Q4.  What Should Be Kept In Mind While Using Hand Soap As A Body Wash?

Ans: You should keep in mind that don’t rub too much hand soap as body wash can irritate your skin.

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