What Men Think About Woman With Tattoos?

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Opinions on women with tattoos vary widely among men. A survey found 47% of men find tattoos attractive, while 32% are indifferent, and 21% dislike them. Personal preferences greatly influence perceptions of women with tattoos.

What Men Think About Women With Tattoos?

While tastes and preferences differ dramatically among individuals, a general outlook towards women with tattoos can be captured. The following listicle outlines what men typically think about women with tattoos. These perspectives are not universal and vary greatly.

  1. Artistic Appreciation
    Some men view women with tattoos as living canvasses. They appreciate the complex designs and vibrant colors, seeing them as yet another form of creative expression.
  2. A Sense of Individualism
    Tattoos often signify a sense of individualism. Many men perceive women with tattoos as strong, independent, and non-conforming to societal norms, which can be quite appealing.
  3. Attraction to Boldness
    Tattoos tend to denote a degree of boldness. Men who favor women with tattoos often see them as adventurous and fearless, characteristics that add to their level of attractiveness.
  4. Interpretation of Rebellion
    Sometimes, tattoos are associated with rebellion. Some men may view women with tattoos as nonconformist or counter-culture, making them either more appealing or less so, depending on a man’s personal values.
  5. Concern about Permanence
    On a more cautious note, some men express apprehension about the permanence of tattoos. They may question a woman’s foresight or decision-making ability, particularly when the tattoos are extensive or in highly visible locations.
  6. Stereotyping
    Unfortunately, not all men have embraced changing societal norms. Some still stereotype women with tattoos, associating them with certain lifestyles or character traits that may not be true or fair.
  7. Admiration for Self-expression
    Many men resonate with the aspect of self-expression that tattoos offer. They see these women as expressive, open, and unafraid to show who they truly are.
  8. Apprehension about Pain Tolerance
    Tattoos involve some degree of pain. Some men find women with numerous tattoos intriguing, wondering about their pain tolerance and affinity for the process.
  9. Spontaneity
    Tattoos can suggest spontaneity. Some men might see women with tattoos as spontaneous, full of life, and willing to seize the day.
  10. Interest in the Tattoo’s Significance
    Men often find the stories or significance behind the tattoos fascinating. They see them as an invitation to learn more about the woman’s personal journey or experiences.

What Tattoos Say About A Woman

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They’re many opinions out there, but the best place to look is at research.

From psychologytoday.com, men see tattooed women as sexually permissive, ready to give in to any raunchy requests. Sadly, that perception risks offending most tattooed women, if not all of them.

MenNStuff 101:

A man is more likely to approach you if you’re inked. All the while, they’ll be hoping to get laid just because the dream catcher tattoo is sitting on your upper back.

So sad.

Still, there are more reasons men will hit on a tattooed girl.

Check these out:

1. Tattooed Women Have High Self-esteem Levels

Getting a tattoo means exploration and adventure, which doesn’t take a shy person. So, men will see the inked women as bubbly, confident, and ready to vibe. The tatt girl won’t worry about anyone or anything, so getting crazy will be a must for them.

2. Also, They Are Not Judgemental

These women have spent lots of time being pointed at because of their ink. Consequently, they develop anti-judgmental skills, thus making their space tension-free. It becomes easier to talk to them because they let things flow naturally.

3. They Have Character Depth

Often, tattoos have meanings, which make them attractive. So, if a woman has many of them, you’re looking at a novel full of stories and far-reaching emotions. By asking them about each tat, you’ll discover how deep their personality runs.

4. Finally, Tattooed Women Stand Out

Think about a person wearing bright colors in a black wedding–that’s how a tattooed woman looks. If every lady at a party is dressed the same, men will look for distinctions.

They won’t forget Vanessa, the girl who had a flower tattoo on her shoulder.

Factors Affecting the Level of Attraction Towards Tattoos on Women

Several factors influence the level of attraction towards tattoos on women:

  1. Personal Preference: Individual taste plays a significant role in whether someone finds tattoos appealing or not.
  2. Cultural Background: Cultural norms and values may shape perceptions of tattoos.
  3. Tattoo Design: The design, size, and placement of the tattoo can impact attractiveness.
  4. Meaning and Story: Tattoos with personal significance or a compelling story behind them may be more attractive.
  5. Stereotypes: Preconceived notions about individuals with tattoos can affect attraction levels.
  6. Social Environment: The acceptance of tattoos in one’s social circles can influence opinions.
  7. Age: Younger generations may be more accepting of tattoos than older ones.
  8. Media Influence: Media portrayal of tattoos can shape perceptions.
  9. Professional Setting: In certain professions, visible tattoos may affect attraction.
  10. Hygiene and Maintenance: Well-maintained tattoos may be viewed more positively.

Ultimately, attraction to tattoos on women is subjective and influenced by a combination of these factors.

Where Do Guys Like Tattoos On A Girl?

Zensa Skin Care did a study looking at how men and women feel about tattoos on each other. They found out that most men like tattoos on women’s:

1. Shoulders

2. Hip

3. Or upper back

On the flips side, men didn’t like women having ink on their faces and inner lips

For more, check Zensa’s research findings here.

What Men Should Not Say Or Do To Women With Tattoos

Now, you’re Shawn. It’s the third date, and you’ve just seen Jessica’s tattoos. The sight is rather startling, but you are interested in her body. The issue is you don’t know what to say, and indeed, you don’t want to offend her.

What happens?

Well, here are some tips, and importantly, the lines you shouldn’t cross:

1. Don’t touch their tattoos without her yessing

Aside from being unsanitary, touching other people is irking. However, if you want to feel a woman’s tatts, ask her.

If she allows it, good, and if she doesn’t, also good. Remember that in the end, there’s nothing more to it than skin and ink.

2. Don’t say that she would look prettier without the tatt

That’s like telling a sightless person that they’d be better without their blindness. And no, that’s not an exaggeration, considering that most tattoos are permanent.

That comment may sound nice in your mind, but it may crush the tattooed women. They think their ink makes them more beautiful, so swallow your words.

3. ‘Couldn’t you have used the money for something else?’

Well, this is an overstretch, and you shouldn’t mind other people’s spending. So, there’s no need to overstep a line because you have ‘better’ places to use your money. They saw it wise and would’ve even paid twice for that dragon-eyed tatt.

4. Don’t talk about how she’ll look when she ages

Everyone gets old, and everyone’s skin wrinkles. So, don’t talk like things will be tragic for her more than they’ll be for you. She’ll be herself, with her tattoos, looking however she wants.

5. Don’t say that she’s kinky just because she’s got a tatt on her thigh 

On dating apps, people have normalized seeing tattoos as doors into a steamy conversation. But that shouldn’t be the case, seeing that it offends some women. So, assume nothing.

If you want to talk about sex, pick another angle.

  1. With all those tattoos, do you even have a job?

The perception behind tattooed people is that they’re reckless. So, asking this question speaks volumes about what you think about people like her. Job or no job, her tattoos have nothing to do with her personality. If you can’t draw the lines, I’m sure you can see yourself out.

Remember that her peace and tats (mostly tats) are more important than your questions.

  1. Finally, don’t ask about what her parents thought when they saw the tat.

If she’s all grown up, her parents have nothing over her. Also, it may have been a painful discussion, so don’t bring it up. You’ll sound like a grownup who’s questioning her decisions, and that won’t sit well with her.

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From the read, you’ve gathered that:

  • Some men dislike tattoos, especially the shyer ones.
  • But, the snappy, spirited ones will want to dive into the ink markings.
  • Unfortunately, some men see a woman’s tattoo as a sexual ding-dong. This may come out as outlandish, and girls will frown upon it. 
  • Tatted girls are more than meets the eye. They’re confident, sassy, and adventurous.
  • Most guys don’t like tattoos on women’s faces and lips, but it doesn’t matter much.
  • Finally, men shouldn’t comment or say anything unwelcoming about a woman’s tattoos.

To Jessica, you’re dazzling in your skin, and your tattoos look graceful. To Shawn, please don’t say or do anything that may offend her. You know the do’s and don’ts, right? If yes, we’re done!



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