Who Is Worldwide Handsome?

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Kim Seok-Jin.

If you’re a fan of pop music, you’ve heard about worldwide handsome, but you may have problems pinning down a face. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered right here:

Kim Seok Jin

That’s Kim Seok-Jin, the eldest member of K-Pop’s sensation, BTS. While on tour, Jin introduced himself as Worldwide Handsome. That happened during a press conference, and when he said the words, fans took them to heart.

MenNStuff 101:

When Jin’s birthday comes (December 4), it trends on Twitter and Instagram as #WorldwideHandsomeDay.

In this article, we’ll mention things you should know about Jin. Then, we’ll bring in the whole band, telling you who’s who.

Stick around for all Mr. Worldwide Handsome and his Korean friends.

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15 Things to Know about Worldwide Handsome (Kim Seok-Jin)

Let’s run this beauty of a man down:

1. He is the oldest of all the seven BTS members (28 years at the time of this writing),

2. If you’re a BTS die-hard, you’ll know that Jin doesn’t get lots of verses in their songs.

3. When he’s singing a solo, he always showcases his falsetto.

4. The band and other people consider him the ‘mother’ of the group. That’s because he always cooks for them, and in tough times, he keeps them all together.

5. Before Big Hit Entertainment (BHE) picked him up, he was walking down a street in his university.

6. He lacks a musical background and never intended to become a singer.

7. Instead, he wanted to become an actor, given that acting was his university major.

8. He co-owns a restaurant with his brother, Seok Joong, which speaks volumes about his cooking ability. Is the food place still open? Yes, and when you’re in Seoul, try out their Japanese dishes.

9. He’s known for cracking dad jokes.

10. As adorable as Jin is, he’s always getting scared. If you’d place a bug on his skin, he’d definitely pass out.

11. He can go for over 300 seconds without blinking. Strange but interesting, right?

12. He has eyesight problems, which is why he wears prescription glasses.

13. A Korean plastic surgeon mentioned that Jin’s natural looks are perfect.

14. Before he joined BHE, he would have partnered with SM Entertainment, which is another famous company. He passed the initial audition but didn’t continue since he thought it was a scam.

15. Since he was five, he’s played, Super Mario. To date, he has become an avid gamer.

Who Is Handsome V Or Jin?


V is more handsome than Jin. But they’re both cute. Below are their pretty faces, all in the same frame style.

Jin (Worldwide Handsome) 

Jin Worldwide Handsome


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However, Jin is more popular, and he called himself Worldwide Handsome for something. He’s got the looks.

MenNStuff 101:

BTS is short for Bangtan Boys

Which BTS Member Has The Most Haters?


From the Amino app, fans voted for the BTS member they hate the most.

Here’s what came out of it:

BTS MemberHate in %

If you look around the Internet, you’ll see that the hate is for no good reason. J-Hope, for example, is only disliked because he looks like an angel. However, fans claim that he’s an attention seeker and doesn’t connect with them. In 2014, they pushed the trend #KickOutJHopeBTS because they believed he had no talent. Others said that his physique doesn’t match with others.

In response, he said:

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Who Is The Scariest In BTS When Angry?


He is the scariest, and you’ll see it in his eyes.

But, if you listen to V, one of the band members, he’ll rank them differently:

V (himself)6

Who Is The Richest Member In BTS?


If you look around online, you’ll see that J-Hope is worth around $26 million. One of his luxury apartments, right in Seoul, Korea’s capital, is valued at about $2.2 million.

Still, by any standard, each BTS member is wealthy. Each year, they have a base salary of $8 million. Also, they hold stocks amounting to $8million per member. Since they’re a global sensation, they also earn through special appearances and endorsements. Here’s how much each member is worth:

BTS MemberNet Worth (million $)
RM (leader)22

Who Is The Least Popular BTS Member?


In 2019, he was ranked least popular on Tumblr, despite being energetic. But, that comes as no surprise, considering all the backlash he’s faced from K-Pop fans in 2014. Still, he’s an excellent artist, and BTS wouldn’t be what it is without him.

Who Is More Popular, Taehyung Or Jungkook?


Still, the bandmates are pretty famous, and the data varies from country to country. So let’s look at how each member ranks in South Korea, the US, and the UK.

BTS memberSouth Korea (home country)USA numbersUK numbers
Suga 68431292746

So, Jungkook takes all the fame.

Who Was Poor In BTS?


From SCMP, you’ll read that he hails from a humble past. In high school, for example, he had to choose between transport and eating. So, if he ate a bowl of noodles, he’d have to walk home. To add, he wasn’t paid for his music when he started.

Who Is The King Of K-Pop?

BTS’s Jimin.

King of K-Pop is a title given to the most talented and famous artist in Korean pop music. The fans vote on it, and in 2019 and 2020, they’ve chosen Jimin with a whopping 12,568,794 votes.


Now, you know that Kim Seok-Jin is Worldwide Handsome. He went for the nickname first, and it’s now stuck among his fans. Now, does he play the part of being dapper and clean-cut? Yes, he does. You only need to scroll down BTS’s Instagram to know that. And we’re done!

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