Men From Ghana (What Ghanaian Men Be Like)

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You’ve seen this breathtaking, heart-stirring, and hair-raising man. He walks up to you, introduces himself as so-and-so from West Africa. Where exactly, you ask, and he confidently says Ghana.


You don’t pick much from that first interaction, which stirs up something in you. Later that evening, you ask Google how Ghanaian men are, and you get here.

So, what are they?

Generally, Ghanaian men are like any other African men. Think of anything men do: that’s something that a Ghanaian would do. But, if you crisscross the Internet, you’ll find exciting traits. Let’s see those mannerisms in the next section and keep reading for all the Ghanaian-man tips.

Characteristics Of A Ghanaian Man

Here are some opinions you’ll gather about Ghanaian men online. 

1. They like talking about their villages, especially if they’re in Ghana. But, if you meet them outside Ghana, he’ll say he’s from the city.

2. Most young Ghanaians are sophisticated because of their natural appreciation for education.

3. They like drinking in public, but they’ll always hide to smoke.

4. They are family men, which is more of an African thing. When Ghanaians become successful, they contribute back home by putting their entire family on their payrolls.

5. If they’ve spent most of their life in Ghana, they’ll have political affiliations. So if you want to talk politics, ask them if they belong to the NDC or NPP.

6. Like other Africans, they enjoy the Premier League. Ask them which English club they support and if they tell you to guess, say Manchester United or Chelsea.

7. They love their home dishes. If he doesn’t love akple, kenkey, or fufu, he’s not Ghanaian enough. Food is at the center of their souls.

8. The traditional Ghanaian man will blame his relatives for his misfortunes. But that’s an Africa thing unspecific to our dear people of the Gold Coast.

9. They’re great dancers, and you’ll see how they jam to Afro-beats music.

Still, there is no textbook definition of a Ghanaian man. These are options collected from Quora, and people have more to say. Women who’ve experienced excellent Ghanaian men will praise them, and others like Melanie Anne have strong comments: 

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So, it all goes down to the individual West African.

How Do You Know If A Ghanaian Man Likes You?

You’ve been talking with that breathtaking Ghanaian man, and ideas are now coming to mind. As a woman, you’d what to know if he likes you. That way, you can guess where the relationship will go.

But, how do you know that he’s head over heels for you?

Well, all men have different love languages. So, it may be uneasy pinning down how your handsome communicates. Still, here are some boxes you can check to form an intelligent guess.

1. He’ll Take You Out For Brunch And Early Dinner

Ghanaians have a special relationship with food. So, if they’re interested in knowing you, they’ll pull you off your schedule and buy you a meal. Sometimes, you’ll even eat together multiple times in a day.

And if he keeps paying for the meals, he’s sending a message: I can take care of you.

2. He’ll Call You After Hours

A respectful Ghanaian man will hit you up after work. If he’s into you, he’ll do it every day to show you he cares. You’ll be drawn to how he’s concerned about you, and soon after, you’ll begin to like him.

3. He’ll Gift You On Your Special Day

Say your birthday comes up. Your Ghanaian will go the extra mile and pamper you. In fact, he’ll ask to take you out on your birthday. All the while, he will be checking you out to see if you’re having fun. You will see how creative he can get while in love.

Other things a Ghanaian man does when he likes you include:

4. Giving you money.

5. Laughing at your jokes, even the dry ones.

6. Asking that you meet his family. 

How To Make A Ghanaian Man Happy

So, it seems your Ghanaian prince likes you! Your relationship is going on well, but you want to tune things up. And what better way than to make him happy?

To help you, here are some things that’ll make him love you even more:

1. Respecting His Privacy And Giving Him Some Alone Time

Generally, African men appreciate aloneness. In fact, they thrive best when left alone. So, if you want your relationship to blossom, give him some distance. Let him miss you. If he cares, he’ll always come out of his bubble and right into your arms.

But, if you’re always around his house or workplace, he may see you as a threat to his peace.

2. Communicate Clearly, And Tell Him Your Needs

African men are more thinkers than they are feelers. And while they may have trouble understanding your emotions, they’ll get your point. So, always talk about what bugs you and make sure it’s clear to them. That way, they’ll give you helpful feedback.

3. Take Him To Your Parents

Although it may be unsettling for him, he’ll like the gesture. For you to take him to your parents means you’re intentional with him, so he’ll begin to see you differently. Soon after, he’ll step up, and you’ll meet his family too. If things go well, you guys will join those two families in matrimony.

4. Keep Your Intimacy Between Yourselves

Sometimes, modern women like to share their pillow business with their friends. But, if you spill your prince’s beans to your pals, let him not catch wind of it. That’s because Africans treat bedroom matters as secrets. So, whatever happens between you two under sheets shouldn’t make it to the big screens. 

Pros And Cons Of Dating A Ghanaian Man

Before you get it on with your West African prince, a pros-cons analysis will come in handy. Although some points here might not apply to your man, they’ll give you a good enough picture of what to expect.


1. He will cook their favorite dish for you.

2. He’ll take you out and show you off.

3. He won’t hesitate to teach you his local language, and pidgin English too. Soon enough, you’ll be a polyglot.

4. You’ll become a favorite in his family.

5. He’ll dress you up in African attire to match his culture.

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1. You can’t leave your clothes at his place because it’ll be disrespectful to him.

2. You’ll have to learn how to cook his favorite meals

If you’re okay with the cons, don’t hesitate to say yes when he pops the question.


Ghanaian princes are pretty much like any African men. Because of the strong patriarchal system, they set high expectations for themselves. They work hard to provide and lead, so don’t expect your West African prince to take his guard down. He may want to have a say in everything you do, which won’t be to your liking.

Still, they are charming Ghanaian men out there. A few nasty comments should not scare you off but always sleep with one eye closed. Finally, remember that West Africans love to dance. If your prince isn’t a dancer, he’s not richly African. Still, keep him.

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