Does Crying Make Your Eyelashes Longer?

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Crying has its effects, but growing your lashes isn’t one of them. Tears are like your saliva, except that they have over 1,500 proteins. Those components can’t push the length of those specks of hair. Even if some verified Twitter user says otherwise, there’s no scientific research to back it up:

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In this article, you’ll see what makes eyelashes grow, and you’ll put your finger on some helpful products. Also, you’ll see where crying, lashes, and Vaseline crisscross. In the end, you’ll know what to do about those specks of hair.

What Helps Your Eyelashes Grow?

Eyelashes grow naturally and need no external push. Still, out there, you’ll find products that can improve their length. They include:

1. Coconut oil. If you need firmer and moister eyelashes, go coconut here. That bottle will help your eyelashes maintain their protein levels. 

2. Vitamin E oil. Products containing this component have hair-growing capabilities. While there’s no science behind that claim, thousands of reviewers on Amazon praise this one product for its effect on eyelashes.

3. Enhancing serums. The market is full of these, but don’t worry because we’ve got this special pick for you. Indeed, it boosts the length of your lashes.

4. Olive oil. With the right oil-based product, your lashes will be moister, softer, firmer, and have longer specks of hair. Of the many in the market, this is the one best suited for you.

Does Combing Your Eyelashes Grow Them Longer?


Although combing won’t have any magical effect, it indeed accentuates your lashes. Many experts and pro makeup artists speak volumes about brushing, so go for it.

As you comb those beauties, don’t forget to use the right brush. There’s this one by Docolor and this other one by DUcare.

Is Crying Healthy For Your Eyes?


Research says that crying brings relief to mind and body, including your eyes.

1. The outer layer of the eye, for example, needs tears to stay moistened.

2. Also, tears flush away irritants and bacteria to maintain better eye health.

Although crying may not often come for you, tears do. That’s because your eyes are always wet, so your tear ducts are ever active.

Is Crying Good For Your Skin?


If you’ve got skin issues like psoriasis and acne, you’d better start crying (*laughs*). Interestingly enough, shedding tears can help reverse any skin condition.

It all starts with a stressor, whether internal or external. Once your system picks up negative energy, your skin becomes aggravated. It then starts exploding in ways you’d never think, like atopic dermatitis.

Here’s where the tears come in.

Crying emotional tears release stress hormones that bring the body back to its baseline. In turn, that reverses the effects on your skin, and soon after, you’ll be looking lusher, fresher, and more vibrant.

Can Vaseline Grow Your Eyelashes?


Vaseline is a petroleum jelly brand made for the skin. So, it can’t grow your lashes longer. But, it can make them look fuller and thicker. That’s because it’ll sit between the hairs and hold them together.

How Can I Make My Eyelashes Naturally Longer In 7 Days?

Here are natural remedies for growing your eyelashes in under a week:

1. Petroleum jelly (like Vaseline)

2. Lemon peels dunked in olive

3. Egg yolk

4. Shea butter (has vitamins E and A)

5. Aloe vera

6. Green tea

7. Castor and lavender oil

You’ll only need to apply a little of any remedy you choose.

Although there’s little science to back those natural options, they’re safer to try than other chemical-based products.

Why Do Eyelashes Stop Growing?

When lashes fall out, thin, or shorten, it could be any of these reasons:

1. Aging and menopause for women

2. Medical conditions like infected lash lines

3. Stress

4. Chemo drugs

5. Reactions to cosmetic products like mascara

6. Rough treatment as in scrubbing your lashes vigorously

Is It OK To Cry For No Reason?


Still, hardly is there a time you cry for no reason. If you seem to find none, go through these factors and place yourself somewhere:

1. Menstruation pointed towards hormonal changes

2. Stress and burnout, especially if prolonged

3. Anxiety and depression

4. Grief

If you haven’t checked any box, consider talking to someone if your crying is unreasonable and uncontrollable.

Why is It Healthy To Cry?

Crying is common and ordinary, but what makes it healthy? Because crying is connected to how we feel, it has two deep-running emotional benefits. Here they are:

1. It Calms You Down And Dulls Your Pain

Many people cry as a way of soothing themselves. According to the PMC, crying wakes up the nervous system, which puts your body to rest. However, the effects will only come after a while.

If you cry for long, your body releases special hormones called endorphins. These chemicals induce a feel-good feeling, which sets in after your tears dry up. 

2. It Helps In Times Of Grief To Restore Emotional Balance

Although many people see grieving as a one-time thing, it is a process. It moves from sorrow to guilt, then anger to numbness. Throughout each episode, crying plays a massive role in offloading the weight inside. It keeps you warm and signals your acceptance that loss is part of life.

It is natural to cry in happiness, as it is when you’re sad. If your body detects that you’re experiencing emotional extremes, it may release tears to bring you back to the baseline, the normal you.


Although crying doesn’t make your eyelashes longer, it makes your system better. So, as you get products to lengthen those specks of hair, embrace tears as they come. Crying is an inexpensive form of therapy that’ll make your lashes look even brighter.

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