Pale Men [Why Pale Skin is Considered Unattractive for Men]

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Pale skin being considered unattractive for men is subjective and varies across cultures. However, some associate tan skin with outdoor activity and health. Preferences also evolve over time, with trends influencing attractiveness perceptions.

Why Pale Skin is Considered Unattractive for Men

  1. Lack of Sun Exposure:
    Men with paler skin are often stigmatized for lacking in outdoor activities or sun exposure. It can be misleadingly interpreted that those men live a less active and adventurous lifestyle.
  2. Unhealthy Perception:
    Pale skin can be perceived by many as a sign of unhealthiness or illness. This view, although biased, could contribute to the unattractiveness factor for men with lighter skin tones.
  3. Cultural Norms and Beauty Standards:
    In many societies, having a tan or darker skin is considered more masculine. Men are often depicted in media with bronzed and sun-tanned skin, subtly projecting this as the desired and attractive physical feature.
  4. Perceived Lack of Confidence:
    There exists an unspoken societal bias where men with darker skin tones are considered more confident and assertive, while those with pale skin are stereotyped as shy or timid.
  5. Less Defined Features:
    Paler skin often lacks the depth and contrast that can emphasize masculine features. Defined facial structures like cheekbones, jawlines, or muscular definition can be less noticeable on lighter skin tones.
Lack of Sun ExposurePerceived as less active and adventurous
Unhealthy PerceptionPale skin associated with unhealthiness
Cultural Norms and Beauty StandardsTanned skin is often seen as more masculine
Perceived Lack of ConfidencePale skin stereotyped as less confident
Less Defined FeaturesPale skin may highlight features less clearly

Remember, beauty perceptions vary greatly across different cultures and societies, and these views should in no way define attractiveness. The most important factor is how comfortable and confident one is in their own skin, regardless of color or tone.

Is Being Really Pale Attractive?

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Yes and no.

In 2010, a study showed that women prefer yellower, redder men than paler ones. That’s because they saw the healthy glow as being more attractive. If you don’t believe it, read what National Geographic says here.

Pale women also suffer from the same perception issue. If they’re very fair-skinned, men will skip them and go for the tanner ones. That happens mostly in Western countries, which have set the beauty standard further from whiteness. Sadly, that Western vibe has penetrated North America immensely.

So, depending on where you are on the globe, people will take your paleness differently. Thank God if you’re in Asia or Scandinavia because being pale is the most beautiful thing there.

Facts About Pale Skin

  • Pale skin means a lack of melanin. But, it is not genetic like albinism. It just happens.
  • It is common among natives in Northeast Asia and Europe.
  • It can and does reflect light.
  • There are more pale people in areas with colder climates.
  • Fair-skinned people make more vitamin D because they absorb more sunlight.
  • However, when sunlight is too high, they are more likely to get sunburns.
  • Also, their skins age faster and wrinkles aggressively as compared to darker skins.

Pale Skin Shaming For Men And Women

We’ve seen that both men and women consider paleness as unattractive. So, that begs the question, how do pale people feel? Because of how we perceive them, they become self-aware and, sadly, ashamed of the skin they wear.

For women, the shame runs deep. For men, not so much, unless the pale male doesn’t have solid self-esteem.

Anyway, here’s how pale skin shaming goes down if you’re the light one:

  • Your skin will be called blinding, unhealthy, or even pasty.
  • People will tell you to get tanned. If not, they’ll let you know that tan would look and feel better on you.
  • You’ll be treated like a fragile item under the sun.
  • Someone will think you’re ill and ask you to get checked.
  • When you’re out in the sun, they’ll ask you if you have some sunscreen with you.
  • They’ll assume you don’t like sunny, hot places.
  • Your close friends will pitch your skin side by side with theirs, showing how darker they are.
  • Others may wear sunglasses around you because of your skin’s ‘blinding’ effect.

Is Pale Skin Unhealthy?

Yes and no.

For some people, paleness is natural. For others, it could mean that there’s an anemia problem going on. When there are fewer red blood cells, less oxygen will move around the body. Thus, the body will lose vibrancy.

When pale skin springs out of a health issue, it comes alongside these symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Runny nose, fever, and chills
  • Decreased energy
  • Constipation

If someone’s worried about their pale skin, ask them if they check the above boxes. If not, they’re okay.

How To Not Look Pale For Guys

If you’re embarrassed about being pale, don’t beat yourself up. There are plenty of ways you can appear darker without harming your skin. Check these steps out:

1. Using Foundation

Get an excellent product like this by Dermablend. As you buy it, choose a shade that’s dark or twice darker than your skin’s.

But before you do, visit a makeup counter and try their services out. Then, if you like them, you can start tanning yourself.

And yes, guys can also use foundation. If you don’t believe it, ask

2. Wear Pale Colors

This is more convenient, especially for those who’re not ready to try any skincare products. All you’ll need is to wear clothes ranging from light yellow, ivory, peach, and pale pink.

For your hair, try light brown or blonde shades. That way, it’ll blend with your paleness and accentuate your overall style.

3. Use A Bronzer

A bronzer is a makeup product that gives a bronze color. If you go for it, it’ll add warmth to your pale skin, says So as you go shopping, try out the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. Here’s one happy, very-pale-skinned satisfied customer:

Who Has The Whitest Skin In The World?

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The palest people, aside from albinos, ought to be Scandinavians. These are people from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and countries around that region. Scotland is also notorious for its redheaded pales.

Estonia, for example, has more natural fair-skinned people than any other part worldwide. If you happen to visit their capital, you’ll drown in the many white skins and blue eyes. Check out this Quora answer to see crowds of ‘white people.’


While some people may consider pale men unattractive, they are beautiful in their skin. So, there’s no need for them to seek tanner complexions because it shows a lack of self-worth. Instead, we should make them feel comfortable because their skin’s fairness is natural.


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