Where Are Ferragamo Belts Made? History Of Salvatore Ferragamo

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The Ferragamo belts are made in Italy. Salvatore Ferragamo is the person who found the Ferragamo Company in 1927 and made the classic Ferragamo belt. Though Salvatore Ferragamo founded it in ITALY, it is now saved in the area worldwide. Founder Salvatore Ferragamo was a shoe designer who founded the Ferragamo belts. Works with animal’s skin to lessen the waste of things.

Where Are Ferragamo Belts Made

How To Differentiate The Fake And Real Ferragamo Belt?

Though the Ferragamo products are a well-known product worldwide, many companies are making the replica of Ferragamo products and selling them. It is not very tough to find the Ferragamo belts if real or fake. The easiest way to find the fake Ferragamo belt is to check the text “Salvatore Ferragamo” on the front side of the buckle.

1. Check the buckle text “Salvatore Ferragamo” on the front side of the belt. The real Ferragamo belts have their book bigger on the metal buckle. The entire Ferragamo text isn’t coined into the buckle.

2. Real Ferragamo has it’s text ‘Ferragamo’ thicker and as handwritten. And “MADE IN ITALY” is more significant than a fake one.

3. The real Ferragamo buckle is thicker than the fake one. The faux buckle is thinner.

How Many Countries Does Ferragamo Serve?

Ferragamo serves now over the world. Ferragamo is a classic Italian company, makes leather good things such as belts, leather bags, shoes, perfumes, eye-wears, watches, jewelry, etc. Ferragamo accessories are now well-known worldwide. Salvatore Ferragamo has now emigrated from Italy to the US. Ferragamo is a favorite product for the fashion freak peoples over the world.

Ferragamo serves it’s best.

The History Of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo has an eventful ancient history. There is the history of the Ferragamo company from the opening.

Sl. No.YearHistoryPlace
11927Incorporated the very first company.Italy.
21938Opening of the very first single-brand product store.Florence, Italy.UK(London).
31948First Directly operated storeNew York(USA).
41965First Ladies wear and leather good presentation.
51971Silk and accessories development.Italy.
61975-80’sFootwear and Menswear development.Italy.
71986First Directly Operated Store in Asia.Hongkong.
71991First Directly Operated Store in Japan.Nagoya.
81994First Directly Operated Store in China.Shanghai.
91995First Directly Operated Store in South Korea.South Korea.
101995Inauguration of Salvatore Ferragamo Museum.Florence.
111997Establishment of Ferragamo perfumes. A joint venture with Bulgari to distribute perfumes.Florence.
121998Opening the eye-wear business.Florence.
131999First Directly Operated Store in Latin America.Mexico City.
142001Achivement of Bulgari S.p.A. in Ferragamo perfumes.Florence.
152006First Directly Operated Store in India(Mumbai).Mumbai, India.
162008Watch line launch.Florence.
172009Opening of the first flagship store.Middle East (Dubai).
182009Launching of the first website.Main EU countries and the USA.
192010First single-brand store.Istanbul, Turkey.
202010First single-brand store.Cairo, Egypt.
212010First single-brand store.Johannesburg, South Africa.
222010First single-brand store.Doha, Qatar.
232010The goal of 91 single-brand stores.China.
242011First public offering in Milan Stock changes.

How Many Kinds Of Products Does Ferragamo Have?

Ferragamo has six kinds of fashion concerning products that are being used worldwide. Ferragamo started to serve in 1927. Now Ferragamo is a well-known fashion concerning product brand. Here is a list of products o Ferragamo with details.


Ferragamo’s footwear is called the historical product of the Ferragamo brand. Ferragamo used the best quality materials to made Ferragamo footwear. Ferragamo footwear is the most demanding and most appreciated product worldwide. Ferragamo products are in a high range of prices. The content of prices of Ferragamo products is related to the manufacturing technique of Ferragamo products.

Salvatore Ferragamo offers both ladies and men footwear.

Ready To Wear.

Salvatore Ferragamo fabricates a total look for men and women. From footwear to leather and garments fabric. Ferragamo group made ready to wear a mixed product that represents the brand. The Complete wear from the Ferragamo brand.

To keep a balance with the ever-growing market, Salvatore Ferragamo provides a “made-to-measure” service for menswear.


“Salvatore Ferragamo” brand also provides the accessories collection. The products from the accessories collection mostly represent the Salvatore Ferragamo brand as well as leather belts. The iconic silk accessories are included in this category. Scarves, foulards, paid throws, cushions, beach towels, and ties are the most common accessories. The silk accessories have a highly recognizable design. The accessories are costly for the vital elements that are used in the supplements.


Ferragamo perfumes operate the perfume field. Perfumes are developed and distributed by the Salvatore Ferragamo group and Emanuel Ungaro brand. Ferragamo perfumes serve every stage from product to development and marketing for the product.

All products of Ferragamo perfumes are made in Italy. 

Leather Goods.

Leather goods are including accessories such as leather belts, ladies’ handbags, wallets, suitcases, etc. Leather goods and services of the Salvatore Ferragamo group are famous worldwide. Some of the ladies’ accessories are hand-made with embroidery or patchwork.

Salvatore Ferragamo belts have a unique and highly recognizable design such as buckles, ornaments, and fastening. They are metal made materials.

Salvatore Ferragamo also provides the customers, made-to-order service.

The collection of leather goods of Salvatore Ferragamo are suitable and highly recommended for fashion concerned people over the world. The leather goods of Salvatore Ferragamo like belts, leather bags, etc. Are ideal for lifestyle and occasions.

Eyewear And Watches.

The Ferragamo group also provides eyewear and watches for concerned fashion people over the world. Eyewear includes sunglasses for men and women. They complete with a high range as well as the prescribed glasses. Eyewear is distributed in a selected area of the Ferragamo network for commercial use.

Watch also manufactured for both men and women. Watches are made of top-quality materials (ceramic and titanium for men and gold, even sometimes diamonds for women). Bracelets are also included in this category of eyewear and watches. Watches are a limited edition.


Ferragamo started to sell its new product as jewelry in 2011. The first collection of jewelry completed its products offer and contributed to the reinforcements of products and for brand positioning. The jewelry of Ferragamo company is made of gold, silver, gemstone, and diamonds.

Ferragamo jewelry collections are distributed in some selected stores of the Ferragamo network.

Each man and woman collections has a seasonal group.


1. Are Ferragamo Goods Luxurious?

Ans: Ferragamo goods are luxurious. Ferragamo is specialized leather goods, shoes, jewelry, etc. Ferragamo brand is known worldwide for its fashion concerning ideas. Ferragamo goods are luxurious goods because of its top-quality materials.

2. Where Is The Ferragamo Headquarters Situated?

Ans: Ferragamo headquarters are in Florence, Italy. Where Salvatore Ferragamo started the business of Ferragamo goods, the place is the main headquarters of the Ferragamo company. Every other country has their main office as the branch of the Ferragamo company.

3. What Is The Most Demanding Product Of Salvatore Ferragamo?

Ans: Ferragamo footwear is the most demanding product. Ferragamo footwear has its reputation over the world. Though footwear is the most challenging product from the Ferragamo group, leather goods also have demand worldwide.

4. Does Ferragamo Have Goods For Ladies?

Ans: Yes, Ferragamo has its products for ladies too. Ferragamo does provide the full ready-to-wear for men and women. Ferragamo sells jewelry to some selected stores of its network. If you want some, you may contact them.

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