When Is The Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness? Is It Open For 24 Hours?

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You recently joined Planet Fitness, and you’re now readying yourself to start your workouts. But, you’re still wondering when to step in because you need to optimize your time. Well, you’re on the right article.

The best time to go to Planet Fitness is early morning, from 5 AM to 6 AM, right after they open. But, that will depend on the specific gym you’re subscribed to. The point is that you should be there in the first hour of the fitness business.

So, you first need to establish what time your gym opens. To do that, visit this Find a Gym page. There, you can use the map and click on your gym. Alternatively, you can search your city or state to get open and active clubs.

For example, the gym in Stillwater, Oklahoma, opens from 4 AM. That means you should have woken up earlier, say 3 AM, to make it to the first hour and do your business. If you’re nearby the gym at Salina, Kansas, 5 AM is the best time to go to Planet Fitness. That aside, it is now time to look at other time-related details.

In this article, you’ll know the least busy time at Planet Fitness and the most engaged times too. Then, you’ll get a general overview of when gyms are mostly empty and if it’s better to work out in the morning or at night.

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Does Planet Fitness Open For 24 Hours?

Some clubs open for 24 hours during some days. For example, the gym at Wenatchee in Washington State opens 24 hours from Tuesday to Thursday. However, the one in Kearney, Nebraska only operates between 5/7 AM to 7/9/10 PM throughout the week

So, there’s no one answer to the question. You’ll need to look up your club and see what time frame it operates with.

What’s The Least Busy Time At Planet Fitness?

Data from Fitbit shows that the 5 AM to 6 AM and 7 AM to 8 AM are the least busy times at Planet Fitness. However, that depends on the specific gym because they open at slightly different times.

To know how crowded it gets, Planet Fitness provides a Crowd Meter. It is a remarkable feature that shows you when the gym is mostly occupied. Here is a screengrab showing how the club at Salina fills on a Wednesday.

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To help you interpret, the least busy period in this particular club is between 4 AM and 5 AM. So, if you live in that area and want to have the gym to yourself, you know when to go.

Here are the steps for using the Crowd Meter to know the least busy time at Planet Fitness:

1. Visit their official website at Planet Fitness | Judgement Free Zone® | Gym and Fitness Club.

2. Then, click on the Find a Club button on the top left corner of the home page. That will open the Gyms near Me | Fitness Centers near Me | Planet Fitness page.

3. There, browse through the given map or search the city you currently live in.

4. Once you’ve nailed the club search, you should see some info shown on the left of the screen. Specifically, look for the Crowd Meter and study the Crowd History right below it.

5. If you see an hour whose bar is high and deep purple, it means the hour is a busy one. On the flip side, less-occupied hours will have a light purple color, and their bar level will be short.

Now, you should know the least busy time at your nearest Planet Fitness gym.

What Time Is Planet Fitness Busiest?

Like many other gyms, the busiest time in Planet Fitness is between 4 PM and 8 PM. To confirm, you can check the official handout that the gym gave you when you were signing up.

If you can’t find the handout, we mentioned the Crowd Meter. It will help you know when your nearby gym is busy. That way, you’ll learn how to plan your time and go to the fitness center when there’s air to breathe.

During these special COVID-19 times, it is best to operate in low-people hours. Doing so will help you avoid contact with people or share items with those who don’t want to be vaccinated.

What Times Are Gyms Most Empty?

Apart from Planet Fitness, you’d want to know how other gyms operate. That’s why we have this section for you.

Between Monday and Friday, gyms are mostly empty before 7 AM and after 8.30 PM. It seems that people who work out have problems waking up at dawn to do their business.

Gyms are more occupied throughout weekdays, but you can turn up after 8 PM for a quick workout.

Is It Better To Go To The Gym In The Morning Or Afternoon?

Either is okay. That’s because there are good reasons for working out in the morning and afternoon.

This section will look at both cases and show you the benefits of each scenario.

Why Mornings Are The Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness

If you’re in and out by 7 AM, you will have finished the workout before the day starts. The exercises will trigger your endorphins, which are feel-good emotions that will make you feel accomplished. It will be a nice thing to walk around with that ego boost.

Then, getting it done will leave the rest of the day for your other activities. You won’t worry about working out later, and you can socialize in peace. If you hit the gym in the evening, you can’t help but fast-pace your life to accomplish that goal.

Here are the benefits of going to Planet Fitness in the morning:

1. Gym exercises at dawn increase your likelihood of physical activity throughout the day.

2. You get increased metabolism, which is vital and beneficial to your body’s internal systems.

3. Also, you burn more calories because you engage your body early and until the dark comes.

4. Since you’re exercising on an empty stomach, you burn more fat.

Why Afternoon And Evenings Are The Best Time To Go To Planet Fitness

We’ve seen that working out in the morning is quite beneficial. However, afternoon exercising has its perks. Apart from saving you morning stress, it helps you end the day refreshingly.

1. Studies show that afternoon workouts optimize time a lot. That’s because your body peaks at that time and increases your enzyme activity. Also, it makes your muscle strength and function better.

2. Your body temperature reaches highs in the afternoon. So, that time becomes ideal because your systems are ready to be pushed to the limit.

3. Also, oxygen intake is faster in the evening. That means you will only use your resources limitedly. If it were morning time, you’d need to warm up first, and resource intake won’t be as efficient.

4. Finally, you are less likely to be injured during your workout, thanks to the low blood pressure and slow heartbeat in the evening. Technically, the evenings are safe periods, and you’ll make the most out of your system energy.

What’s The Best Time To Work Out To Lose Weight At Planet Fitness?


From time.com, morning workouts are the best for burning fat and losing that extra weight.


Is It Bad To Work Out At Night At Planet Fitness?


Experts advise that you don’t work out at night because it’s bad sleep hygiene. So, we don’t expect you to show up at Planet Fitness after 8 PM. They give more caution to people who work out an hour before their bedtime, saying that it delays sleep.

To explain further, here are the downsides of the night workouts:

1. You won’t get a chance to enjoy group sessions. That’s because most of them happen in the morning and afternoon. Also, you will miss out on the emotional and physical health that comes with working in group exercises.

2. It will be challenging to be consistent with evening workouts. One study says that those who go to the gym in the morning are more likely to be consistent. This is compared to those who do it in the afternoon and evening.

So, as you plan your Planet Fitness routines, choose mornings or any time before noon.


Since 5 AM to 6 AM is the ideal time to go to Planet Fitness, plan accordingly. Once you get there, take advantage of the space to push your body. Then, when your session ends, go home and start your day.

If your Planet Fitness gym is open 24 hours, you’re lucky. You can even go in the wee hours of the night and achieve your goals. But don’t forget to get enough sleep so that you live your days optimally.

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