What Is The Light Therapy At Planet Fitness Supposed To Accomplish [And Other Therapeutic Details]

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The light therapy at Planet Fitness, often found in Total Body Enhancement booths, aims to potentially enhance circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and improve skin health. It uses red light therapy to achieve these benefits.

What Is The Light Therapy At Planet Fitness Supposed To Accomplish

Here’s a list of what the light therapy at Planet Fitness aims to achieve for its gym-goers:

1. Enhance Skin Health

Regular exposure to red light therapy is believed to stimulate collagen production, which in turn improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It helps in managing acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

2. Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

One of the main reasons light therapy is Popular among fitness enthusiasts is its ability to alleviate muscle and joint pain. The therapy aids the body’s natural healing process, reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.

3. Reduce Body Fat

Interestingly, exposure to red light at certain wavelengths is also believed to help reduce body fat and cellulite. As such, this therapy is often an appealing addition for those aiming to lose weight.

4. Boosts Mental Health

Light therapy has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The light exposure aids in resetting the body’s internal clock, which helps to promote regular sleep patterns.

5. Increasing Energy Levels

Light therapy boosts cellular energy, enhances the body’s metabolic processes, and aids in muscle recovery. As a result, gym-goers often experience improved energy levels and performance.

6. Speeds Up Wound Healing

By targeting damaged cells, light therapy is suspected to hasten wound healing. This is particularly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts, allowing for faster recovery from possible injuries sustained during workouts.

7. Improved Hair Growth

While this may not be the primary reason gym-goers subscribe to light therapy, it’s an added advantage. The light helps stimulate hair follicles, leading to increased hair growth and thickness over time.

To conclude, Planet Fitness’ light therapy has multiple promising benefits that range from skin health to mental well-being. Incorporating this therapy into a balanced fitness routine can potentially enhance the overall health and fitness outcome. However, it’s important to remember that while promising, light therapy should not replace regular medical check-ups or a balanced diet.

An Explainer For The Planet Fitness Light Therapy

An Explainer For The Planet Fitness Light Therapy

Simply put, the PF light therapy is a machine that works to solve many issues sacred to your lovely body.

Also known as Total Body Enhancement, the device improves workouts by energizing the cells. When cells have more power, you get a better threshold for exercise-related stress, and your stamina rushes for a long. That way, you maximize the efficiency of each workout session.

The red light penetrates the cells under the skin surface and ‘boils’ the energy-producing organelles, the mitochondria. When fully energized, they push the body to perform maximally, which brings about better results.

How It Works

The machine, which PF calls the Beauty Angels, fits one grown-up human and is available at different spa centers. However, it is only accessible to Black Card members, which is why you’ll need the premium subscription to enjoy it fully.

In terms of shape, it looks the same way as a tanning booth, except that it works differently. It looks like a standing cabin that has a solarium-like exterior.

Functionally, it does not use UVA or UVB rays. Instead, it employs infrared light, which penetrates the whole body.

In the booth, the red light isn’t the only important thing. Instead, there is a vibrating floor that helps tone the body. So, Total Body Enhancement combines the vibrating tiles plus red light therapy. When they act together, they increase energy production for cells, which is formally called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

When the ATP levels shoot up, your body will have a lot of cellular energy and will be ready for even the most arduous gym exercises. At the same time, the vibrations will start training the back, leg, and abdomen muscles.

So, you’ll set yourself up and experience a transformation of the entire body.

The Benefits Of Total Body Enhancement Light Therapy

The Beauty Angel booth is a magical place that gives you the best results. But really, what are they? Well, here’s what you’ll get if you come in and out of the light and vibrations:

First, It Facilitates The Weight Loss Journey By Burning Fat

The unit is incredibly successful at melting down all the fat. But that doesn’t mean you’ll sit in the booth and observe your fat flowing down to your feet and then the vibration tile.

But, you’ll have more cellular energy, which will promote a challenging workout. Eventually, you’ll engage in strenuous exercises and shed off those calories.

Then, It Supports Muscle Building

For your muscles to get the perfect toning, energy needs to be involved. And, if there’s one thing about light therapy, it shoots up that ATP.

When the cells are hot, you’ll use those muscles, and they’ll become more visible when you use them. So, in the end, you’ll be looking more or less like a bodybuilding model.

Besides, It Speeds Up Your Recovery After Workouts

Exercising is good, but the feeling that comes after it is what people hate. The exhaustion may affect your other parts of life, but the Beauty Angel does not allow it.

After your intense workout, you will go into the booth and choose a vibration program. When your session ends, you will feel excited, and the exhaustion will have gone down. That way, you will recover quickly and will not dread the post-workout feeling

Finally, It Improves The Quality Of Your Skin

When the skin cells have more ATP, elastin and collagen levels go up. If you didn’t know, those are the elements that control the firmness of your skin.

With more collagen, your wrinkles and stretch marks will slowly disappear. That way, you will age gracefully. 

The Side Effects Of The Light Therapy

The Side Effects Of The Light Therapy

Because of the results that light therapy achieves, it is essential to know if it has any side effects. That way, you can prepare yourself for the worst. However, red light is mostly safe, and anything wrong will affect you mildly.

Here is what you should have in mind:

1. You could develop tension in the eyes, especially if you’re not wearing goggles.

2. Then, your head could start aching, and your skin may feel irritated.

3. If you have a pacemaker or had surgery recently, you shouldn’t be in the booth as you could be affected.

4. Also, the booths aren’t suitable for pregnant women.

5. Finally, your skin could get burned, or your body could overheat if you spend too much time in the booth.

So, you should find out if your skin type is tolerant to light rays. That way, you can save yourself from any adverse side effects.

Pros And Cons Of Using It

Now, let’s boil everything down and list the pros and cons of using light therapy at Planet Fitness:


  • Tones and trains your muscles effectively
  • Heightens the level of energy in your cells
  • Reduce inflammation and pain in the joint area
  • It makes your muscles grow
  • Improves the mood and feel around the gym
  • Smoothens the skin
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Burn more fats after you do heavier workouts (thanks to the energy)


  • You can only find a few of the over 1000+ Planet Fitness clubs with booths.
  • People over 300 pounds cannot use it
  • Pregnant mums will miss out too
  • The side effects can be disheartening, especially if your pain threshold is low
  • Only Black Card members can use it

[A Touch Of Science] The Light Therapy Explained In Clinical Trials

How, really, do we believe that red light therapy does what it says it does? Well, we’ll need to look at the clinical trials and understand.

One study says that over 90% of patients experienced reduced pain while treating an oral infection using light therapy. So, that confirms the function of reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

On the same pain issue, another study brought in over 1,000 participants. In the trial, the experts concluded that red light therapy does reduce pain in adults suffering from muscle and skeletal disorders.

We’ve also brought muscle toning to your attention, and another study proves it. The trial confirmed that light affects muscle function, especially for someone recovering from an injury. So, be sure that your post-workout feeling will be amazing.

In the pros, we also said that red light therapy improves the skin. A study confirms it and points to collagen production as the main factor. When the patients were subjected to light treatment, 90% had softer skin, and their expression lines became finer. Also, they had reduced skin dryness.

So, science confirms that red light therapy does have incredible benefits. So, we thank Planet Fitness for having the booths to help its gym-goers have a better workout and fitness journey.

How To Prepare For Light Therapy [And What You Should Wear In The Machine]

As a PF Black Cardmember, you can use the red light booth however much you want. But, to get the best results and experience little to no side effects, here’s what you should do:

1. Don’t wear any piercings or jewelry. That’s because it will limit your body’s exposure to the light.

2. Then, clean up all the makeup. Your skin needs to be clear and pure, so wipe off any cosmetics and walk into the booth as natural as you can be.

3. While in the booth, stand straight. That way, the light will hit your body evenly.

4. Then, hold on to the straps if you need muscle support. If you do, your muscles will get the toning they need, and the session will be more effective.

5. Finally, wear goggles or safety glasses. That’s because the light can be intense and cause eyestrain. And indeed, you don’t want to leave the booth feeling sicker than you got in.

Related Questions

What Does The Red Light Therapy Do At Planet Fitness?

It helps to tone your muscles and improve the condition of your skin. Also, it enables you to recover after an intense workout, thereby making your fitness experience unforgettable.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy At Planet Fitness?

Since the red light therapy is safe, we suggest that you do it around four sessions each week for a month. After that, you can use it before or after your workouts each time.

What Does Light Therapy Do For Muscles?

It prevents them from becoming sore, and it lessens fatigue. By doing so, you recover better from each intense workout you have.

Do You Need Eye Protection For Red Light Therapy?

No, but we recommend that you have it.

That’s because you may be sensitive to light, leading to eyestrain.

Does Red Light Reduce Wrinkles?


One of the properties of red light therapy is skin rejuvenation. While in the booth, the light helps your skin produce collagen, making the skin firmer. In the end, you will have fewer cosmetic skin issues like wrinkles and marks. 

What Is The Difference Between Infrared Light And Red Light Therapy?

The difference is the same because red light is low levels of infrared light. However, you can see red light, but you can’t see infrared light.

Is It Safe To Use Red Light Therapy Every Day?

Yes, as long as you don’t spend too much time in the booth. But, if you do, brace yourself for some burns.



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