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You want to gym. You’ve chosen Planet Fitness. You’ve heard about the Black Card. You have no idea of what it offers. Still, it sounded good to the ear when Josh mentioned it. So, you want to try it out, but not before you know the benefits.

The Planet Fitness Black Card is a membership type that gives you fantastic value for your money. It has the following rewards: the guest pass, massage chairs, and special hydrotherapy, tanning, total body enchantment, and special discounts. Being the PF’s premium package, it is accessible in any of their 2000+ clubs globally.

Many professional gyms usually provide a multi-tier membership system, and Planet Fitness is no exception. When you join and choose a club, PF presents you with these three plans:

1. The PF Black Card, priced at $22.99 per month (commitment for 12 months)

2. The Classic, priced at $10 a month (commitment for 12 months)

3. The No Commitment, priced $15 per month (zero obligation)

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In the case of Planet Fitness, the PF Black Card has all the perks and is better than the other two. Once you’re signed up and make the necessary payments, you start enjoying them right away.

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This article will look at each Black Card membership benefit in detail. Then, we will answer some questions we think you have but don’t know yet. That way, you will be in a better position to make a forward-moving decision. We’d like to see you work out at Planet Fitness, but not before you’re well informed.

So, keep reading until the end for that and much more!

What The Black Card Membership Gives You [A Detailed Explanation]

Before we look at the devil in the details, let us do a quick rundown of what this membership type holds:

1. You have unlimited access to the club you sign up to

2. You have access to any PF gym clubs around the globe (technically, it is in the Americas’ only, so, yeah)

3. You can download and use the Planet Fitness Mobile App

4. You can bring a guest anytime

5. You are eligible for free fitness training

6. You can use the hydromassage

7. Also, you can use tanning

8. The Total Body Enhancement is also at your disposal

9. You get 50% off select drinks

10. Finally, you enjoy a 20% discount at Reebok.com

Now, let us look at each benefit at length:

1. Unlimited Gym Access

You will enjoy your PF Black Card membership if you like having everything at your disposal. That’s because it gives you unlimited access by opening 24 hours, seven days a week. So, you can always plan your workouts whenever you want because you’re not bound by time.

While you are at the gym, here are some of the items you can enjoy using:

1. Rowing machines

2. Stair climbers

3. Bikes

4. Treadmills

5. Ellipticals

6. Benches

7. Squat rack

8. And dumbbells

Also, there are multiple showers and good-enough locker rooms that’ll serve you well.

Notably, you’ll get a t-shirt and personal trainer for free with the Black Card. So, if you are starting your fitness journey, this feature will serve you right. Since the trainer is an expert, he will walk with you and help you achieve your goal.

2. Access To Any Planet Fitness Across The Globe

You should already know that PF is the most prominent pro-gym institution globally. And, although that feels arguable, no other fitness company can beat PF’s penetration across North and South America. It is in the following countries:

1. United States (where most branches are found)

2. Canada

3. Panama

4. Mexico

5. Puerto Rico

So, if you decide to leave your local club in Oklahoma City and holiday in Puerto Rico, you will still enjoy PF’s gym services.

3. Enjoy The PF Mobile App

Planet Fitness is all about convenience, which is why they have an app for you. It acts as your digital key and is the only way to access the clubs.

As a Black Card membership holder, you’ll use the app to add a guest. You’ll see that in the next benefit.

4. You Have Access To The Guest Pass

This is worth noting because it’s one way that PF uses to bring new members. As a BC member, you can tag along with one friend every time you go to the gym.

So, if you have anyone above 13 who would love to work out, send them an invite on their phone. Then, the guest will create a profile for themselves, and PF will give them a digital key pass.

MenNStuff 101:

Any guest between 13 and 17 should come with the PF Black Card member, who should be their legal guardian or parent. And, if he is 18 or over, he should come with an ID or driver’s license.

With the guest pass, your friends and loved ones get to share your privileges. However, they have to stay with you the entire time.

Now, aside from the facilities and amenities, there are special services that come with the Black Card membership. They cover the health, spa, and beauty areas and make your experience at PF worthwhile.

Let’s look at each one of them now.

5. You Get The Hydromassage Chairs And Beds

After your workout, it is natural to have aching muscles and joints. Luckily, the Black Card provides you access to the hydromassage beds, which give you total relief. You will agree that the best post-workout activity is a relaxing massage.

6. Tanning Is Also In The Black Card Basket

If your membership is at a select branch, Planet Fitness will give you tanning booths, beds, and spray. While the kiosks and beds are self-service, the spraying will need a professional to be around.

For safety reasons, PF may limit your time on the tanning beds. That’s because overexposing yourself to UV rays elevates the risk of getting cancer.

7. Then, You Get Total Body Enhancement (Beauty Angel Light Therapy)

If you’re hearing this for the first time, you are going to love it.

Total Body Enhancement Light is a unique therapy machine that bathes your body in complete red light. It combines vibration and other unique technologies to improve your health and the outlook of your skin.

That sounds cool, and you can only get it if you are a Black Cardmember.

8. You’re Also Eligible For Hair Salon Services 

Some PF gyms offer their Black Card members salon and haircut services. The club brings in professional hairstylists who activate your look right on the premises.

9. Finally, There Are Black Card Discounts

Aside from the breathtaking perks you’ve seen, you also buy stuff for lower prices. At the club, you will purchase drinks for half the price (mind the restrictions).

Also, you get 10% off when you visit pfstore.com and 20% off at Reebok. It seems that PF has partnered with those two companies to make their Black Card appealing in all senses. 

Is Black Card Worth It Planet Fitness?


It has excellent perks and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Other gyms may try to match PF and even make things better, but it will be too expensive in the end.

So, check out what your local PF offers and sign up as soon as you can. 

Related Questions

Is Planet Fitness Black Card No Commitment?

No. The Black Card is a commitment that runs for 12 months.

But, there are times when the Black Card came without commitment. In 2019, for example, Planet Fitness had a limited offer for new members to sign for the Black Card membership. At the time, PF charged newbies a $1 enrollment fee and a $21.99 monthly fee with no commitment.

It meant that they could go without signing a contract, which made it easy for them to leave whenever they wished.

Notably, the promotion ended on March 13.

What Is The Difference Between Planet Fitness Black Card And Classic?

On the one hand, the Black Card had multiple benefits, but the classic package only has three perquisites:

1. Unlimited access to the home club

2. Free fitness training

3. App access

Can Black Card Members Bring Guests To Any Planet Fitness?


As mentioned, the guest needs to be over 18 with an ID. But, minors over 13 can tag along if they have a parent or a legal guardian.

Can Planet Fitness Black Card Bring 2 Guests?


At any one moment, a Black Card PF member can only bring one guest.


Being a Black Card member with Planet Fitness indeed opens doors for greatness. Your drinks are cheaper, and you recover from your aching muscles like a boss. Also, the therapy and tanning are classy and make PF the best pro gym globally.

You now have all the information you need to decide, so do it. We cannot wait to hear about your experience as a Black Card member.

And that’s all we had today!

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Thanks for reading, and enjoy these articles as you exit. Goodbye!

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