Can I Kick My Girlfriend Out Of My House?

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Yes, you can kick your girlfriend out of your house, but it’s important to check your local laws first. In the US, for example, tenants have certain rights, even if they’re not paying rent. You may need to give her notice before evicting her, and you may not be able to evict her if she’s pregnant or has a disability.

Kick Girlfriend Out Of My House

Can I Kick My Girlfriend Out Of My House?

The act of asking a person to move out of your home is generally a complicated matter, especially when it involves a romantic partner. There are certain rules, both legal and ethical, that need to be followed. This listicle provides important points on what to consider when facing a situation of asking your girlfriend to leave your home.

  1. Legal Tenancy Rights:
    First and foremost, it is critical to understand the legal repercussions of such a decision. If your girlfriend has been living in your house for a significant period and has made it her established residence, she may have certain tenants’ rights, regardless of whether she pays rent or not. Evicting her without formal notice could be considered illegal in some jurisdictions.
  2. Ownership Status:
    The legal ownership status of the house plays a major role. If the house is in your name alone and no formal lease has been signed, you may have more power to ask your girlfriend to leave. However, if she is a co-owner or co-signer, more formal legal procedures will likely be required.
  3. Effective Communication:
    Effective, respectful communication is crucial. Share your feelings truthfully, explaining why you think it’s best for her to move out. In an ideal scenario, your girlfriend will accept your decision, and the need for legal proceedings will be unnecessary.
  4. Right to Notice:
    If your girlfriend doesn’t voluntarily agree to leave, you may have to formally evict her, which typically requires you to provide a written notice a certain period in advance. The time period can vary based on your local regulations.
  5. Avoiding Unnecessary Escalations:
    Aim to avoid escalations that could make the situation worse and potentially involve the police. Physical force or attempts to forcibly remove your girlfriend’s belongings could lead to legal action against you.
  6. Seeking Legal Advice:
    If your girlfriend refuses to leave or you believe she may contest your decision, it is best to seek professional legal advice. A lawyer or legal expert can guide you on the best course of action, ensuring your actions are within the legal boundaries.
  7. Emotional Preparedness:
    Finally, understand that this process can be emotionally challenging. It may affect your personal life, your mutual friendships and your emotional well-being.

Remember, each person’s situation is unique. Always consult with a professional before making any major decisions. The hope is that this situation can be resolved peacefully, respectfully, and within the limits of the law.

What can I do if my ex will not leave my home?

If your ex-partner refuses to leave your home, you should follow a legal process to resolve the situation. Here are the steps to consider:

  1. Review the Lease or Ownership Agreement: Determine whether your ex has any legal rights to be in the home. If they are on the lease or have ownership rights, you may need to involve legal authorities to enforce your rights.
  2. Communicate Clearly: Try to have a calm and clear conversation with your ex, asking them to leave. Document the conversation, including the date and time.
  3. Offer Financial Assistance: Offer to help them find alternative housing or provide financial assistance for moving expenses to encourage a voluntary departure.
  4. Check Local Laws: Research your local and state laws regarding eviction or removing someone from your property. Laws can vary, so it’s essential to understand your rights and responsibilities.
  5. Give Written Notice: If your ex doesn’t leave voluntarily, serve them with a written eviction notice, specifying the reason for eviction and the timeframe for departure, usually 30 days. Consult an attorney or use a legal eviction notice template for accuracy.
  6. Consult an Attorney: It’s advisable to consult an attorney experienced in landlord-tenant or real estate law to guide you through the legal process. They can help ensure you follow all legal requirements.
  7. File an Eviction Lawsuit: If your ex still doesn’t leave after the notice period, file an eviction lawsuit in your local court. This involves filling out the necessary paperwork and paying any associated fees.
  8. Attend Court Hearings: Participate in court hearings and present your case. If the court rules in your favor, they will issue an eviction order.
  9. Law Enforcement Involvement: If your ex still refuses to leave, law enforcement officers will execute the eviction order and physically remove them from the property.
  10. Change Locks and Secure Property: After they have left, change the locks on your property to prevent unauthorized re-entry and secure your home.

How To Ask Your Girlfriend From Getting Out Of House?

Method 1: Compromise With Her

Have a face-to-face conversation: – First of all you should share all your problems with her and tell her that you want her to leave your house. If there is a problem in your relationship, it is right that she will also have problems with you, and she will not be surprised after listening to your concern. It would be best if you try to agree with her. 

Before Starting This Discussion:

1. Talk about some other topic. 

2. Think about whether she has a place to stay or not. If she does not have one, you can keep her with you until she gets another house. 

3. Don’t tell her what she has to go; instead, tell her some possibilities. 

You can tell that you both decided to live together, but now cannot together because of so many problems. You can discuss these things with your girlfriend and give her some time to think about it. 

If you also have children, you should make some easy decisions together so that both you and the children do not face any problem. 

Offer Her Financial Assistance: – It takes a lot of money to change the house, then it is not right that she gives all the money for her new house because both of you had a relationship, and she was not the only one involved in that relationship. Therefore, you must help her financially. 

It is essential to know how much you both earn. If you earn more than your girlfriend, you have to bear the entire cost of changing her house, and if she earns more, then there is no need. 

You can also decide to stay with her until she gets home security and other expenses related to the house or living style.

Method 2: Being Transparent With Your Wishes

Be direct: – If you and your girlfriend do not make any decision, you should tell her directly that you do not want to live with her in your house. If you don’t want to keep your girlfriend with you, you have to be honest with her. Even if she wants to protect that relationship, you should remain transparent with her. 

If you cleared the whole thing, you should leave her alone and give her some space to think alone about this topic. 

If she forces you to re-think that issue again and again, then you should tell her that you have now made up your mind. 

Pack Her Bags: – You can pack her bag to give a clear message that you are not interested in staying with her anymore. This method can be a bit messy, and your girlfriend will also be upset by it. 

If both of you buy some household appliances together, you should agree on who will take ownership of those appliances. 

Consider moving out yourself: – If she disagrees with you, but she believes that you are the house owner, then you should leave the house for a few days. 

Method 3: Using The Legal Method

Check your lease agreement: If you are a tenant in a house and are not even married, you have every right to decide. If her name is not on the rent agreement, then you can take the decision. But if both of you have their name on that rent agreement then she also has the right to take the decision. 

Give Her A Request In Writing: – If she does not have the legal right to live in that house, you have to give her a notice 30 days before leaving the house. And only you and the owner of your house can give this notice to her. 

If she does not have any legal proof of staying in the house, you should give her a written letter in which the date of leaving the house is also written. So that if she ever takes you to court, then you have proof. 

Take Legal Steps If You Fear For Your Safety: – If your girlfriend is abusive or you have a fear that she will become violent or aggressive against you, then you need to save yourself. 

So, it would be helpful to give your girlfriend a legal notice to leave the house. And it would also help if you also take care and do not live alone with her after giving notice. 

Go To The Police: – Even after all this, if she does not leave, you should go to the police. After this, the police will take care of the whole matter and not let her do any harm. If the police cannot do anything, you can take this matter to court as well. 

Now, let’s have a look at some possible reasons for the conflicts between a boyfriend and girlfriend and its remedies.

Reason For The Fight Between Girlfriend And BoyfriendSolution
You are always on your phone and do not pay attention to your girlfriend.When you are with your girlfriend, use the phone minimum. Praise her more and talk to her on different topics too.
When every time you forget some important dates.You can put an alarm and timer on your cell phone. And if you write a diary every day, then take note of it.
You made her your girlfriend, but you do not give time to her.We all always remain swamped in our life, but we should always take time for our loved ones. You should go on a romantic date with her once a week.
You always repeat the previous fights.One should not repeat the previous fights because it shows how strange you are. When the matter is resolved, then you should not talk about it.
When the girl thinks about the future, but you do not take care of that.It would help if you cleared future expectations in advance. It reduces the chances of fighting. And both of you can spend your life comfortably without thinking anything.

FAQ: – 

1. How Many Days Before I Have To Give Notice To My Girlfriend? 

Ans. You must give notice at least 30 days in advance. And it also depends on the law of your region and what they say about it. 

2. If My Girlfriend Is Aggressive, What Are The Safety Measures That I Can Adopt? 

Ans. Before giving notice to her, inform the police. Take a friend or family member along. Don’t stay with her for a few days, and you can also take the court’s support.

3. What Should You Do If You Have Children? 

Ans. It would be best if you make such a decision that your children do not have any problem. 


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