What Is The Difference Between Beard Balm And Pomade?

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Beard balm is designed for grooming and conditioning facial hair, offering hold and hydration. Pomade, on the other hand, is for styling hair on the head, providing hold, shine, and control. They serve distinct purposes in haircare routines.

Difference Between Beard Balm And Pomade

Difference Between Beard Balm And Pomade

AspectBeard BalmPomade
PurposeGrooming and conditioning facial hair.Styling hair on the head for hold and control.
IngredientsContains natural oils, beeswax, and butters for beard care.Typically water-based or petroleum-based with chemicals for hair styling.
HoldProvides a light to medium hold for beard shaping and control.Offers a stronger hold for hairstyling, ranging from light to firm.
TextureHas a waxy, balm-like consistency.Gel-like or creamy consistency, easy to spread.
HydrationOffers deep moisturization to beard hair and underlying skin.Focuses on hold and style rather than hydration.
ShineProvides a natural, matte finish for beards.Offers various levels of shine, from matte to high gloss.
ApplicationRub between hands and apply to beard, shaping and taming.Applied to damp or dry hair on the head, styling as desired.
ResidueLeaves minimal residue when properly applied.May leave some residue due to styling ingredients.
Use CasesIdeal for beard maintenance, taming, and softening.Primarily for hairstyling, creating sleek or textured looks.
SuitabilitySpecifically designed for facial hair care.Intended for use on the hair on the head.
WashabilityEasily washes out with water.May require multiple washes to remove, depending on formulation.


Pomade is not as thick as beard balm. It consists of a similar oil as the beard oil, with Shea butter for thickness. Many types of Pomades are there, which equalize the density and thickness of beard creams. However, it dries the skin.

There are two kinds of pomades:

1. Water-based Pomade: These are hair gels that dry hard when you apply to your beard because of the water. Besides, they can be washed out easily.

2. Petroleum-based Pomade: These are much harder to wash out. However, it doesn’t give a more rigid feeling to the beard. It is the best way to get the classic slicked and greased look of your hair.

3. Many brands of Pomade use their ingredients for a beard Pomade, which is either water or petroleum-based. Petroleum-based Pomades are good to use as water-based are runnier if exposed to liquids after the application.  

Beard Balm:

Beard balm is the thickest of all beard oils or beard creams. It consists of beard oils, shea buttles in a small amount, and beeswax’s hefty portion. The beard balm’s thickness is due to the higher amount of beeswax maxes in the beard balm. 

They are typically based on Jojoba or Argan oils; Shea butter; and beeswax to make it harder. While styling the beard, it helps hold it in place and gives the potential to tame. It also allows to style and sculpt and is more useful for long beards. Due to the less sheen, it results in an increased toned-down appearance of a beard.

Besides, they help moisturize as oil and light and soft styling hold as you get from waxes. It does not dry the skin.

Similarities Between A Beard Balm And A Pomade.

1. Purpose of the products.

2. Used for styling beard.

Using Pomade On Your Beard:

1. The best way to apply Pomade is to have a warm shower as warm water helps to open and raise your beard and opens the pores. It will make your beard more receptive to style or treatment. 

2. Use a shampoo for a beard or a face wash, that is not harsh on the skin. Take a small amount and rub in on your beard gently to make a lather. Massage and rinse properly.

3. Let your beard dry after getting a shower. Avoid using rough towels as it can rip off your facial hair. Make sure that your beard is not drenched.

4. Determine and choose the right product or Pomade. 

5. There are distinct scents of the pomade. Choose the fragrance that pleases you. The Pomade’s smells depend on the ingredients used for the product, combining strong-smelling essential oils, citrus, or coffee. You can buy unscented products in case of sensitiveness to skin or smells. 

Steps To Use Pomade On The Beard:

1. Clean your fingers before applying Beard Balm or Pomade.

2. Use the amount of the product as the size of the fingertip. Avoid using more amounts as it can result in clogging the pores.

3. Spread it over the palms and between fingertips as you use hair gel, and apply it to cover your beard evenly.

4. Use fingers as a comb running through the beard distributed evenly. Massage it properly to help to keep the beard healthy and lush.

5. Brush your beard to straighten it and let you shape and sculpt it.

Applying a Beard Balm.

Beard Balm is a thick conditioner for a beard. It can be utilized for moisturizing the beard hairs. It also helps to make your beard healthy and a neat look. Make it a part of your routine to apply it to your facial hair.

Follow the below-mentions steps to apply Beard Balm on your facial hair:

1. If you dislike strong fragrances, choose an unscented one. Fewer ingredients in the balm give a strong odor.

2. The best Beard Balms are which contain Coconut and Argan oil instead of Jojoba or Tea Tree oil.

3. Beard Balm with Tea Tree oil can be used only if your skin is oily or prone to acne. Balms with Jojoba oil is also beneficial for oily skin.

4. Before applying a Beard Balm, wash your beard with a mild face or beard cleanser. After rinsing the cleanser, pat the face and beard with a soft towel.

5. Rub the Beard Balm of dime-size between your hands. You can increase the amount if it does not cover your entire beard. Massage your bearded area with your fingers and run across the beard till it coats all over your beard evenly.

6. Brush or comb your beard in the same downward motion to detangle the hairs. Regular brushing in the same direction will help grow it straight. 

Precautions While Using A Beard Balm:

1. Avoid using more amount of Beard Balm. It gives your beard a greasy and shiny look but can clog your pores. 

2. Make sure to wash out the balm every day as it can residue into your skin and irritate.

3. Use fewer amounts if skin and beard are oily. If it is still greasy, you need to cut the beard once to twice a week.

4. Beard Balm can be used every day if beard hair and the skin is dry as it will moisturize them. The moisturizing oils in the Beard Balms make it beneficial for the dry beard and skin.

5. In case of sensitive skin, avoid using the Beard Balm that contains harsh ingredients.

6. Everyone has a different skin type and beard. Natural oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or coconut oils are the best ones for your beard.

Hence, please choose the right product and apply it all over your beard from the roots to the tips. Brush or comb every day, and give the desired shape with these products. Both products sculpt and condition your beard, providing it with a textural and structural softness. It will also help hydrate the skin and the beard and add shine to make the styling more manageable. Make your beard a healthy and neat look. 


Both Beard Balm and Pomade are used for styling and sculpting the beard. Beard Balm moisturizes the beard and makes it healthy, while Pomade gives a classic greased look. Both the products have their features to give your beard a neat look and make it healthy.


Q1. What is the difference between Beard Balm and Pomade?  

Ans: Many people use Pomade while others use beard balm. Thickness is the only difference between both. Beard balm is thicker and holds more when you style your beard as compared to Pomade.

Q2. What are the similarities between a Beard Balm and Pomade?

Ans: The similarities between products are that purpose of both is the same, and both are used for styling beards.

Q3. What are some of the differences between Beard Balm and Pomade?

Ans: The differences between Beard Balm and Pomade are:

1. Beard balm is thicker than the Pomade
2. Beard Balm is more comfortable to wash as compared to Pomade
3. Beard Balm moisturizes the beard while Pomade does not



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