Does A Chest Tattoo Hurt? Things To Do To Ease The Pain

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Yes, chest tattoos can be painful due to the proximity to bone and sensitive areas. To ease pain, consider numbing creams, deep breaths, and breaks during the session. Pain tolerance varies, but these measures can help.

Chest Tattoo

Does A Chest Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, getting a chest tattoo can be quite painful for many people. The level of pain experienced during a tattoo session can vary from person to person and depends on several factors:

  1. Pain Tolerance: Individual pain tolerance varies widely. Some people have a higher pain threshold and can handle the discomfort better than others.
  2. Tattoo Placement: The chest is a sensitive area with thinner skin and less flesh to cushion the needle’s impact. Tattooing directly over the breastbone or near the collarbone can be particularly painful.
  3. Design Complexity: The complexity of the tattoo design can influence the pain level. Intricate designs with a lot of shading or fine lines may require more time, increasing overall discomfort.
  4. Tattoo Artist’s Technique: The skill and experience of the tattoo artist also play a role. A skilled artist can work efficiently, minimizing the duration of the tattooing process.

Embrace Your Chest Tattoo

When you think about chest tattoos, you might feel that it is only for massively tattooed individuals. In recent years, though, chest tattoos have progressed towards becoming more and more popular, with people preferring anything from delicate, custom-built designs to more courageous statement pieces. Another significant reason that this area has become so famous is that it corresponds to a private part of the body.

In contempt, even the unadorned chest tattoo could still cause a crucial amount of pain, but how badly does it hurt? We would take a closer look at why this area is more hurtful, and some tips on making the process of tattoos much more comfortable and bearable are discussed below.

Chest Tattoo Basics

Many people like and prefer getting a tattoo on their chest to keep it close to their heart for any reason. Another reason is that it is way easier to hide or show off as you would like to do so.

In stating that, the chest is a susceptible area that would cause pain when designed. The general concurrence categorizes the chest as an excruciating area, along with the stomach, feet, and ribs. Though the amount of pain also depends eminently on the individual being tattooed, we all feel the pain differently. We all might know some people who have said that getting a tattoo on the chest was the worst pain they had ever felt, while it was more of a curative sensation for others.

Why Exactly Do Chest Tattoos Hurt More?

Chest tattoos result in more hurt because of their closeness to the ribs and the sternum bone. The skin in that area is relatively thin, and also, you have less “cushioning” to protect

from the needle. Skeletal regions, generally, are amongst the most painful. Stretched skin is commonly more comfortable to work with when it comes to chest tattoos.

Due to the skin being more toned, it would not move too much, easing the pain. On the other hand, if the individual is curvy, the skin would get harder to work with, increasing the pain. Chest tattoos manage to be always larger due to the broader area available. Therefore, it could take a long period to finish the tattoo, which would surely prolong the pain.

The Amount Of Pain In The Process

How you experience the pain depends upon your capacity to tolerate the pain. With that said, most people describe the sensitiveness as a constant, sharpened tapping motion. It could also be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you are in the chair for hours all the time.

When the needle comes closer to the bone, it might also send a feeling of vibration all around the area. While this is not ordinarily painful as such, it could result in an intolerable sensation.

Things To Do To Ease The Pain

Yes, chest tattoos do hurt. Following are a few considerate tips for you to relieve the pain moderately and help in the healing process.

Start Small: If this is your first time to get a tattoo, do not overdo it. Instead, consider a minimal design that would not take too long and speak to your artist about making a design.

Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine: Having a ‘courage drink’ before getting a tattoo is a bold mistake. Caffeine and alcohol both act like blood thinners, which would cause you to bleed more.

● Get Plenty Of Rest: Before getting a tattoo, make sure to get sufficient rest. It would make sure that your body is well-rested and could also help increase your pain tolerance. I prefer to choose an appointment in the morning, if possible, as you are fresh and had an overnight rest as well.

● Listen To The Artist: After acquiring a tattoo, your artist would afterward apply a lotion to that area before beginning to cover it with the bandage or a plastic wrap. Follow their aftercare advice to achieve an outstanding result and make sure that your skin heals accurately, and the tattoo stays vigorous.

Try A Numbing Product: If you are too worried about the pain, you might also want to try applying a desensitizing cream to the tattooed area before/at the inception of your tattoo sitting.

However, the effectiveness of a desensitizing product would differ from a person-to-person. Many customers are satisfied with the numbing effect attained by their chosen product. Effective tattoo desensitizing cream could diminish the pain for the people who are willing to get a little extra endorsement for dealing with the pain.

Now, have a look at the percentage of tattooed people in several continents in the table below.

Region                         Percentage of population with a tattoo

Europe                                                            12% Australia                                                           10% – 14.5 %

New Zealand                                                20% United States                                                  21% – 24%

Canada                                                            24%

The table above describes the percentage of tattoos applied across the world.


1. What Does A Chest Tattoo Pain Feel Like?

The pain of a chest tattoo on many occasions is compared to a constant tapping.

2. How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Tattoo On Your Chest?

According to a survey, the rank of chest tattoos hurt is around 6 out of 10.

3. Do Chest Tattoos Stretch?

If tattoos are designed over muscles, they may stretch.


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