What Hairstyle Do Girls Like? Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

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Usually, girls prefer a man with a decent hairstyle as that portrays their personality. The most attractive hairstyle for a guy is the one that suits his face and style. However, some on-trend cuts can suit most of the men. A person’s entire personality depends on the hairstyle he/she has, either it is about men or women.

What Hairstyle Do Girls Like

Preferred Hairstyles

One cannot deny the power and charm of a right and attractive hairstyle. There are endless styles for men’s hair, from trailblazing short cuts to bold faux hawks and rugged man buns. Eventually, even if you are a businessman or a mellow surfer, a sexy hairstyle is the most definite way to go if you want to catch someone’s attention.

There is always a lot to talk about men’s hairstyles. However, it is still good to have a refreshing look, particularly when it comes to what ladies like and prefer. Some of the most liked hairstyles of men that a woman loves to see are derived below:

The Low Fade

It is very close to what it sounds like. The standard dwindles features, abate that comes within an inch or so of the hairline.

The barber cuts the hair on the sides as far as there is little or no more left on the skin. Or else, guys could be as creative as they want when it comes to this style.

The fade is also flexible; you could implement it for a plethora of other hairstyles. It drives home that uncomplicated but deliberate look. You do not have to try hard to look stunning.

The Quiff

There is a lot of debate regarding whether the quiff differs from the pompadour. The answer is simply yes.

The quiff tends to be far soberer and usually goes with longer hair on the top with the sides and back cut short.

To obtain the volume you need, you would have to blow-dry your hair with the help of a round brush, then finish it with some product to keep it from going all over the place like some spray. It is absolutely the perfect complement for gentlemen with naturally curly and wavy hair.

● The Buzz Cut

Next, we are taking a diversion to a more rugged men’s hairstyle. The buzz cut is addressed as a symbol of heroism and military heritage and has existed for centuries. In fact, in 4th-century, Roman emperors used to wear a style resembling it to drive that message home. Although it still applies today.

The buzz cut is the most minimal-maintenance men’s hairstyle on the list. It depends on a short length all over the head. Most barbers do it with a 5-2-1 rule- five guards on the top and two on the sides work well, whereas one all-around performs the job too.

It is perfect for men who would rather wake up and prefer to skip the hair routine altogether.

The Classic Side Part

The side part is compatible with the businessman’s aesthetic. Your barber is supposed to leave the top a little longer, 2 inches maximum, while keeping the sides narrow. Side parts could exemplify elegance using some smear and be more indifferent by using your fingers to keep it in place.

The attraction with this men’s haircut lies within the power it sends out. It is confidentially associated with business, and business means money.

The Undercut

You would find the undercut on plenty of the sites which are discussing men’s haircuts. It started as a typical style in the 1920s and has made a comeback and took the world by storm.

The undercut is great for enchanting your dapper side. You get it while cutting your sides down to 2, 1, or clean shaved. The top of your head would stay long, round about 2 to 4 inches in length.

This cut is perfect if you are proud of your angles. It highlights the curves on your face and makes your look more laddish. And, ‘Peaky Blinders’ is a great reference point.

The Crew Cut

The “Ivy League cut” holds to its epithet. It gives off a high-born vibe while keeping itself low-maintenance.

You could attain it by keeping the back and sides tight while maintaining the top a bit longer. However, not too long, think in the middle of the buzz cut and undercut as far as it is about length.

Styling is all up to you. Gentlemen like Anderson Cooper also keep it combed to the side, whereas Matt Damon has been seen with a more rumpled look up top.

Bed Head

Yes, messy bed head too. I was also surprised until I read a random survey that sampled 319 Americans. Which makes 72% of both genders found bedside to be the only most attractive men’s hairstyle.

We are not talking about ignoring your hair after you wake up every time, but we are talking about leaving it a bit messy. After you wash your hair, give a few sea salt sprays to it, and all you need to do is, ruffle it a little with your hands.

● Bro Flow

After a sexy hairstyle that is cool and carefree? Then the bro flow might be the perfect cut for you. Although other hairstyles such as the undercut, pompadour appear sleek and sophisticated, the bro flow projects a sturdy and relaxing aesthetic look. If you are looking to maintain a little time out of your morning routine, you don’t have to look any further than the bro flow.

Man Bun

It is a very modern classic look. The man bun would not be going anywhere anytime soon. As it is very flexible in the current time, buns are applauding almost everyone and are personalized according to face shape. To attain this style, comb your hair back with your fingers and collect it with a tie.

The length of your locks would determine how low or high you could wear your bun. But for the best practice, optimize it for just below the crown of the head. Whereas guys having a defined bone structure could wear the look as slick as they like, a loose bun is way more flattering for most of the part.

Modern Pompadour

The pompadour is a very classic and adaptable style, making it a very well-liked choice for men and loved by every woman. This cut is characterized by the hair that is styled off and up the forehead. It typically features long hair on the top of the head and short hair on the sides. Some gentlemen optimize for very short, buzzed sides, while others prefer a scissor cut for a more pleasant look.

Caesar Cut

A Caesar haircut is known as one of the oldest and traditional haircuts around, but the style continues to be a smart option for men today. Whereas Julius Caesar ostensibly chose this cut to help cover up a dwindle hairline, this look became glaringly popular with men of all ages and hair types.

Slick Back

Slicking your hair back is doubtlessly one of the coolest hairstyles around. This simple and sexy look could make anyone look sexy, mature, and business-like. There are many ways to do this style, but if you are looking for more contemporary then try a fade look.

The slick back is expressly an excellent option for more formal occasions for those who have longer locks. You could even create the style by brushing all your hair backward, and lastly, use some pomade to secure the shape.

Best Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

  Face Shape  Suitable Hairstyle
  RoundSquare styles will offset roundness, as would reach height or volume. Keep sides shorter and try an off-center part.
  SquareShort, tight styles nicely accent prominent bone structure. Add a little volume up top, and avoid parting down the center.
  OblongStyles that have the same length on the sides and top would offset the size of your face. Short and medium styles would work best.
DiamondTry layered and high-volume styles to minimize wide cheekbones. Swept bangs would work exceptionally well.
  TriangularTry a medium style with offset or swept bangs; this will minimize the forehead’s width.
  OvalMost styles work because of the ideal symmetry. Try anything except bangs.


Are Boys With Buzz Cuts Attractive?

Yes. Buzz cuts are known for being very attractive to men.

Which Hairstyle Is Most Liked By Girls?

The top two hairstyles girls like the most in men are the buzzcut and the low fade.

How Does A Man’s Entire Personality Depend On His Hairstyle?

A man’s entire personality depends on his hairstyle because it always highlights your features.

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