Wash Hair Before Haircut – Should You Do It? Things To Keep In Mind.

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Washing hair before a haircut is generally recommended. Clean hair is easier to cut and style, reducing friction and ensuring precise results. Aim to wash your hair at least 24 hours prior to your haircut to allow natural oils to be distributed, promoting a healthier scalp and hair.


  • 80% of hair stylists recommend washing your hair before a haircut.
  • Clean hair is easier to cut and style and your stylist can better see the natural texture and fall of your hair.
  • If you have curly or dry hair, you may want to wash your hair 1-2 days before your haircut to avoid over-stripping the natural oils
Wash Hair Before Haircut - Should You Do It

4 Reasons To Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut

  1. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Washing your hair before a haircut ensures that your scalp and hair are clean and free of dirt, oil, and product buildup. This cleanliness is essential for maintaining hygiene during the haircutting process, especially when the hair is being cut close to the scalp.
  2. Easier to Work With: Clean hair is more manageable for both you and your hairstylist. It’s easier to comb, section, and style, allowing for more precise and even cutting. This is particularly important for intricate or detailed hairstyles.
  3. Accurate Length Assessment: When your hair is clean and free from styling products, your hairstylist can accurately assess its natural length and texture. This ensures that the haircut is tailored to your hair’s true state, helping you achieve the desired look.
  4. Healthier Scalp: Pre-haircut washing allows natural oils produced by your scalp to distribute evenly. This promotes a healthier scalp environment and can prevent issues like dandruff or dryness. Additionally, it can make the haircutting process more comfortable, as a clean scalp is less prone to irritation.

In summary, washing your hair before a haircut offers numerous benefits, including improved hygiene, easier styling, accurate length assessment, and a healthier scalp. It’s a simple step that can enhance the overall haircut experience and results.

Haircuts For Dry Hair

For natural curls or waves, then it’s better to keep your hair dry before the haircut. It will help the hairdresser to pay close attention to the pattern of curls of hair. And you can get the best curls.

If you have thick hair, dry hair will make it easy for the hairdresser to notice the hair’s fall and cut. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Dry Hair

The primary benefit of cutting dry hair is that you can see exactly your final look after getting haircut.

As dry hair is your natural hair state, you can see the look of your hair correctly.

According to professionals, it’s challenging to give curls in wet hairs; it can give you the dreaded triangle haircut.

The only disadvantage of cutting the dry hair that you can’t create precise lines. 

For A-line and bob cut, never go with dry haircut. 

Preparation Of  Hair Before Haircut

Pampering skin or hair always makes you feel great. When you go for a haircut, your hairdresser will be amazed by your healthy hair.

Read the tips below- how to prep your hair?

Don’t Overuse Products:

1. Chemical products or hair accessories can be the main reason for hair damage. Hairspray, leftover hair dye, texturizing mousse can damage your hair.

2. If you are planning to go to the salon, never use any hair products. The use of products will transfer the texture of your hair.

Wash Hair:

1. Never wash your hair just before going to the salon. But it’s essential to wash hair to remove the greasy effect.

2. During colour treatments, unwashed hair can lead to an uneven spread of colour and patchiness.

3. Wash your hair before the day of the salon visit. The washed hair will help your hairdresser to cut or dye properly.

4. Well, unwashed hair will be greasy and frizzy, which can spoil your haircut. It can also be the worst nightmare for your hairdresser.

Dry Your Hair:

1. Never visit a salon with wet hair if you are going for hair treatment.

2. Your hairdresser will dry hair, which will be time-consuming. 

Visit The Salon With An Everyday Hairstyle:

1. It’s better to visit a salon with your everyday hairstyle.

2. It will help you to check which hairstyle will work better for you.

3. Casually washed or dry hair won’t help you check which type of hairstyle will be best for you. 

Maintain Distance From Swimming Pools:

1. On the day of your salon visit, don’t go to the pool, particularly if you are going for hair colour treatment.

2. Pool water has chlorine in it. It’s essential to take off the chlorine from hair.

3. Chlorine and hair dye can lead to severe damage to your hair. 

Things To Keep In Mind

Before visiting the salon, it’s better to follow a few tips to get the best hair treatment.

Seek Consultation:

1. If you are planning for a hair makeover, go to your hairstylist and take advice.

2. They will provide you the best advice according to your face shape, lifestyle, hair texture, and color.

3. Their professional advice may get you the best look.

Book an Appointment:

1. Don’t just walk to the salon without an appointment; your hairstylist may not give you enough attention.

2. Always book an appointment when your hairstylist has time.

3. Everything needs time. Time shortage or hurry can lead you to a horrible experience. 

Dress Up:

1. Whether you are going for a haircut or hair makeover, always dress up well.

2. It will enhance your look and spirit. 

Never be Afraid to Go for a Dry Cut:

1. Dry cuts are expensive, but it causes less damage to your hair.

2. It demands your hairdresser to pay more attention while working with hair.

3. You can get healthier hair, and it will eventually reduce your salon expenses. 

Consider Your Lifestyle:

1. If you don’t have time for hair care, never go for the fussy hairstyle.

2. Moreover, if you have a busy schedule, choose a carefree and trendy hairstyle.

3. Seek advice from your hairstylist to get the best hairstyle according to your lifestyle. 

Never Hide Anything From Your Hairstylist:

1. If you are not satisfied with the last hair cut or colour, let your hairstylist know it.

2. Straight talk about your hair and hairstyle will help your hairdresser to deal with your hair cautiously.

Carry An Inspiration Photo:

1. You can carry a photo or phone image of the desired hairstyle or colour.

2. It will help the hairdresser to understand your need and desire to get a specific hair treatment.

3. You can check photos on Pinterest.

4. Always keep it clear what you like in the particular photo. Sometimes, people get confused with the model’s facial beauty in the picture or the haircut you want to have.

Get Ready To Lose Your Pockets:

1. Spend money on quality products.

2. Use a good quality shampoo instead of applying ten cheap shampoos on your hair.

3. Few products will enhance the quality and shine of your hair. 

Don’t Hide Any Secrets:

1. Your hairdresser might ask you about the products you are applying to your hair.

2. Never feel shy or lie about the products you are using on your hair.

3. They can give you the best hair advice. You can share your previous hair treatment experiences.

Should You Wash Hair Before Hair Colour Treatment?

Hairstylists used to suggest you to ignore washing your hair before hair dye treatment. Your natural hair oil can protect your hair from chemicals.

But now, according to hairdressers, it doesn’t matter if you wash your hair before going for a hair color procedure.

Things to Do: 

1. You can wash your hair 12-24 hours before the salon appointment. Get rid of all dry shampoo or color for an effective hair dye experience.

2. Don’t go hard on your scalp. Avoid using nails to scrub your scalp. It can lead to scalp irritation with the contact of color or bleach.

3. Don’t apply oil on hair. Oil can reduce the effect of hair dye.

Should You Wash Your Hair Before The Hairstyling Appointment?

Freshly washed hair is slipper than 1-2-day old hair. As there is no natural oil, your hair won’t stay in one place.

Dry hair is better because the moisture can affect the final product. Moreover, wet hair changes the texture of your hair.

Things To Do:

1. You can wash your hair one night before the appointment. Don’t forget to blow dry your hair to remove the moisture from them.

2. Also, blow dry your hair upside down; it will give extra volume to your hair.

Should You Wash Hair Before Getting A Haircut?

It would help if you want with your clean hair.

That doesn’t mean freshly washed hair. But greasy or dirty hair makes it difficult for hairdressers to work on it. 

Things To Do:

1. Wash your hair three days before haircut appointment.

2. Don’t use any hair care products.

3. Detangle your hair before going to the salon. It will save your and hairstylists time. 

9 Common Hair Mistakes

Touching Your Hair Frequently:

Ladies love to play with their hair. But touching hair frequently can damage your hair. It affects the natural oil secretion and moisture of the hair.

Excessive Use Of Heat:

Hair grooming appliances are mandatory nowadays. If you want to look fabulous without going salon, hair appliances have your back.

However, hair appliances make your hair look good. But using a straightener, dryer, or curler for a long time can damage your hair permanently.

Using heat on your hair frequently can reduce the natural moisture and shine of your hair. It leaves the hair dull and dry. Moreover, there will be more split ends.

Excessive Use Of Comb:

Combing your hair is required as it gives a massage to your scalp.

But you should know when and how much you should apply comb on your hair.

And many people comb their wet hair. Combing wet hair reduces the hair strength, and with time, you can face huge hair loss, no matter how this hair strand you have. 

Also, never tie your wet hair for a long time. This will lead to several knots, which can be annoying.

Combing hair frequently can damage your hair. It also leads to hair loss as it makes your scalp dry, and for oily scalp, it releases extra natural oil, which can lead to greasy hair. 

Overuse Of Hair Care Products:

It’s essential to use products to keep your clean and grease-free. But frequent washing can leave your hair dry as it reduces the natural hair moisture.

If you have oily hair, frequent washing is required. You can use sulphate-free or organic shampoo to maintain hair quality. 

You can also use home remedies to keep your hair clean and shiny.

Washing Hair With Hot Water:

Never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water opens your cuticle and strips the hair oil, which makes your hair dry and brittle.

Always use cold water to wash your hair. It will increase the natural shine and quality of your hair.

Never Sleep With Your Hair Up:

If you keep your hair up while sleeping, it will damage your hair more. 

Keep your hair down or tie a loose braid to prevent your hair from damage.

Brushing From The Root:

Many people believe that brushing your hair from the root is good. It’s a myth. Never comb your hair from root to bottom. According to professionals, it makes the knots and leads to severe breakage of hair.

Always comb from bottom to top. 

Use Of Abrasive Ties:

Using abrasive ties can damage your hair and leads to dry, frizzy, and split ends in hair. 

Avoid making high and tight ponytails. The tension on your hair will damage your hair more. 

If you tie your hair too tight, it can lead to traction alopecia. And in the end, there will be no hair growth, and you might have a bald patch from the pulling area. 

Swimming Unprotected:

Chlorine of pool water can create severe damage to your hair. Chlorine strips the natural oil of your hair and leaves it dry. This dryness can even lead to a change in the colour of your hair. 

Use coconut oil before going to the pool. Always wear a swimming cap. 

Hair Wash Do’s and Don’ts:

Gentle Massage ScalpDon’t use too much shampoo
Rinse Thoroughly Plop Conditioner on back of your head
Always finish with cold water.Brush your wet hair
Use the right shampoo Don’t wash your hair too often.


Q- Is it okay to comb wet hair?

A- No, it is not advisable to comb your wet hair. Wet hair is more fragile. The wet hair can lead to snapping. Let your hair dry before using the Comb to detangle the hair.

Q- Can I wash my hair with hot water?

A- Never use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water makes your hair dry and brittle. Use cool or cold water to wash your hair. You may feel chilly, but it will seal the cuticle and lock in the moisture.

Q- How to brush your hair for less hair fall?

A- Avoid brushing your hair from root to tip. According to experts, this method can knot your hair and make the damage your hair. Always comb your hair from the bottom. Comb some inches from the bottom, then move upwards



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