How Often Should Men Wash Their Hair?

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how often men wash hair

The question of how many times men should wash their hair may not get a specific answer. But one thing remains clear that a clean head is attractive and speaks volumes about grooming. The number of times for you to wash your hair depends on the kind of work and activities that you undertake. 

A few rules may apply to act as a guide on what to do, and here are some of them:

When Should You Wash Your Hair Daily?

Majority of men don’t see the need to wash their hair daily, but there are a few exceptions that have no choice but to do it for example;

If you do manual labor jobs, you may have a lot of sweat that will make your pillowcase dirty unless it is removed. You should, therefore, do yourself a favor by shampooing your hair daily before laying your head on the bed. If you work in kitchens, you will also collect a lot of greases that will also not be good for your pillowcase. The oils may even end up in you having acne that is quite unpleasant. 

Do you hit the gym every day? If yes, there is a reason to wash your hair daily to make sure that your scalp is well exfoliated. You will also get rid of the oils as well as white flakes. Your type of scalp also determines whether washing the hair daily is necessary; for example, if your scalp is oily, then you can’t do without a good shampoo daily. You can tell that your scalp is oily if you have an oily face as this go hand-in-hand. 

Do you smoke cigarettes, weed, or cigars? If yes, no need to ask whether you should wash your hair daily. The habit of smoking leaves behind unpleasant odors that should be gotten rid of immediately. Your hair locks in smells, and you need to choose an excellent deodorizer for your hair. 

If you have to wash your hair daily, it is vital to avoid using shampoo all the time, as this may make your hair unhealthy. You can choose a good wet-down in the shower and use good conditioners. The conditioner helps to keep the follicles healthy as well as reinforce hydration. 

When to Wash Two or Three times Per Week

Unless you are one of the guys mentioned above who need to wash their hair daily, doing it two to three times a week is the standard routine. Maintaining a healthy moisture balance requires one not to shampoo the hair too often, as this may deplete the hair’s natural oils. The hair may also get drier and more brittle. Washing regularly may also cause your hair texture to be weak and frail. 

What are the Effects of Washing Your Hair Too Often? 

Washing your hair with shampoo too often will lead to dry hair, which is not suitable for your look. Frequent washing leads to your hair having poor quality and give it an unattractive appearance. 

Regular washing will also cause breakages as the hair will lose the necessary moisture. The hair tends to lose its natural oil, which in turn makes it too dull as the shampoo removes the glistening oils. 

A dry scalp, which is a result of too much washing, may cause your head to be itchy.  The itchiness causes dead skin, which also leads to dandruff. No one admires a guy who scratches their head all the time, so let your washing be determined by your hair’s individual needs. 

What You Need For Best Results

Regardless of the number of times you will wash your hair per week, it is essential to choose products that do the job so well. It is of no use to wash your hair and leave it looking dirtier than before. You should look for shampoos with natural ingredients that are beneficial for a man’s head. The products should not have chemicals or sulfates that can deplete your hair’s natural oils or damage the hair roots.

It is advisable to rinse your hair with water more than you wash it, especially if it is not greasy. Plain water will do a great job if you want to get rid of sweat or a little dust. 

Looking for an all-in-one body and hair wash can also be the secret to a clean body and a fresh-feeling scalp that is invigorated. Crop Cleanser is one such product since it is formulated with sea salt and aloe that help your hair and body to get moisturized and experts say – its a stress reliever too.  It also helps to maintain your desired look with no side effects. 

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