How Often Should Men Get A Haircut?

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Getting a hair cut if you are a man, leaves you feeling confident, fresh, clean, and stylish. But how often should you visit your barber? The answer to this question depends on the hairstyle, the growth rate of your hair, your budget, and your hair type. 

how often men get haircut

The hair grows at different rates depending on how healthy one is, the type of diet and exercises you are taking, your stress levels, and if you are experiencing hair loss. There may never be a standard number of times that men should get a haircut since everyone is gifted differently. 

The following guide will help you decide how many times per week or in months that you should knock at your barber’s door.

What are the Different Types of HairStyles? 

There are different haircuts which will determine the frequency of your visiting the barber. These include;

Medium/Short Length Haircuts

Most gentlemen fall for this category of hairstyles that include crops, quiffs, side parts, and pompadours. These hairstyles grow well, and they can last around 3-5 weeks before you go back to get them done again. 

The hairstyles are not harsh, and they will be barely noticeable once they start getting longer. If the haircuts look messy at the beginning, they will last longer since they are not meant to look perfect. 

Ultra Harsh Haircuts

Ultra harsh hairstyles require much maintenance as they grow out. They include hard parts, severe undercuts, and shaved hairlines. They look sharp at the beginning but are likely not to grow out well like the short haircuts since they are unnatural to your hair and are shaped in. 

The hairstyles require you to visit your barber more frequently for them to remain as attractive as they were at the beginning. People will always notice shaved hairlines and hard parts as they grow out. These haircuts are sharper and more comfortable to style, and your hair can only go one direction as per the specific pattern. 

Long Length Haircuts

If you are not a fan of visiting your barber or hairdresser frequently, you should consider long length hairstyles. An average person’s hair grows at a rate of 1/2-inches per month, and you will barely notice its growth after this period. 

You can get the haircuts whenever your hair starts becoming heavy or when it gets spilt ends. Your hairdresser can remove the ends or add some layers and shape into it depending on your personal preference. The hairstyles can take an average of 6-12 weeks depending on how long the hair is but again your preferences should guide you on the length of time to wait. 

Skin Fades

Skin fades are any haircuts that blend and bald to the skin on the sides and they should be clean and seamless. A fade should not show lines at all, and it can be any length that is desirable to you as long as it is bald on the sides. 

Your barber uses trimmers to ensure that the sides are extra clean, but if you want to get fancy, then electric shavers or straight razor can do a great job. You should ensure that the hair is not cut closely to avoid ingrown hairs, irritation and razor bumps. Your barber can start the blend low, medium or even high. 

A skin fade lasts up to 2-weeks, and it is ideal if you don’t have the time or money to visit your barber every week. This hairstyle continues to be stylish as it grows out. It is clean and adds a new dimension of freshness to your look. 

How to Pick the Right Haircut

Making a decision on which hairstyle to wear may be an uphill task, especially if you do not know the jargons used. You may feel nervous talking to your barber for fear of being judged. Nevertheless, it would help if you never worried as you can choose a picture of a haircut and seek the advice of your stylist.

The hairdresser will advise you on the suitable hairstyle that matches your look and hair type as well as recommend the hair products to use. 

Other Factors to Consider

Besides considering the kind of haircut that you want, other factors are still worth considering such as;

The Rate at Which Your Hair Grows

If your hair grows out quickly, it will mean visiting the barbershop more often than those whose hair takes time to grow. Some hair may grow fast but still, look clean. If you have such hair, you may consider taking a few weeks in between the cuts. If on the other hand, your head looks unkempt after a few weeks of growing, then you will have no choice but to visit your hairdresser regularly. 

Your Personal Preference

The way you judge your hair length will also determine how often you get a haircut. Some men may prefer to have a haircut as soon as they see some hair on the sides of their head while others will cut their hair when it gets hard to style. 

Your budget

Your budget may also play a crucial role in deciding the number of times that you should have a hairstyle. Although it is necessary to look smart and stylish, ensure that you do not strain yourself financially by visiting the barbershop. It is advisable that you choose the style that will leave you looking confident and clean while at the same time taking care of your pocket. 

The way you take care of your hair will also influence the number of times that you will get a haircut. It is therefore crucial that you practice proper hair-care routine so that your hair remains healthy and smart looking for longer. 

It is also essential to work with your hair type and not choose a style because your friend has it. You should also be in constant communication with your stylist as they will give the best advice on how to maintain your style and minimize the number of times you get it done if you prefer that. 

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