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Salt Bae sunglasses, known for their unique style, suit various face shapes. Oval faces can pull off most styles. Heart-shaped faces look great in aviators. Square faces benefit from round frames. Round faces suit rectangular or angular designs. Ensure UV protection and choose based on your face shape for a fashionable look.

Salt Bae Sunglasses

Sunglasses According To Face Shapes

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses not only complements your appearance but also enhances your personality. Here are several tips to guide you in selecting sunglasses suited for your face shape:

1. Round Face

A round face shape has equal width and length, with no angles. For this face shape, angular sunglasses that add some definition will work best.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Rectangular, Wayfarer, or square-shaped sunglasses

2. Square Face

Square faces are characterized by a strong jawline and a broad forehead. Round or oval-shaped sunglasses help to soften and balance the angular features.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Round, Oval, or Aviator sunglasses

3. Oval Face

Oval faces are considered the most balanced face shape. Just about any sunglasses will suit an oval face, so long as they are not wider than the wearer’s face.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Any style.

4. Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead and narrows gradually towards the chin. Sunglasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom work best for heart-shaped faces.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Aviator, Cat-Eye, or semi-rimless sunglasses

5. Diamond Face

Diamond faces are narrow at the forehead and chin, and have broad cheekbones. To soften and highlight the facial features, curved sunglasses will be an ideal choice.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Oval, Round, or Cat-eye sunglasses

6. Oblong Face

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, with a long straight cheek line. To make the face appear slightly shorter and more balanced, sunglasses with more depth than width would be suitable.

  • Recommended Sunglasses: Round, Square, or Oversize sunglasses

Sunglasses Choices Based on Face Shape

Face ShapeRecommended Sunglasses
RoundRectangular, Wayfarer
SquareRound, Oval
OvalAny Style
HeartAviator, Cat-Eye
DiamondOval, Round
OblongRound, Oversize

Remember, the right sunnies will accentuate your best features. Bear in mind also that these are just general guidelines — choosing sunglasses is a matter of individual taste and comfort.

Salt Bae

Salt Bae is a chef and butcher from Turkey who has luxury steak houses, and he is famous because of his unique technique of seasoning and preparing meat. According to a report on 1st of October 2020, His net worth is 60 million US dollars. He is seen wearing the Gotto sunglasses most of the time, and he chooses to switch only between the two brands of sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Round’s sunglasses are retro and are made up of metal. These sunglasses are inspired by 1960s culture and worn by legendary musicians. Here are the features of Ray-Ban Rounds:

1. These are iconic unisex sunglasses and are well-known for their distinct shape and round defined crystal lenses.

2. Its nose pads are adjustable, curved brow bar, plastic end tips with thin metal temples resting comfortably behind the ears. 

3. There are available in both Polarized and Non-Polarized.

The Specifications Of The Ray-Ban Sunglasses Include The Following:

1. Model Code:RB3447 001 50-21

2. Price: $154.00

3. The material of Frame: Metal

4. Shape: Round

5. Lens-bridge size: 50 21

6. Length of the temple: 145

7. These sunglasses are available in 9 colors, including Gold Green Classic G-15, Gunmetal Green Classic G-15, Gold Light Brown Gradient, Black Light Blue Gradient, Shiny Gold Black Gradient, Gold Green Classic G-15, Bronze-Copper Pink/Copper Gradient, Bronze-Copper Green Gradient, and Bronze-Copper Blue/Brown Gradient.

You can customize these sunglasses according to your needs and requirements.

Komono Clear Silver Clement

Kommono, which means small things, is a brand and community of designers and dreamers dedicated to perfectly-timed accessories. Komono lenses are delivered on time, crafted with care, and are the best global fashion.

Avant-garde fashion’s tribute is Clement glasses. Your life will look brighter through these Silver or Clear sunnies. These glasses are setting new standards of style, blurring the boundaries.

With the addition of multiple temples, this Komono clear silver Clement is an excellent sunglass with its stainless steel temples. The regular price of this particular sunglass stands at 74.95 US dollars, and the brand of Komono has started getting its stock back.

Suitable for both men and women, this sunglass comes in two different colors, i.e., silver and metal clear. It looks stylish and elegant due to which people around the world like it. All such things must have attracted Salt Bae, so he chose this to be his sunglasses preference.

Here Are The Features Of These Glasses:

1. These glasses have curves with soft angles and sophisticated details.  

2. It has a rubber coating and brushed metal in the classic style of Komono.

3. It has moldable, brushed, and stainless steel temples with the best quality optical hinges.

The Specifications Of The Komono Clear Silver Clement Include The Following:

1. Model No.: KOM-S1674

2. Item Name: Clement Sunglasses.

3. Colors available: Metal Silver/Clear

4. Price: $74.95

5. Protection of UV 400the solid green colorway

Salt Bae Round Candy Sunglasses 

Summers and sunglasses are always hand-in-hand. These round sunglasses make a fashion statement and protect our eyes from many eye problems. Whether you are climbing mountains or driving a car, these sunglasses are perfect to wear and are unisex sunglasses from Sunglasses Trendz. It has the following features:

1. It helps block UV rays and gives complete UVA and UVB protection, i.e., against the ultraviolet rays. 

2. It reduces strain on the eyes, protects from dust, debris, and many hazards.

3. These sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses. They are light in weight and have the best impact resistance, clarity, and scratch-resistant.

4. Width and height: 50 mm x 50 mm

5. Style: Round

Best Sunglasses According To Face Shapes

The best thing about the Ray-Ban is that it introduces many sunglasses that look good according to the face shapes. Let’s know some of the sunglasses according to the kinds of faces at the table.

S. No.Shapes Of FaceSunglasses
1Round and angularAviator RB3025
2Round and angularOriginal Wayfarer RB2140
3RoundNew Wayfarer RB2132
4RoundClubmaster RB3016
5AngularRound RB3447

Choosing the best of the sunglasses is very easy, and there is a simple rule. If you have a round face, then select angular frames of the sunglasses. And if you have an angular face, then choose the round frames of the sunglasses.

Is Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses Better Than Komono Clear Silver Clement?

It’s not about that one type of sunglasses you wear, but it is about your preference. You can find many qualities and specifications of Ray-ban round glasses, and on the other hand, Komono clear silver Clement also has good qualities and durability.

But if we analyze, ray ban round sunglasses have got many colors and designs compared to Komono Clear Silver Clement. This is what makes the sunglasses of ray-ban round stand out different from others. 

If we ask you the simple question of which one would you like to purchase first? Is it Ray-ban round sunglasses, or Komono Clear Silver Clement? You would first go with Ray-ban sunglasses because all the types of sunglasses of ray-ban are according to the face’s shapes. So ray ban round sunglasses are the first choice of anybody.

Benefits Of Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray ban sunglasses have emerged out to be among the best brands in sunglasses. They’ve added many new features, styles, and designs in their sunglasses that people are more attracted to this brand. There are different kinds of lenses that the ray-ban brand uses and let’s know some of the lenses in detail.

Classic Lenses

When it comes to absorbing the light, then classic lenses is 85% successful. This lens is also helpful in blocking the blue light. These lenses do not change the colors of whatever you want to see after using them.

Mirrored Lenses

When you go near water and snow, then these lenses will give you comfort to see by reducing glare. You can see the colors very brighter and more apparent. All these qualities of visuality and clarity make mirrored lenses very special.

Polarized Lenses

These kinds of lenses are successful in eliminating 99% of reflected light around you. These lenses also successfully remove the glares and increase the contrast level—they give an entirely brighter and more transparent look.

Some Facts About Salt Bae

Nusret Gokce, commonly called Salt Bae, became a sensation over the internet with a single video. Here are some facts about Salt Bae.

1. Great Cook

2. Stylish Sunglasses

3. The unique Salt technique

4. Magnificent physique

Sunglasses- The Style Statement

Sunglasses are always the best to add oomph. Whether it is any, shape, style, or color, you are not ever going to have enough sunglasses. If you are going out and not satisfied with the attire you wore, you can always pair it up with the right pair of sunglasses to make the perfect style statement. While driving a car, sunglasses will undoubtedly help you go and see more and clear comfortably. 

With the perfect suitable sunglasses, you can step out effortlessly. Be it a typical day or a sunny day; sunglasses have always been to nail the perfect look. Sunglasses are the eyes’ evergreen accessory. Sunglasses cover the entire eye and save them from the powerful rays of the sun that may be harmful to your eyes.


Q1. What To Look For While Choosing Any Particular Brand Of Sunglasses?

Ans: You should look for the durability and clear visibility of the sunglasses’ lenses, and the designs according to your facial shape.

Q2. Which Glasses Are Most Preferred By Salt Bae?

Ans: Salt Bae wears gotto glasses and Ray-Ban’s Round’s sunglasses. 

Q3. How Much Is The Net Worth Of Salt Bae?

Ans: It is estimated that Salt Bae’s net worth is around $50 million.


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