What Is The Ideal Height For Men? Attractive Height For Men.

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5’8” to 5’11” is considered to be the ideal male height. It also shows that the people find 5’7” to 5’10” as too short. Above 6’0” feet as too tall. There are differences of opinions for considering ideal height due to difference in preferences. A study shows that women with a height ranging from 5’0” to 5’7” thinks 5’11 to be the ideal height for males. In contrast, women over 5’7” prefer a male above 6’1”. 

What Is The Ideal Height For Men

Factors Contributing To The Height:

Factors contributing to the overall height of people are multiple.

1. 60 to 80% depends on genetics.

2. 20 to 30% depends on the amount of nutrition and exercises.

3. The height of adults largely depends on childhood nutrition.

4. In population, average height depends on the race. It is believed that the average height for white men in the U.S. is 5’10” and 5’9” for black people.

The environment and non-genetic factors during childhood, adolescence, and pregnancy, like health and nutrition, impact the worldwide population distribution of height. Height variations around the world indicated that there are not only genetic differences but other living standards differences are also contributing factors. 

The below-mentioned table shows the average height of men in some of the countries:

Table 1: Country-Wise Average Height Of Men.

S. No.CountryAverage Height By Meter
1Australia1.79 m
2Austria1.78 m
3Belgium1.81 m
4Brazil1.73 m
5Canada1.78 m
6China1.71 m
7Denmark1.81 m
8Egypt1.69 m
9Germany1.80 m
10Ghana1.70 m
11Greece1.77 m
12Hong Kong1.72 m
13India1.65 m
14Italy1.77 m
15Japan1.71 m
16Malaysia1.68 m
17Nepal1.62 m
18North Korea1.71 m
19Pakistan1.67 m
20Poland1.77 m
21Russia1.76 m
22Singapore1.72 m
23South Africa1.68 m
24Srilanka1.65 m
25Sweden1.80 m
26Switzerland1.78 m
27Turkey1.74 m
28United Arab Emirates1.71 m
29United Kingdom1.78 m
30United States1.77 m

Table 2: Height Calculation In Inches To Centimeters.

The below mention table shows the height calculation in Inches to Centimeters:

S. No.Height In InchesCentimeters

Attractive Height For Men:

There was a belief that women prefer tall and handsome men. It made men population self-conscious about their height that is lower than 6’0”. However, a recent study indicates that 5’8 is the most attractive height for women who are of 5’5” in size.

As instanced by the average height for men in the UK is 5’9”(175.3 centimeters), and for women, it is 5’3”(161.6 centimeters). Hence, from the considered topmost attractive heights for men, there are below 6’0”. Below mentioned are the most attractive measurements for men:

1. 5 feet 8 inches 

2. 5 feet 10 inches

3. 5 feet 6 inches

4. 6 feet

5. 5 feet 9 inches 

A right height means a lot for women, but what matters most is the shine of your personality.

Advantages Of  Being Taller:

Height is a biological fact for any individual. It impacts life in several ways, from body desires to the lifespan. A recent study indicates that some of the factors influencing being taller are the following:

1. Likely to receive more votes in elections.

2. More healthy, dominant, and intelligent.

3. More attractive.

4. Women like more to date with them.

5. Run faster.

6. Suitable for athletes and sports.

Disadvantages Of Being Tall:

1. Many times you can die due to certain cancers.

2. Sometimes you have a stroke and heart attack also.

3. Increased chances to get injuries.

4. Short lifespan.

5. High opportunities to develop fibrillation.

How Do Height Effect Dating:

Most females like or dislike men for dating according to their height. For them, measurement is categorized into good attractive, and perfect, which can be understood in the following ways:

5’5” to 5’7”: Girls consider this range of height as short. However, many women are also attracted to the inner goodness of men. So, you always have to be confident about that.

5’8” to 5’10”: This range falls at the 50th percentile and more, is considered the ideal height of men. This range falls under the average height category for men. Besides, it is more manageable for them to build the body. So, approaching girls will be easier.

5’11” to 6’2”: Girls find this category of height for men as the most attractive ones. This range is like to get top dating. However, this range of men has difficulty in bodybuilding. Besides, there are more likely to suffer from neck and back pain in old age.

6’3” to 6’5”: This range is a taller category. Girls accept this category of height for men only for their size.

There are many well-known male personalities with different heights; some of them are mentioned in the table below:

Table 3: Height-Wise Names Of Celebrities.

S. No.HeightCelebrities
15 feet 10 inchesPatrick Swayze, Prince Charles, Collin Farrell
25 feet 11 inchesLeonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, George Clooney
36 feetNicolas Cage, Robbie Williams, Tom Hanks, Chris Brown
46 feet 1 inchBarack Obama, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Pierce Brosnan
56 feet 2 inchesDonald Trump,Prince Harry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Will Smith, Sean Connery , Paul Walker, Ben Affleck Morgen Freeman , Amitabh Bachhan
66 feet 3 inchesPrince William, Dwayne The Rock,Brenden Fraser, Michael Phelps, Liam, Novak Djokovic, Helmsworth Muhammad Ali
76 feet 4 inchesAbraham Lincoln,Snoop Dogg, Jason Segel,Lou Ferrigno, Clint Eastwood,
86 feet 5 inchesJoe Manganiello, Zlatan, Ibrahimovic, Usain bolt  

The ideal male height ranges between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches. There are always advantages and disadvantages to every measurement. Size is not the only constraint to get confidence and strength. It is just a biological fact. Your personality and goodness are what matters the most. So, we strong and confident and shine with your character with any height you have.


Q1. What is the ideal male height?

Ans: 5’8” to 5’11” is considered to be the ideal male height. It also shows that the people find 5’7” to 5’10” as too short, and above 6’0” feet too tall.

Q2. What Are The Advantages Of Being Tall?

Ans: The advantages of being taller mean more healthy, dominant, and intelligent. Taller men will be more attractive, run faster, suitable for athletes and sports, and women are more likely to date them.

Q3. What Are The Disadvantages Of Being Tall?

Ans: Tall People are more likely to develop and die due to certain cancers, more likely to get stroke and heart attack, increased chances to get injuries, short lifespan, and have higher opportunities to develop fibrillation.

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