What Matches With Grey Shorts? List Of Shirts That You Can Wear With Grey Shorts

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Grey shorts are versatile and pair well with various shirt options. You can wear them with:

  • White T-shirt for a clean look.
  • Navy blue polo shirt for a classic style.
  • Light blue button-up shirt for a casual vibe.
  • Black or gray crewneck sweater for a stylish contrast.
  • Striped or patterned shirts for added flair.
Grey Shorts

What Should I Wear With Grey Shorts?

Shorts are comfortable and are perfect to wear in the summer season, along with being stylish. Front stretch chino shorts, and chino walk shorts are the top best shorts in 2020. Grey shorts are one of the most common among the various types of shorts.

Grey is a color that goes well with all the colors, from white to red, orange, yellow, black, blue, and green. For summer, you can wear a white or periwinkle blue colored shirt. For winter, you can wear any bright color shirt. You can wear the following with grey shorts:

1. T-shirt

2. Polo shirt

3. Button-up shirt

4. Off-shoulder

5. Jeans jacket

6. Denim shirts

7. Hoodies

8. Long-sleeved shirt, etc.

Here Is A List Of Shirts That You Can Wear With Grey Shorts.

SLBest Formal ShirtsBest Casual Shirts
01.Arrow shirtsPrada Camp-Collar shirts
02.Peter England shirtsPOLO RALPH LAUREN oxford shirts
03.Zodiac shirtsBlueberry checked shirts
04.Park Avenue shirtsFlying machine.  

You can make exciting color combinations with grey shorts, but you should make sure you are wearing the shirt’s right color to complement your shorts.

What Colored Shirt Match With Light Grey Shorts?

Grey is a color that goes with many colors. The shirt’s color depends on which grey you are wearing because grey comes in both cool and warm shades. When you are wearing a cool shade of grey that means a light grey shorts, you must choose the top/shirt color according to it. In the case of light grey, you can wear the following color shirts-

1. White

2. Off-white

3. Black

The color combination also depends on the occasion. If you are wearing grey shorts for any particular reason or place, then a white colored T-shirt matches perfectly. If you are wearing denim grey shorts to stay out, you can combine it with a black t-shirt, polo shirt, or sleeveless hoodie. Other colors that go with denim grey shorts are-

1. White

2. Turquoise green

3. Blue

Which Shoes Match With Light Grey Shorts?

Shorts and shoe combination is essential in this period because men take more pride and care in their appearance than before. While wearing light grey colored shorts, you can easily match shoes because grey is a neutral color that matches a wide range of colors. Here are some combinations of grey shorts and shoes.

White Canvas Sneakers

Sneakers look good with chino shorts. A white canvas sneaker will match perfectly with light grey shorts as both white and grey a neutral colors.

Luxe Sneakers

White-colored luxe sneakers with light grey shorts are a perfect combination for summer.

Boat Shoes

A brown or black colored boat shoe with light grey shorts will give you a smart-casual summer look.


What Colored Shirt Matches With Dark Grey Shorts?

Black and white never fails with dark grey. You can always play safe by wearing black and white with dark grey shorts. Navy blue is also great, and darker green is a good option too. Dark grey is a versatile color, and you can mix and match it with any other colored shirt. Here are some suggestions to make perfect combinations with dark grey shorts.


You can pair grey shorts with any color T-shirt by making a minimal effort. A black crew-neck T-shirt with dark grey shorts makes a perfect combination. Besides, brown, burgundy, maroon, blue, gold even orange-colored t-shirt looks good with dark shade of grey.

Short-Sleeve Shirts

You can mix up a black floral short-sleeved shirt with dark grey shorts for a unique look in the summer. You can also choose a white, blue, red, maroon, orange, or green-colored shirt instead of black.

Long Sleeve Shirts

With dark grey shorts, a black, blue, or white long-sleeve shirt will match perfectly. Though grey is an achromatic color, you can combine it with various colors. Wear any of your favorite colors that blend perfectly with dark grey.

Which Shoes Go With Dark Grey Shorts?

A lot of colors match with dark grey. While choosing shoes, you should emphasize on occasion. Here are some shoes that go well with dark grey shorts.

Retro Runners

It is the best choice whether you are hitting a gym or enjoying a Sunday afternoon. A pair of white or black retro runners is the perfect match with dark grey shorts.


During summer, a pair of sneakers is the best choice with a couple of chino shorts. A white or black canvas sneaker matches perfectly with dark grey shorts for a summer look.

Boat Shoes

They are comfortable and the best match for chino shorts. A brown leather pair of boat shoes go well with dark grey chino shorts.


For a beach look, you can choose sandals or flip-flops. A brown or black colored flip-flop will go perfectly with dark grey shorts.

The choice of color depends on a person’s taste, personality, and occasion. It would be best if you made the color combination according to your preference. As grey is a universal color, it goes well with most of the colors. Choose your shirt and footwear color depending on the occasion. Here are some clues that will help you in making the color choice-

1. If you are going to the gym, or for athletic purposes, wear a black shirt and white or black trainers shoes with grey shorts.

2. If you are going outside for shopping or other purposes, wear a white shirt with a pair of white sneakers. You can also wear blue, navy blue or dark green shirt instead of a white one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01 What Color Shirt Matches With Dark Grey Shorts?

Answer: You can make many combinations with dark grey shorts because it is versatile in color. Go with a cream, khaki shirt, sky blue, baby pink, or peach-colored shirt.

Question 02Which Color Goes Best With Light Grey Shorts?

Answer: The perfect match for the light grey shorts would be some dark colors. Black, royal blue, navy blue are the best colors to make combinations with light grey shorts.

Question 03 What Color Hoodie Goes Well With Grey Shorts?

Answer: It depends on your choice. You can go with crimson, scarlet, yellow, purple, green, black, or white. If you want a monochromatic outfit, go with grey, because it is a very stylish and clean choice.



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