Does Under Armour Shrink? Under Armour Stats

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Under Armour, clothes are usually made of synthetic fibers that generally don’t shrink. They are knitted in such a way to form moisture-wicking fabric like polyester. They shrink significantly less than other materials as they get settled fast due to their elasticity. You can consider pre-shrink as they attain their natural state after being stretched over a handloom. But different fibers shrink over different rates like cotton and embroidery work need thick fibers to show twists and turn shrinking much, comparatively. 

Does Under Armour Shrink

How To Shrink Under Armour?

An oversized Under Armour can shrink using different means unless any natural fibers are mixed with it. As synthetic fibers are made to attain their natural state again due to their elastic nature; therefore, it will be useful to make crude fabrics. 

Natural fibers shrink by using a washer and dryer along with. One can follow up some simple steps to shrink their oversize clothes, but they can retain them back after some time. Therefore, you can use the same method whenever you want:

What Do You Need?

  1. Washer
  2. Dryer

Step 1. For natural materials, such as cotton and wool, always check the Under Armor garment label. The non-shrinking fabric is polyester and nylon.

Step 2. Always set your washing machine to the hot and most extended cycle setting. When your washer is filled with hot water, immediately put Under Armour garments in it. Then you can run your washing machine.

Step 3. Take a piece of Under Armor to the dryer. If there is a print, put clothes inside. Run the dryer until the shirt is dry.


Under Armor, Garments are never made of natural fibers because it causes wrinkles. It is made up of synthetic fibers. 


Do not iron your Under Armour Garments because it damages the synthetic fiber and damages the cloth’s vinyl printing.

Under Armour Stats

FounderKelvin Plank
Age of Founding 24
Started in 1996
IndustrySports Apparel
Annual Revenue$1.8BB in retail sales
Number of Employees5900
Famous ForThis company makes T-shirts through Microfibre, making an athlete look cool, and light.

How Under Armour Started?

The former caption of the University of Maryland football team, Mr. Plank, noticed that wearing a skin-tight short avoids moisture and focuses on preventing itching and other issues. In 1995, he chose the compression tight pant material to go for other Under Armour products and set up a company to make such skin-tight clothes. 

The significant investment initially came from Mr. Plank’s savings and credit card debts. With the selling of t-shirts, he saved about $20,000 and ended up with $40,000 by collecting it through various credit cards. Within one year of startup, he broke up and faded.

But Georgia tech proves it useful as it added some revenue for his company, and the sale for about $17,000 in the first year of startup. Later, in 1997 two to three dozen NFL teams followed the suit-up, and from here, the series started. Under Armour made sales of $100,000 worth of products in the second year, then tied up with different Teams and retailers and started the multi-million-dollar business that now sells $2BB products and has 5,900+ employees within the organization.

Under Armour’s Funding

The First Investment of Under Armour initially came from Plank himself. But as the company became public within ten years of start-up, the funding raised and reach the mark of $115 million for capital expansion. Then the stocks get multiplied on the very first day of trading. The company sold its lot of shares to fuel and continued the fast growth in UA. The reports of 5 years trailing UA’s growth rate are best among its competitors, which shows a great future for the organization. 

Important Milestones Of Under Armour

In 1995: Plank got the startup’s idea in skin-tight clothes while playing football for the University of Maryland.

In 1996: Plank collect $20k from personal savings and $40k from Credit card debt to led the foundation of Under Armour, after making sales of $17000 in the first year.

In 1997: UA sold $100,000 worth of products to 12 NFL teams and retailers.

In 1998: Under Armour’s were asked to make clothes for Any Given Sunday.

In 2000: UA step forward with National Advertising Campaigns.

In 2002: The UA company products started selling in 2,500 retail shops.

In 2013: UA bought MapMyFitness for $115 million.

Story Of Under Armour Garments 

From product launches and ground-breaking campaigns to critical partnerships and big bets that inspired the brand, these are the moments that made them who they are.

1996:  The shirt that started it all. It was soft, skin-tight, and was a stretch. And, most importantly, it sweats faster than anything, except to keep athletes cool, dry, and light.

1998: Under Armor began operations from a river house in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, belonged to Kevin’s grandmother, in a new headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore, MD. 

2000: Eager to capitalize on the heat from any given Sunday, the Under Armor team volunteered to abandon their paychecks so the brand could buy its first print ad, a half-page in ESPN magazine. The move created awareness for the brand and increased sales by $750,000.

2005: On November 18, 2005, Under Armor went public, trading on the NASDAQ under “UARM”, becoming the first U.S.-based initial public offering in five years to multiply its first day of trading.

2007: Under Armour opened its first brand house retail store in Annapolis, Maryland.

2008: Under Armor revealed its much-awaited line of performance trainers through its first Super Bowl commercial, which is making its mark in the athletic footwear market.

2009: The brand first forayed into the running category with the launch of its performance footwear line.

2011: After years of war on cotton, Under Armor strengthened its reputation for tireless innovation by developing Charged, a fabric that dries faster than regular cotton but feels soft and comfortable.

2015: Through the acquisition of fitness app companies MapMyRun, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, Under Armor built the world’s largest digital fitness and wellness community.

2017: Under Armor discovered an advanced sleep system that utilizes our body’s energy for the recovery of power. It was inspired by the training routine of Tom Brady. The key is a soft biochemical print on the inside of the fabric that absorbs natural heat and reflects far infrared energy into the skin to help the body restore muscle, heal faster, and promote better sleep.


1. How To Wash Under Armour Clothes To Avoid Shrink?

As Under Armour clothes are made up of Synthetic fibers, they usually don’t shrink. But it will be useful to let them a little damp and dry with natural air and sunlight outside to avoid any circumstances later.

 2. What Is The Current Market Value Of Under Armour?

Under Armour, in 2019, hold a brand value of USD 3.5 Billion. They regulate the sales of approximately 14% of the US market this year. 

 3. How To Wear Oversize Under Armour clothes?

One can wear Oversize Under Armour clothes by washing them continuously with hot water and running along the rinse cycle. Put clothes immediately in the dryer, which will shrink them to a suitable size. 

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