Can You Use the Elements and Fonts on Canva to Design a T-shirt and Sell It?

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Yes, Canva offers elements and fonts for T-shirt design. However, usage for commercial purposes depends on the license. Canva’s “Pro” or “Enterprise” licenses permit selling designs. Always check terms and obtain proper licenses.

What is T-shirt printing?

What is T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing is putting a design onto cotton to make a T-shirt appealing. You can print on various materials, from polyester to cotton to bamboo, and all are suited for a range of different applications. Printing on a T-shirt is one of the easiest methods for getting your designs out to the public. 

You can find a range of printing methods that make it easy to find the perfect print partner for your designs.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is transforming a visual idea into a visual product. It’s anything from logo design to print design. Graphic design is an inclusive term that encompasses different types of visual design.

AIGA projects graphic design as ‘the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas with visual content.’ You can use graphical elements in various mediums, like logos or website layouts, to visually communicate specific ideas or messages.

In other words, graphic design communicates some fundamental concepts to consumers by conveying them graphically- whether it’s something simple like a business ad or more complex than page layout on websites.   

What You Will Need to Know Before You Start Designing?

What You Will Need to Know Before You Start Designing

Logo Design Consideration

Your logo is the brand’s face, and it is often the first thing that people see when they look at your designs. Therefore, ensure that the logo represents your brand and the products you are selling. 


As well as the logo, your branding will include any text or images that appear on your designs. You may have a specific brand that you want to represent, or you may want to use a generic name for your designs.

Printing Considerations

When deciding how to print your designs, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You’ll need to keep the design size in mind and the types of materials you want to print on. Work on how you want the design to look when printed on the t-shirt.

Steps of T-shirt Design and Production on Canvas

T-shirt Design

Create an account

If you don’t have an account on Canva yet, now is the time to sign up. Once you’re signed in, click on ‘Create New,’ and you will be able to begin designing.

Upload Your Logo

Click on your logo design to upload it to your Canva account. Ensure the option to either email it to yourself or upload it to your Canva account.

Make Your Design

Now that you have your logo on the screen, you can create your design. You can choose from various design templates and add your creations to create something truly unique.

Add Your Text

Once you have your design, you can begin adding your text to it. You can experiment with different fonts, sizes, and styles to see what works best for your plans.

Add Your Border

Border designs can add a significant amount of visual interest to your designs and are usually an essential part of your branding and design.

How Does Canva Work? 

Canva is online design software that you and other graphic designers create and share professional-quality designs. It has a wide range of design templates to help you create various designs. These templates are ideal for creating logo designs, business cards, posters, brochures, etc. 

You can use Canva for personal and commercial use, and it is user-friendly and has very few restrictions for businesses. You can create designs for your organizations and use them for marketing or create designs for your business. 

Canva is also ideal for beginners, as it has a range of online tutorials and videos to help you learn how to use the software. You can also access a massive library of images, icons, fonts, etc., that you can use in your designs. 

Canva is free to use and has no restrictions on the number of designs you can create. There are several paid features that you can opt for, such as access to more fonts, getting your designs printed on products such as coffee mugs or t-shirts, and more.

There are many graphic design software programs available today, but Canva is the best for creating professional quality designs quickly and easily. It may lack some features that other software has, but it is simple to use, making it ideal for novices who want to design their graphics without learning how to use complex software programs first.

Canva is simple to use. Now that you have your t-shirt design in hand, it is time to load up your designs on Canva. It will serve as your design process for your unique t-shirts. Canva has many helpful tools that you can use when designing a t-shirt. These tools include the following:

T-shirt Design Templates

When you first open up Canva, you will want to start with the design templates, which take you through the designing process of your t-shirts from start to finish. 

T-shirt Templates

Load your design into a t-shirt template after you have created your plan. The t-shirt template will help you bring your design to life as a physical product.

Set Up Your Shop

To sell your custom t-shirts, you will need a shop. Luckily, setting up your shop is easy in Canva.

Add a Product to Your Shop

Once your shop is ready, add your products. This is where you can add a product to your shop, such as a t-shirt.

Add Design to Your Shop

Once your product is in the shop, it is time to add your design to the shop. At this stage, you can upload the t-shirt designs that you created in Canva. 

Publish Your Product 

Once your product is uploaded, it is time to publish it so that people can start buying your shirt

What Makes Canva Special?

Great Customer Support

With a team of designers and a user base of millions, it’s no surprise that Canva has the best customer care support in the industry. Responding to customer inquiries is a priority for them, and you can always get in touch with them if you need to know more.

No Restrictions

When creating a brand, there are a lot of restrictions that come with traditional design programs because it doesn’t allow you to use images and text, unlike Canva. 

With Canva, you can create designs using images, fonts, and a  brand representing your business. Don’t worry about making it look like every other company.

Is Canva Worth It?

Yes, it is worth it. Canva is a great tool that helps create designs for businesses. It’s quick, easy, and affordable, and gives you the freedom to do what you want with your brand. Canva is available on Android and iOS.


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