Is Mad Men Worth Watching? Worth Watching Or Should Watch Something Else Instead

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There is a lot of debate about whether or not the show Mad Men is worth watching. Some people love it, but there are also many who can’t stand it. This article will explore both sides and then make an educated decision on if you should watch or skip this series.

This will be a post that explores both sides of the argument in order to provide an educated opinion on whether or not this TV series is worth watching.

Is Mad Men Worth Watching

What Is Medmen About And What Are The Characters Like?

The Mad Men TV show is about one man’s (Don Draper) life in the 1960s. There are a lot of characters, but they all work for an advertising company called Sterling Cooper which is based in New York City. Peggy Olsen is the female protagonist who has ambitions to be creative and successful despite being surrounded by men at her office with those attitudes. Roger Sterling is someone from Don Draper’s past that he needs to confront when people start talking behind his back at the workplace. Pete Campbell is another character on this series who is ruthless and often clashes with everyone else around him – most notably Don Draper over many things including a woman named Jane Siegel-Hodson. The other main character on this show would have to be Betty Francis who is the wife of Don Draper and homemaker to their three children.

The first episode starts with a man named Don, in his 40s but not feeling it, smoking on the job at Sterling Cooper as he sits around watching men from various departments work diligently – one being Peggy Olsen trying her best to be taken seriously by all these older male counterparts. He has flashbacks about his past life when he was married to company partner Betty Francis until they divorced for some unknown reason that made him leave town back then too. When we find out what happened this time around though is anyone’s guess because there are plenty of twists and turns coming up ahead throughout the season so far!

How Does It Compare To Other Shows On TV?

Mad Men is worth watching for the great writing, acting, and directing. It’s not a show to watch if you want mindless television because it requires your full attention. Commenters have said that the show is hard to get into at first but they stick with it until they are hooked by season two or three – which is when most people start tuning in regularly anyway.

Is It Worth Watching Or Should I Watch Something Else Instead?

This is a personal decision. Mad Men is not for everyone’s viewing pleasure but if you are into the show, it would be worth watching to see what happens in these last six episodes of Season Six.

Who Would You Recommend This Show To And Why?

I would recommend this show to anyone who is into the 1960s era, fashion design, or just a fan of great TV writing. Mad Men is not for everyone though so make sure you know what you’re watching before giving it a try!

Some people might say that the high cost of the episodes on iTunes is too expensive but there is no season pass option available and they may be able to find other ways to watch them if they really want. Season Three has already been made available through Netflix Instant Streaming free with their monthly fee plan (you can also use an Amazon Prime membership). Those who have never seen any episodes from all six seasons should get in on some binge-watch marathon time because it’s worth checking out at least once.

The show is only on Netflix in Canada and Ireland but it is available for purchase through iTunes or Amazon Instant Video if you’re not interested in a subscription service

Why Did They Make This Show In The First Place? 

The show was made to document the changes that happened in American society from 1965-1970. The characters are based on real people, and it is an adaption of a book by the same name written by Douglas S. Mackenzie

There is no other reason why they made this show besides those two reasons given here for watching it so you should watch it too! It’s worth checking out at least once, season three has already been released through Netflix Instant Streaming free with their monthly fee plan (you can also use Amazon Prime membership) but if you want to catch up with seasons one or two then might have to buy them online because some episodes aren’t available anywhere else except for iTunes or Amazon Instant Video which will cost money.


If you’re asking if I think Mad Men is worth watching, then the answer is yes. There are many reasons why this show should be watched and they’ve been given here already. If not for anything else, it’s an insight into a period of American history that was happening from 1965-the 1970s and how people lived at the time; something we don’t have much information about anymore because there weren’t any cameras around to capture it all (as far as TV goes). Plus who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned Matthew Weiner nostalgia? Or maybe you like Don Draper better than Roger Sterling? Either way, watch this show! You can even catch up with seasons one or two on Netflix Instant Streaming free with their trial membership.

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