Vantablack Clothing: Is It Available for Sale, and Where Can I Buy It? 

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Vantablack is a scarce material that artists and designers are eager to acquire. It is the blackest black that humankind has ever seen. It is so dark that people claim that you will only see a hole if you stare at it for a long time. Unfortunately for those who crave the Vantablack clothing, it is not available for sale.

There is no denying the interest that Vantablack arouses. However, several issues make it unappealing to the general public. Some problems include the material’s destructive properties, high cost, and dubious applications. Although many people are excited about something even darker, it isn’t enjoyable. 

What Is Vantablack?

What Is Vantablack

Vantablack was once a scientific triumph as the most genuinely black tone in human existence. Vantablack could be the blackest garment in the world. Surrey Nanosystems, a British company, developed the material. 

It is composed of countless carbon nanotubes grown like a field of grass. A single tube is as thin as a single hair strand separated ten thousand times. When light strikes the fabric, it is absorbed and transformed into heat. 

The tubes in the fabric are spaced apart like a grass field and are densely packed. Light doesn’t escape the material.

Only little light can leave the material. Carbon nanotube became famous in the 1990s, and ever since then, designers are in competing to make the blackest of blacks. They have managed to invent deeper blacks over the years.

Is It Possible to Get Vantablack Clothing?

It is not possible now, but it is something you should keep on your list. Civilians aren’t as lucky as military and aerospace workers because the latter has a better chance of wearing something in the future. The fabrics’ potential health risks, costs, and applications are unsuitable for clothing. 

There is some possibility that designers will use it in clothing. The second reason you cannot get Vantablack clothing is that Anish Kapoor, a selfish temperamental artist, has been labeled after purchasing and maintaining exclusive rights to the color. 

He has refuted the commercial use of Vantablack, and word on the street says he has not prevented health issues and other skin conditions. 

Many people think that Vantablack is illegal, whereas it is not. However, you can be sued for using it if you would be violating Anish Kapoor’s exclusive rights. You must obtain permission from him to use it on your car or walls.

Surrey NanoSystems felt they could not make more of this color for a more comprehensive application, and they gave Mr. Kapoor exclusive rights because he works with voids. Phoebe Hess claims to have made a shirt blacker than any black on earth. It absorbs up to ninety-nine percent of light. Red bubble also claims to have Vantablack clothes.

Benefits of Vantablack Fabric

Vantablack is utilized in various applications, including ultra-black coatings, Ultralight wiring, touch screens, and aerospace components. It is being used in multiple industries, such as aerospace and manufacturing, where it is used to enhance the component’s strength. 

People find it fascinating and want to use it, whereas architects can utilize it to create optical effects in buildings, absorb heat, and release it, creating a calm environment. 

The Vantablack cloth obsessions come down to the notion of the classic little black dress, which has had its place in women’s wardrobes for decades. It would go well with other clothing styles, but the notion of bringing a dark tone to the outfit regardless of the design or length is intriguing.

Fashion experts claim that the extreme darkness of the material might make the wearer of the dress appear two-dimensional. Still, the dress’ ability to flatter your body will depend on the body shape and the reason for wearing it. 

The dress would feel right at home at the Met gala or any catwalk runway rather than on a movie date night. The material is sensitive to the touch yet robust enough to hold up well to jolt and vibration. 

Since the carbon nanotubes have no mass, it feels like they’re made out of the air, making them ideal for bumpy ride items like space and military equipment.

How Much Is the Cost of Vantablack?

Citing the price of Vantablack isn’t easy because it is not being produced for commercial use. There are fifty timepieces made by a watchmaker using Vantablack for purchase. The watches cost between seventy-five thousand to ninety-five thousand dollars. 

Vantablack is still unavailable for clothing application. 

Surrey, a British company, is working to make colors using Vantablack. It may take some time before you see a dress using Vantablack, as it is a coat of nanotubes and not paint or pigment. BMW was the only business to have been able to make a car with the color, and it was a one-time experience. The paint would be too expensive and too difficult to handle daily.

Is Vantablack Material Safe?

Vantablack is not as dangerous as a conventional poison. It doesn’t kill you as a traditional poison would., but the ingredients used by the manufacturers may cause skin, respiratory, and eye problems. 

People dispute that harsh chemicals are used to make items for everyday use, but the chemicals used to create Vantablack are not as safe as experts maintain. You are fine as long as you avoid chemicals, although it depends on your skin type and health.

Despite its name, Vantablack is not particularly dangerous. If you’re locked in a room with this color, you’ll be deprived of all your sensory inputs, absorbing the light and not altering it. If used for extended amounts of time, you may lose your life. 

The color takes a few years to kill unless you misuse it, and it has harmful effects if utilized for long.

You may thin the paint with water and use it on any surface. The makers of the color claim Mr. Kapoor cannot use it. Another superb alternative is the highly acclaimed Procion jet black reactive dye. 

It is a concentrated dye powder that you may utilize on any clothing material, including cotton, linen, rayon, and paper. It has numerous applications, including garment dyeing, batik, tie and dye, airbrush, spatter painting, and gradation dying for quilters.

Is There a Blacker Material Than Vantablack?

Is There a Blacker Material Than Vantablack

Yes, there is. Vantablack isn’t the blackest option anymore. Innovation and new technology are constantly vying to outsmart each other by coming up with improvements or taking them a little further. When this happens, individuals always want Vantablack rather than the blackest option. 

They want to make the material better or take it a little further than their competitors. The MIT staff did this by attempting to raise the oxidation danger of Vantablack materials. It became even darker; 0.4% of the light was not absorbed by Vantablack, which the MIT team found to be room for improvement.

Is Vantablack Toxic?

Although it is a new science, nanotechnology is still relatively fresh. Since Vantablack is made up of nanotubes, there is uncertainty about whether it is harmful to humans. 

Researchers performed a study in the UK in 2008 to see whether the nanotubes used in Vantablack harm mice. The tiny particles were tested on mice rather than humans. With the Vantablack tried, it was unlikely humans would come into contact with it. 

A separate version of the substance, called Vantablack S-Vis, is used in areas where human contact is more likely. The jury is still on whether it is as toxic as the space-specific Vantablack.

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