A Guide To Where You Can Buy Fake Designer Clothing

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It is easy to get an expensive fashion brand’s replica cheaper than the original. Fake fashion and knockoffs are clothing or accessories designed to look like the original fashion brand, but the quality isn’t the same, and prices differ. Although it is illegal and unfair to the original brand, consumers don’t mind wearing replica clothing. 

Is There Any Difference Between Fake And Knock Off Designer Clothes?

Difference Between Fake And Knock Off Designer Clothes

The difference between knockoff clothing and fake designer clothing is that knockoff clothing is manufactured and looks similar to the original fashion design house sold at a low price. Knockoff clothing doesn’t have the original fashion house label, and another fashion house designs it. Fake designer clothes are illegal and counterfeit. It will have the original designer’s label, although another fashion house designs it. 

It is better to buy knockoff clothing than fake designer clothing. Knockoffs do not have the original brand’s label and look similar to the original. Knockoff clothing is legal, unlike fake designer clothing, which is illegal in many countries. Knockoff clothing is legal unless a brand proves that two items are so similar that a buyer can’t differentiate the two clothing.

Consumers can buy replica designer clothing from the UK, the USA, China, or India. Below is a list of places consumers can buy fake designer clothing:

Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale Clearance is in the UK, and consumers can buy branded merchandise from here, which is a replica of famous brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, Pocha, among others. The founder is Karl Baxter and opened the store in 2005. Its location is in Poole, Dorset. 

It sells doomed and surplus stock and end-of-line clearances to consumers and companies of all sizes. The wholesale stock it sells consists of homeware, shoes, jewelry, clothes, and more. The consumers are internet and eBay traders, market traders, shop owners, and party planners.

The business started after finding a gap in the market because wholesalers couldn’t sell small quantities to the consumers. Karl became a supplier in the eBay market.

He bought goods from Pound land, sold them on eBay, and realized how sustainable it is to make money online, which led him to quit his day job. His trading grew, and he came up against the problem of finding a wholesaler willing to sell to the consumers. 

However, a sole trader couldn’t afford to buy from wholesalers as the wholesalers required a large minimum order. Therefore, Karl became a wholesaler and a supplier at eBay, who supplies sole traders with many wholesale goods at a reasonable price. 


Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade, unique, and vintage goods and is an e-commerce site. It has sold vintage products for over twenty years and sells different factory-manufactured goods. 

This online marketplace provides an ideal platform for people across the globe to connect and interact with one another offline and online via purchasing and selling goods. It was founded in 2005 by three friends, Rob Kalin, Chris Maguire, and Haim Schoppik. 

Before Etsy’s existence, new businesses found it hard to sell as they wouldn’t have esteemed clientele or an established reputation. The online platform provides a clearinghouse for handcrafters’ entrepreneurs to open and sell their products online. 

Etsy sells wholesale replica clothing wholesale and has a large inventory for all types of consumers. The products are inexpensive.



It is hard to buy original products from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Prada as most products are over $1500. Therefore, it is best to buy from a fake designer website that will not disappoint. It is hard to find legal and trustworthy fake designer sites as the internet is full of fraudsters who steal consumers’ money and don’t send designer clothes. 

Hypeunique is a trustworthy fake designer clothing and accessories website that offers consumers to buy high-quality replica designer clothes and other accessories, which will destroy the fraudulent fake designer websites. 

It uses the same raw materials as the original brand and uses advanced printing technology. It offers services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and has the perfect after-sales services that satisfy consumers. 

The website has kick and streetwear clothing. It allows consumers to write down and view reviews about the products. It sells replica designer products with investment and purchase value and doesn’t earn any commission from the fake designer.

Hong Kong

Consumers can buy most fake designer clothing from Hong Kong as it has a great fake market. Chanel and a few other designers routinely check what’s in the market to stop fake designers from copying them. Hence, a replica of the brands won’t be available in the fake market.


China has a huge online market that sells fake designer clothing. These online platforms are Alibaba.com, DHgate, Aliexpress.com, Bagsheaven, Global Sources, Replica Wholesale, among others. Most of these sites sell wholesale and retail, such as Alibaba and AliExpress.


Alibaba is one of the best online platforms to buy replica goods wholesale. It is best for replica handbags, designer clothes, and cheap replica electronic appliances. The products are of unquestionable quality, and the prices are reasonable. Taobao is an Alibaba seller and is one of the biggest wholesalers to sell replicas and fake designer fashion. 

Most sellers are from China, but goods are shipped globally. The platform accepts various forms of payment such as PayPal, Western Union, Master card, Visa, etc.

Advantages Of Buying From Alibaba

1. It has a vast collection of cheap replicas, which is cost-effective and inexpensive. 

2. It has an app that can be downloaded for free and is easy to use. 

3. Their website is easy to access. 

4. Consumers can request samples before purchasing goods, but it is limited to certain products.

Disadvantages Of Buying From Alibaba

  • The products take a long time to deliver.
  • Consumers have to choose their sellers wisely and carefully.


It is similar to Alibaba as it sells in wholesale and retail. It doesn’t mention the actual brand name on its website, but consumers will find products that look like the original when viewing the review section. It has over forty million products.

Advantages Of DHgate

1. You can find replicas at an affordable price, and the sellers respond to queries quickly. 

2. It has a wide variety of products. 

3. It is convenient for retailers to buy products.

Disadvantages Of DHgate

1. All the sellers do not offer wholesale deals, which is disappointing for wholesalers. 

2. The product names are custom and it takes a while to find the right product. 

3. To find the best seller, buyers need to do thorough research.


It is a sister company to Alibaba. AliExpress sells products in wholesale and retail and is much cheaper than eBay. It has the best replica products such as mobile phones, fashion designer clothing, handbags, and accessories, among others. It sells quality products, and its reviews are impressive.

Advantages of AliExpress

1. It doesn’t take long to deliver wholesale products.

2. Their return and refund policy is amazing.

3. The company uses quality materials to manufacture the products.

4. It is a great platform to buy goods wholesale, especially if starting a business.

5. It sells original products.

Disadvantages Of AliExpress

1. Not all sellers are genuine

2. Some products have quality issues.

Tip: When buying fake products online, ensure you have done thorough research about the seller to avoid scamming.

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