How to Hide Your Colored Hair at Work if It’s Not Allowed

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Colored hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many women deciding to brighten up their locks with color every few months. Unfortunately, some workplaces have strict rules about the type of hair color employees can use on their hair at work, so it’s not an option for everyone who wishes to have colorful locks. However, you can get innovative and hide your colored hair at work by wearing a natural-looking wig or a temporary dye.

This article walks you through various ways you can use to hide your colored hair at work. Keep reading!

Why Should Colored Hair Not Be Allowed at Work?

There could be a few reasons why having colored hair at work might not be allowed:

  • It can be seen as a distraction: If your hair is brightly colored, it might take away from the professionalism of your appearance.
  • Colored hair can be seen as unprofessional or disruptive in more traditional workplaces.
  • Finally, some employers have a dress code that doesn’t allow colored hair.

Regardless of your workplace, there are some things you can do to hide your colored hair. You may want to dye your hair before coming to work so that it appears natural when you arrive, and also use a dark-colored wig for formal occasions like meetings with clients.

How Should You Hide the Colored Hair at Work?

If you’re not allowed to have colored hair at work, there are a few ways you can hide it. You can try wearing it in a bun or braid if you have long hair. However, if you’re worried about getting caught, you can always dye your hair back to its natural color.

Why Should Colored Hair Not Be Allowed at Work?

8 Ways You Can Hide Your Colored Hair at Work

1. Conceal Your Colored Hair Using Makeups

One way to conceal your colored hair is by using makeup. You can use a colorless powder or concealer to cover up your roots. You can also use a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you have darker hair, you can use a bronzer or self-tanner to cover up the hair.

Suppose your hair is light; you can use a white pencil or powder to cover up the hair. Remember not to rub it in too much so that it does not create an oily residue on your face. Concealers and powders are available at most drugstores, while foundations and tanners are available online.

2. Use Hair Dye that Matches Your Scalp’s Skin

If you have colored hair and are not allowed to show it at work, there are a few things you can do to hide it. One is to use hair dye that matches your scalp’s skin tone. This will help blend in your hair and make it less noticeable. Another option is to wear a hat or scarf. This can be an excellent way to cover up your hair and keep it from being seen (however, most workplaces don’t allow wearing hats).

Suppose you have long hair; you can try wearing it up in a bun or ponytail. Finally, if all else doesn’t work, you can always try coloring your hair with temporary dyes that wash out easily.

3. Spray with Hair Powder

Hair powder is a great way to hide your colored hair at work temporarily. Just spray it on, and it will absorb the color. Plus, it will add volume and texture to your hair. Here is how to use it;

  • Pour some powder into your hand and apply it to your roots. Then, use a brush or comb to style as usual. If you need touch-ups during the day, re-apply the powder. It has a light formula that won’t clog your pores!

What to remember when using this product: Spray near the root area of your hair, not near your scalp; don’t overuse; avoid getting any powder on clothes.

4. Wear a Natural-Looking Wig

A natural-looking wig is a great way to hide your colored hair at work if it isn’t allowed. To find a wig that looks natural, start by choosing a style that is similar to your hair. Then, choose a color that closely matches your natural hair color.

If you have trouble finding a perfect match, ask a wig specialist for help. Once you’ve found the right wig, take care of it by brushing it regularly and using gentle shampoo and conditioner. With proper care, your wig will last for many years.

5. Use Hair Extensions

If you’re not allowed to color your hair at work, one way to get around it is by using hair extensions. This way, you can still have the colored hair you want without breaking any rules. Plus, extensions can be easily removed when you’re not at work, so you can switch up your look as often as you like.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using hair extensions to hide your colored hair

  • Purchase hair extensions that match your natural hair color and length.
  • Put them in while wet (ensure they don’t shrink after they dry).
  • Wait for them to dry.
  • Brush them through and style as desired.
  • Remove before bedtime or before getting in the shower.

6. Use Hair Glitters

Another way to hide your colored hair at work is to use hair glitters. Hair glitters come in various colors and can be applied directly to your hair. Plus, they’re easy to remove and won’t damage your hair. Here’s how to use them;

  • Pick out the suitable color glitter for your hair color.
  • Put the glitter on a flat surface like the palm of your hand or any makeup palette.
  • Dab it onto the desired area where you want it to show up and let it sit for about 10 seconds before brushing it off with your fingers.
  • Use hairspray so that the glitter doesn’t fall off during the day.
Use Hair Glitters

7. Use Cotton Swabs

You can also use cotton swaps to hide your colored hair at work. Here is how:

  • Begin by dipping a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Gently run the cotton swab over any area where you have applied hair color. This will help to remove any excess color that may be on your skin.
  • Repeat this process until all hair color has been removed from your skin.
  • Once you have removed the hair color from your skin, apply a generous amount of conditioner to your hair.
  • Rinse the hair with cool water after letting the conditioner sit there for a few minutes.
  • Wrap the hair using a towel and let it air or blow dry on a low setting. Make sure not to touch your newly dyed hair too much as it could cause the color to rub off onto other areas of your body!

If you feel like some color is still left on your skin after the above steps, try using an exfoliating scrub to buff away any remaining hairspray or residue.

8. Use a Temporary Root Touch-Up Spray

A temporary root touch-up spray is an excellent option if you’re trying to cover up your colored hair at work. This spray can help blend your roots with the rest of your hair, making it less noticeable that you have colored hair. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to cover up your roots between colorings.

Here’s how to use a temporary root touch-up spray;

  • First, comb through your wet or dry hair and ensure it has no tangles.
  • Then, shake the spray container well before spraying a small amount at the base of your scalp, where your natural hair meets the dyed sections.
  • Let it sit for 10 minutes, then brush through thoroughly to ensure even distribution throughout all strands.

Don’t worry about washing this out because most temporary root touch-ups won’t stain as the permanent dye will. This is an effective way to hide your color from coworkers and works well for holidays or events when you want to change your look temporarily!

Use a Temporary Root Touch-Up Spray


If you’re stuck working at a job that doesn’t allow colored hair, there are a few things you can do to hide it. First, try wearing a hat or scarf. If that’s not possible, try styling your hair in a way that covers the color. You can also try using color-safe shampoo and conditioner to tone down the color. If all else fails, you can always dye your hair back to its natural color.

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