What Is The Mensa Workout? Details About Mensa Workout.

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The Mensa Workout is a free online quiz that consists of 18 questions that must be answered in 15 minutes. The questions are designed to test your reasoning, problem-solving, and spatial skills.

What Is The Mensa Workout


Mensa was founded by Roland Berrill, a lawyer, and Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist, in 1946. Mensa was created to form a society for bright individuals. To avail of the membership, a high IQ is essential.

The three purposes of Mensa include:

1. Foster and identify and intelligence of individuals to benefit humanity.

2. Nature, and intelligence encouragement for research.

3. Provide the social and intellectual environment for the members of Mensa.

Mensa Activities

Mensa society is involved in extensive intellectual, cultural, and social activities for individuals from all nations, religions, and positions across the world. The objective of Mensa is to make people enjoy each other while participating in their activities. The activities of Mensa include the following:

1. Exchanging ideas through international, national, regional, and local gatherings.

2. Participating in journals, lectures, discussions, and special interest groups.

3. Investigating the attitudes and opinions of the Mensa members.

4. Assisting out Mensa and other researchers for the projects associated with Mensa or intelligence.

 Mensa Members

There are over 140,000 Mensa members in over 100 countries in the world, out of which 50 countries have active organizations of Mensa, and on each continent except Antarctica. Besides high IQ, Mensa members do not require any other characteristics to become members of the Mensa society.

1AgeMore than 2 years.
2QualificationPre-schoolers to high school dropouts, or doctorates.
3OccupationAnyone from any profession can become a member of Mensa.

Many Mensans (members of Mensa) are prize-winning who not well-known personalities. These are the ordinary individuals whose IQ is extraordinary. The qualities of most of the Mensans include the following:

1. Great sense of humor.

2. Varied interests.

3. Quick concept grasping.

4. Curious to learn new things.

5. Love to talk.

6. Strong opinions for every subject or discussion.

Every member of Mensa has a different purpose for joining this society. Some of them found life partners, while others got their long-lasting friendship. Mensa offers casual social activities, while for others, it is a sense of family. However, it is an inspiring delight for a stimulating mind.

Mensa Challenges

Mensa quizzes and challenges can be downloaded through their website. Some of the challenges are the following:

1. Mensa puzzles.

2. Mensa monthly puzzle.

3. Mensa IQ challenge.

4. Mensa mini IQ challenge.

5. Workout.

Mensa Programs

The core objective of Mensa is to identify and foster the intelligence of individuals. Many national groups of Mensa have gifted and supported programs in support of their aim. These programs offer resources, assistance, and support for parents and teachers to develop the potential of young people and gifted children. Activities for children are conducted in most Mensa offices. The programs can include newsletters, camps, games, competitions, and other activities.

Some of those activities include the following:

The Logic Olympiad: It is held in the Czech Republic every year. It aims to offer a competition for children to think logically.

The Nikola Tesla Centre: A program specialized in developing the overall potential of the child.

The Mensa Grammar School: It is in Prague and focuses on educating gifted children to use an individual approach that contains various modern and advanced methods.

Mensa Workout Challenge

Mensa’s workout challenge is a quiz for entertainment. The questions asked in the challenge are devised by Dr. Abbie Salny, subjected to copyright. If anyone wants to use the questions for education or any other purpose, you may contact Mensa International for approval.

The limitation of time is 30 minutes for the quiz. However, you cannot score better if you rush to complete it in ten minutes. Hence, it is advised to take time and answer with ease. 

The test can be given in the first language you prefer. Since Mensa is biased toward English as the primary language, you can contact your nearest Mensa office to provide the workout-style quiz in the first language you prefer. If you are satisfied with your quiz result, you can reach to Mensa office at a location nearest to your location.

Advantages Of Mensa Workout

Besides being a fun activity and the satisfaction of solving puzzles, Mensa workout activity is like Mental Aerobics. The human body’s vital organ, the brain, performs better than other human body organs with regular exercises or workouts.

The Mensa workout quiz is designed in such a way that it exercises different parts of the brain. You start thinking literally through the encouragement of these puzzles. Instead of an obvious approach, Mensa members have different perspectives on the problems. It is like mind training to improve and encourage your practices to solve your everyday life problems. Moreover, it will help to improve the score of your quiz.   

Mensa Workout Score:

A Mensa workout is an activity for fun and entertainment. Any score above 90% is regarded as a good score. By clearing the Mensa workout quiz, you can become a member of the Mensa society. It is the only criterion to avail of the membership, i.e., out of 80 puzzles, you need to solve 72 correctly. 

However, it is not considered a qualifying exam. A lower score means to use the extra time for a workout to reach a high score in the intelligence test to join Mensa. It also helps in cognitive function retention.

The quizzes are provided with the objective of giving you an idea of how well you can use your brain for different puzzles. The membership of Mensa can be attained by beating a specific score. It is not restricted to a single attempt for the test. You can attempt as many number tests as you want to reach the required score. All the tests, puzzles, and quizzes are varied by test and the year. Retaking the test is not restricted. You can try until you find the quiz’s correct solution.

You need to be over 14 years of age to take the Mensa test in the U.S. The age criteria can be different according to the region. You can contact Mensa’s nearest office from your location to get the complete details of the test and know more about the Mensa society.

 Conclusion: Mensa provides various quizzes, tests, and workouts for becoming a member of the Mensa society. You should score over 90% to get the membership. You can retake the tests as many times as you want to reach the required Mensa Workout Score as it is a kind of mental activity or brain exercise.


Q1. What Is Mensa’s Workout?

Ans: Mensa’s workout is a workout quiz, offered by the Mensa society for fun and entertainment. By clearing the quiz you can become a member of Mensa.

Q2. What Are The Advantages Of Mensa’s Workout?

Ans: Mensa workout activity is like Mental Aerobics. The human body’s vital organ, the brain, performs better like other human body organs with regular exercises or workouts.

Q3. What Is The Mensa Workout Score?

Ans: Any score above 90% is regarded as a good score. By clearing the Mensa workout quiz, you can become a member of the Mensa society. It is the only criterion to avail of the membership.



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