What Is The Formula To Calculate 5’7” Height? Advantages And Disadvantages For Men With 5’7” Height.

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The measurement for 5’7” height in centimeters is 170.18. The formula to calculate 5”7 height would be: 1 inch= 2.54 cm. i.e., 2.54 x (5 x 12 + 7). In some regions, height is measured by feet and inches. In contrast, others measure in meters or centimeters. 

What Is The Formula To Calculate 5’7” Height

What Is The Formula To Calculate 5’7” Height?

The formula to calculate 5’7″ height is:

height_in_cm = (feet * 12 + inches) * 2.54


  • height_in_cm is the height in centimeters
  • feet is the height in feet
  • inches is the height in inches

So, to calculate the height of 5’7″ in centimeters, we would use the following equation:

height_in_cm = (5 * 12 + 7) * 2.54 = 170.18 cm

Therefore, 5’7″ is equal to 170.18 centimeters.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to calculate height using the formula:

  1. Convert the height in feet to inches. To do this, multiply the number of feet by 12. For example, 5 feet is equal to 60 inches (5 * 12 = 60)
  2. Add the number of inches to the number of feet. For example, 5’7″ is equal to 67 inches (60 + 7 = 67)
  3. Multiply the number of inches by 2.54 to convert it to centimeters. For example, 67 inches is equal to 170.18 centimeters (67 * 2.54 = 170.18)

You can also use a height converter to calculate your height. There are many height converters available online, and they are very easy to use. Simply enter your height in feet and inches, and the converter will calculate your height in centimeters.

Advantages And Disadvantages For Men With 5’7” Height


1. Clothes Fit Better:
Men standing at 5’7” have the advantage that most clothes off the rack fit them better. This is because most brands use this height as a standard when designing their clothes. They can wear an array of styles and pull off different fashion trends more easily than taller or shorter men.

2. Less Space Requirements:
They require less space in vehicles, airplanes, and other confined spaces. This contributes to increased comfort levels during travel, especially on long journeys.

3. Health Benefits:
Studies have shown that people of medium height, like those who stand at 5’7”, have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. They are also less likely to suffer from blood clots.

4. Balanced Reach:
With an average height, reaching high shelves or picking things off the floor does not pose a significant challenge. Their height offers a good balance of reach in various situations.

5. Fitness Advantage:
It can be slightly easier for men of this height to build and define muscle because they have less space to fill out compared to taller dudes.


1. Height Prejudiced Society:
In many parts of the world, being tall is seen as a sign of success and attractiveness. A height of 5’7” might be considered ‘short’ for men in these cultures, leading to a disadvantage in social and romantic situations.

2. Limited Sports Opportunities:
Certain sports emphasize the advantage of being tall, such as basketball or volleyball. Picking up these sports may pose an initial disadvantage for men with a height of 5’7”.

3. Confidence Issues:
Living in a society that idolizes tall men can sometimes cause those of average or below-average height to feel less confident or have lower self-esteem.

4. Warrior’s Difficulty:
In historical and sometimes modern warfare, taller men were/are often an advantage due to their larger reach in hand-to-hand combat situations.

5. Inconvenient:
Men standing at 5’7” may occasionally find themselves at an unfortunate height, where they are not quite tall enough to reach high objects or not short enough to navigate through lower spaces.

Despite these advantages and disadvantages, men of all heights can lead successful, fulfilling lives. It is the character and skills of the person, rather than his physical stature, that determine his potential in life.

Benefits Of Sort Height.

Thinking 5”5 heights to be a problem is not right. Men with 5”7 height will not be considered tall or short. However, for attracting girls, it seems to be a short height. To grab the attention of the girls with this height, there are many other ways. Positive sides of being a short height are numerous. People who think 5”7 height is short, should know that there are many benefits of being short men which include the following:

1. Building muscles is easier with this height as compared to men with height more than 5”7.

2. Reduces the risk of certain cancers. A study of 2016 shows that people with long legs are at high risk of developing colorectal cancer.

3. The lower the risk of blood clotting.

4. Increased intimacy of sex.

5. Better in certain sports.

6. The lower encounter of life events that are stressful, such as divorce.

7. Distance running better.

8. May have a long life  .

9. Shorter limbs have mechanical advantages.

If we look at the physical standpoint 5”7 is height does not make any difference in your everyday life. Tall men are likely to have problems with the back, feet, or knees, and have an increased risk of having skeletal injuries significantly in the older age.

Hence, height is not the deciding factor for someone’s personality. Your body language, shape, style, and dressing sense are some of the factors that attract people towards you rather than towards height.

The height of men will depend on the nation you are located in. As instanced by the following nations:

1. In Asia, 5”7 is considered as average height for men across most parts of Asia.

2. Few African countries, Europe, and Australia consider 5”7 height as short.

3. In the U.S, 5”7 height for men falls under normal, or below average height.

4. In India, 5’7” is considered an average height for men.

 Is 5”7 Height Short For Men?

1. From women’s perspective, 5”7 height short for men is considered as short in the western world. For pleasing women, men’s height 6.0” is regarded as the point of attraction.

2. To get top position in the heavyweight championship, or athlete, 5’7” is considered as too short. The three professional sports for men where the top athletes have a height lower than six feet are gymnastics, soccer, or in a few events of UFC.

3. For working in labor or physical jobs, such as security, military, or police forces, 5;7” height for men can be a disadvantage and hindrance as compared to men above 6.0” feet height.  

Hence, any height of men below 6.0” feet or 5’7” will be too short in many ways. Some of the factors where 5’7” height will be disadvantage are in reflecting on being tough or intimidating women.

The Other Side Of Being 5’7 .

There are no restricts for men with 5’7” height. The positive factors of having 5’7” height men include the following:

1. All the clothing, shoe, and other brands have products for people of this height.

2. In the U.S, 90% of the female population is 5’7 or lower, and their average height is 5’4.” Hence, if a 6’0” guy would not prefer dating a 5’4” height girl. Being 5’7” and dating 5’4” would look much better and decent than a couple of 6’0” vs 5’4”.

3. From a career perspective, many well-known male personalities have a height of 5’7”. One of the world’s richest people, Jeff Bezos is 5’7” in height. 

4. Sports personalities like slam Dunk Champion and Spud Webb are 5’7”.

It is anticipated that 70% of the male population across the world is of 5’7 height.

Men’s average height across some of the nations mentioned in the table below:

Table 1: Country-Wise Height Chart Of Men

S.No.CountryAverage Height (Cm-Inch)
1Australia179.2 – 5’10.5”
2Brazil173.6 – 5’8.5”
3Canada178.1 – 5’10”
4China171.8 – 5’7.5”
5Denmark181.4 – 5’11.5”
6France179.7 – 5’1”
7Germany179.9 – 5’11”
8India164.9 – 5’5”
9Japan170.8 – 5’7”
10Mexico169 – 5’6.5”
11Norway179.7 – 5’11”
12South Korea174.9 – 5’9”
13Sudan166.6 – 5’5”
14Yemen159.9 – 5’3”

Determining Height Of Men:

Genes and eating habits depend on the height of men. Usually, men are similar to their fathers in terms of height or other male members in the family. They inherit their mothers’ genes as well. Hence, the combination of the genes results in different heights among the male members of the same family.

In early childhood, intake of nutrition will provide the height you will grow with your age. Protein helps in development and growth. Children who consume more protein are more likely to be taller than children who eat less protein diet. 

Measuring Your Height.

The best way to measure your height accurately at home by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Stand on hard and plan floor without footwear.

2. Your back and heels should be pressed against the wall.

3. Stand and look straight without raising or lowering our chin.

4. Place a flat object and level it on the top of the head against the wall.

5. Mark the point below the flat object.

6. Use a measuring tape to measure your height from the floor to the marked point on the wall.


There are many advantages and disadvantages to every height of men. Besides, there are distinct preferences of height. If you are 5’7,” some people will consider your height as short while others will take it as an average height. It all depends on your inner qualities and personality which attracts people towards or against you. Hence, 5’7 is a decent height for men. Enjoy the advantages of your height and life!


Q1. What Is The Formula To Calculate 5’7” Height?

Ans: The measurement for 5”7 height in centimeters is 170.18. The formula to calculate 5”7 height would be: 1 inch= 2.54 cm, i.e., 2.54 x (5 x 12 + 7).

Q2. Which Well-Known Personality Of 5’7” Height? 

Ans: From the career perspective, many well-known male personalities have a height of 5’7”. One of the world’s richest people, Jeff Bezos is 5’7” in height. 

Q3. Are There Any Sportsmen With 5’7” Height?

Ans: The three professional sports for men where the top athletes have a height lower than six feet are gymnastics, soccer, or in a few events of UFC. Sports personalities like Slam Dunk Champion and Spud Webb are of 5’7” height.



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