Are Invicta Watches Good? Some Essential Details Of The Brand

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Invicta watches offer affordable options with a range of styles. However, quality can vary, and they are often criticized for their use of quartz movements and design imitations. It’s essential to research specific models and read reviews before purchasing.

Invicta Watches

Are Invicta Watches Good?

1. Outstanding Affordability:

The very first point that boosts Invicta watches’ rating is their remarkable affordability. Catering to a broad spectrum of the public, Invicta offers good quality watches at highly competitive prices. A huge array of designs is available, varying in cost from below $100 up to several hundred, making them a viable option for every budget.

2. Impressive Variety:

Another distinguishing characteristic of Invicta watches is the remarkable variety on offer. Whether it’s diving watches, chronographs, automatic or manual watches, Invicta provides an overwhelming range of choices for their customers. This wide spectrum ensures a great fit for every individual’s style and preference.

3. Quality of Materials:

When judging the goodness of Invicta watches, it’s crucial to consider the quality of materials used in production. Invicta watches are crafted from stainless steel, making them resistant to corrosion and rust. Some of their high-end options also include gold plating, gemstones, and other luxury features.

4. Reliable Movements:

Invicta integrates high-quality movements into their watches. They utilize Swiss automatic and quartz movements, known for their reliability and accuracy. This adds to the overall performance and longevity of the wristwatch, ensuring the consumer gets a robust timepiece.

5. Water Resistance:

Invicta offers numerous watches specifically designed for water activities. These models boast significant water-resistance levels, making them ideal not only for divers but also for those who prefer a sturdy, water-resistant watch for everyday use.

6. Positive Reviews:

A testament to their quality and dependability, Invicta watches have garnered many positive reviews from customers. These reviews applaud their durability, precision, and stylish designs, emphasizing that Invicta makes good watches that cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements.

7. Good Resale Value:

Another indicator of a good watch brand is whether its timepieces retain their value over time. Invicta watches maintain a reasonable resale value which attests to their long-term durability and ongoing customer appeal.

Great affordabilitySome models may be too large for comfort
Wide variety of designsLower end models may lack in durability
High-quality materialsAfter-sales service can be improved
Reliable movements
Good water resistance
Positive customer feedback
Reasonable resale value

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that Invicta produces good watches, keeping in mind their affordability, variety, and quality. However, like all brands, they have some areas for improvement. Each potential purchaser should weigh the pros and cons based on their individual needs and preferences.

The Start Of Invicta Watches 

Invicta’s story (meaning “invincible” in Latin) started in 1837, with the company’s opening by a Swiss watchmaker. Raphael Picard was the person to start the company, and it was successfully operated during the late 20th century by the Picard family. 

Invicta was one of the most famous Swiss watchmakers creating high-quality automatic watches that many loved. Their products include both manual and automatic-winded watches. Even though they established a respectable position for the brand, they never recognized other peer brands like Omega and Rolex. 

Ups And Down In Journey Of Invicta Watches 

The quartz crisis in the 1970s shook the entire watch industry causing massive losses to the manufacturers. It also affected the growth of Invicta Watches, even though it was established. This crisis is also well known as a revolution in the watch industry because it was effective on both sides

At one time, watchmaking became a much cheaper operation with the effect of quartz timekeeping. On the other hand, the Swiss watchmaking industry suddenly went into freefall, even though it was established precisely. It was an unwanted phase for the owners of these companies. 

It took almost a decade for the Swiss watchmaking industry to regain its status as a maker of the best watches in the world. During this period, Invicta fell abruptly, and eventually, the company was taken over by U.S.-based investors in 1991. New owners of the company started with a pledge to produce high-quality automatic watches at affordable prices, which helped the company regain its reputation. 

Here Are Some Essential Details Of The Brand:

Name Of The CompanyInvicta Watches
Origin established in 1837 by Raphael Picard 
Popular As Swiss-made watches 
Specialist In manufacturing high quality watches at affordable prices 
Most Popular Series Pro Diver series
Price Range Pro Diver series- Under $100Swiss-made automatic watches- Under $500 

Present Status Of Invicta 

The hard work involved with making high-standard watches at user-friendly prices enabled them to manufacture some of the most affordable Swiss watches in the market. They make a wide range of watches with different designs and styles to meet everyone’s taste, which is with the price range of under 100$, making them a definite choice for buyers. 

They also offer three years of quality warranty, making them more prominent. The Pro Diver series is the most popular line of this brand. Watches of this series come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. But Invicta’s commitment to quality and their smooth craftsmanship are the two things that are common in every watch from their brand.  

Can Invicta Watches Conclude As Swiss? 

All of the watches of Invicta are not Swiss from the inside, despite their pride in Swiss heritage. Half of the manufacturing indeed occurs in Switzerland, but many of their watches hold Asian origin. Along with this, many of their watches, like the stainless steel Aviator, usually trade Swiss timekeeping for Japanese quartz. 

Swiss watchmaking has a particular meaning that concludes a demand for excellent discrimination. The care and craftsmanship that involve the production of the watches from this brand are well understood by the person who comes to buy them. These watches contain good artistic values, which are more prominent than timekeeping stuff and accuracy. 

Invicta continuously strives for this craftsmanship in all its products, maintaining the value it gives to the mission statement. To prove this, they even produced a complete range of watches made in Switzerland. Not all the Pro Diver series watches fall under this collection, whereas some of them do come under this.  

It is accurate as they say that you can get an Invicta Pro Diver watch for just under 100$, which is from a collection of Swiss made. You will be set back with the Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch.    

Do Invicta Produce Good Watches? 

It is the most crucial question that comes under the queries related to Invicta Watches. Whether they stand up to the mark of their firm roots of making high-quality watches under affordable prices? It is common for the new ones who want to put their hand on these automatic watches for the first time.  

In terms of quality, Invicta produces some of the most affordable watches that give a superficial glance in the market. These watches never fall behind the watches of other popular brands, such as Omega and Rolex, in style and standard.  

Quality Of Invicta Watches

Another side of the questionnaire implies the quality of these watches. As stated before, not every watch from Invicta’s collection is truly made from Switzerland, although it promotes itself as a Swiss watchmaker. It doesn’t lead to a decrease in the quality of the product. The classical Swiss timekeeping mechanism is not more accurate than quartz timekeeping, which is a fact. 

Along with such quality, getting a Swiss-made automatic watch for under 500$ is a great deal, a great offer by Invicta. You can’t get any Omega or Rolex watch under the price range of four figures, making Invicta the only brand with such a possibility. Invicta is the best choice for people who want to own a Swiss-made automatic or any simple quartz timekeeping watch without being heavy on their wallet.  

What Is The Opinion Of Watch Collectors About Invicta? 

Even though the Swiss-made watches of Invicta gained lots of popularity due to their standard, you will see another side of the scenario on online watch forums where the senior collectors discuss different brands. In these forums, you can observe lots of critics of Invicta. 

Most usual complaints fall about the shortest quality that Invicta offers at the range of $200-$250, in the name of Swiss-made. Many feel that we can get better standards at this cost. 

On the other hand, many people support Invicta by stating, “Their watches are good for the price.” 

Few commentators explained that they think that the prices for the watches of Invicta are always higher than their worth because of what you can find any time on the sale or with discount prices in the market. However, it is advised to keep an eye out for offers whenever you get the thought of buying Invicta.   

How Worth Is Buying An Invicta 

It entirely depends upon the buyer’s need, whether to opt for Invicta or any other brand. Almost any brand of watches we get to see is always the same, even when you are looking at Selko to Citizen or Bulova watches. 

If you are looking for a brand to show-off your status, then Invicta is not for you because these watches are not made for status. They don’t offer suspicious respect in terms of status, like other luxurious brands. It is the reason leading to which people don’t collect them as a habit.  

Even though these watches don’t come under luxurious watchmakers’ ranks, some people often call Invicta an “affordable luxury” brand. It is because of the look these watches give, which is considered a luxury at a much affordable price.  

Popularity Of Invicta Watches 

Invicta is reportedly manufacturing watches for over 180 years, giving it the name of oldest watchmakers. It also helped in upgrading the reputation of the brand. Many other designers also produce watches along with their real fashion designing profession. Designers like Michael Kors, Guess, and Daniel Wellington is some familiar names that fall under this category. 

If you are looking for a watch with large case diameters and being thick, then Invicta will be the best choice. These watches offer a masculine look with large bezels and oversized crowns. Unlike the dress watches, which are slim and made to slide under a suit cuff, Invictas are made to look huge. They mostly depend on gold and silver tones for their perfect glance. 


Are Invicta Watches Good Looking?

Invicta watches are famous for their superficial glance at affordable prices. The elegant style and hard look these watches offer are appreciable. If your requirement meets the look of Invictas, then you are fit to buy them. 

How Affordable Are The Watches Of Invicta?

The primary mission of Invicta of producing high-quality watches at a much affordable price has led the company to fix their prices at a lower range. You can quickly get a Swiss-made automatic watch for under $500, and Pro Diver series watches for under $100, which is a good deal. 

Where Can I Buy An Invicta Watch? 

You can buy your favorite Invicta watch from their website, where you will get all the needed information about every model they sell. Invicta offers shipping services to 50 countries worldwide. 


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