Invicta Watch Battery Replacement Chart | Origin Of Invicta Watches And Its Batteries

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Invicta watches are designed in Switzerland and assembled in Malaysia. The batteries used in Invicta watches are typically made by Swiss or Japanese manufacturers, such as Renata, Duracell, and Maxell.

Facts and numbers:

  • Invicta watches are known for their large size, bold designs, and affordable prices.
  • Invicta is the official watch sponsor of the US Navy SEALs and the US Air Force Thunderbirds.
  • Invicta has sold over 10 million watches worldwide.
  • The most popular Invicta watch is the Pro Diver.
  • Invicta watches are typically powered by silver oxide batteries, which have a lifespan of 2-3 years.
Invicta Watch Battery Replacement Chart

Invicta Watch Battery Reference Chart:

Energizer Battery No.Battery Chemical SystemTest Load DrainReplacement Number

Origin Of Invicta Watches And Its Batteries:

Invicta is a Latin word meaning “invincible.” Its story began in 1837 when a Swiss watchman started the company. The owner of the Swiss watchmaker Company is Raphael Picard. The Picard family would continue to operate the company well into the late 20th century.

For nearly two and a half hundred years, Invicta had the Swiss company’s highest quality mechanical watch status. This company makes every type of watch, whether manual or automatic. He did not recognize Swiss watchmakers like Omega and Rolex; he built a respectable reputation worldwide. 

Due to the quartz crisis in 1970, the watch industry was in bad shape, and Invicta was the biggest loser because even then, its name was not made. The so-called crisis is also known as a revolution, and this is because it was both equal.

On the one hand, quartz timekeeping saw a much cheaper operation, creating new markets for wristwatches. The Swiss watch industry manufactured precision mechanical watches and suddenly found itself in freefall.

About a decade ago, the Swiss watch was adapted and reborn to reclaim its status as the best watch manufacturer on Earth. Invicta’s fortunes fell so quickly because US-based investors did not take over the company. These new owners had a mission: to continue high-quality watches and make them affordable to all people.

21st-century Invicta Watches

The mission has led to Invicta, which is some of the cheapest – critics may use the term “cheap” – Swiss watches on the market. You will get almost all of their watches within 100 dollars; that too is more than one stylish size for practically anyone’s tastes. The warranty for these watches is three years so you can use them very comfortably and even for a long.

Pro-divers watches come in all types of colors, sizes, and styles. All of the line’s watches are common, with Invicta’s commitment to craftsmanship and durability. As the name itself suggests, these clocks can be immersed at a depth of 300 meters.

These are self-winding mechanical clocks, so they have either classic Swiss movements or 21-jewel automatic movements. Along with the Pro Diver series, the Invicta offers a classic mechanical design for quartz prices.

Are Invicta Watches Swiss?

Although Invicta is proud of its Swiss heritage, not all of its watches are Swiss. While much of their manufacturing still occurs in Switzerland, many of their watches have their origins in Asia. Likewise, many of the watches, such as the Stainless-Steel Aviator, Swiss trade timekeeping for Japanese quartz. 

A precise definition of Swiss watchmaking calls for an extraordinary level of stability. This is the kind of craftsmanship that Invicta possibly strives for in its mission statement. To that end, they have a line specifically considered Swiss-made. Many, but not all, of the Pro Diver, watches fall into this collection.

Does Invicta Make Good Watches?

In terms of price, they certainly produce some of the cheapest watches on the market in style, which would not look out of place next to the Omega or Rolex, at least on the surface. 

While Invicta promotes itself as a Swiss watchman working in the Swiss tradition, not every outpost has Swiss timekeeping. This does not necessarily represent a loss in quality. Quartz timing is better than traditional Swiss mechanical watches.

If you talk about the price, then you will get a perfect Swiss watch for $ 500. If you get Omega and Rolex so cheap, even if you get it, then there will be no quality like the Swiss Watch at all.  Invicta should address those fears of the damage that your wallet will suffer for wearing the Swiss watch or any high-quality quartz.

Do Watch Collectors Like Invicta Watches?

Invicta indeed makes perfect watches for a low price, but if you search online for their watches, people from other companies will provoke you because its price is meager and their watch’s quality is very high.

Although many people defend the Invicta. this defense is mostly along the lines of “fine for the price of their watches.”

Some commentators have stated that they believe that Invicta’s list prices are always higher than their price, which you often find on sale or in stores or online retailers with a price reduction. Whether it is intentional or a reflection of the market’s reality, it would probably make sense to keep an eye on sales when you buy the Invicta.

Should I Buy An Invicta Watch?

When we review almost any watch brand, my answer to this question is whether you are looking at Bulova watches or comparing Seiko to Citizen.

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It depends on what you want because Invicta is not the type of brand you want to tell people about using them. It is a straightforward and showery brand that provides you with a good quality watch at a low price. 

Some call Invicta an “affordable luxury” brand, although they are not in the ranks of any luxury watch manufacturers in reality. However, he has a vision that some consider to be great at a budget price.


1. How Long Do Invicta Batteries Last?

Ans. The Invicta Watch’s batteries last for 3 years. All the watch things may stop working before 3 years but the battery always lasts for a minimum of 3 years.

2. What Is The Lowest Price Of Invicta Watches? 

Ans. The Invicta watch’s lowest price is 100 dollars, and it is an affordable luxury brand watch for everyone. You also get a 2-year warranty with a very stylish watch at a low price.

3. Why Are Invicta Watches Batteries Cheap?

Ans. Invicta watches batteries are cheap because the company outsources a large part of its manufacturing process to China. It has batteries for only $10.


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