Can I Use Hand Soap To Wash Face?

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Yes, you can use hand soap to wash your face, but it is not recommended. Hand soap is designed to clean hands, which are thicker and more durable than facial skin. Hand soap can be harsh and drying to the skin on your face, and can strip it of its natural oils. This can lead to irritation, dryness, and even acne.

Hand Soap To Wash Face

Can I Use Hand Soap To Wash My Face?

It is not recommended to use hand soap to wash your face. Hand soap is designed to clean hands, which are thicker and more durable than facial skin. Hand soap can be harsh and drying to the skin on your face, and can strip it of its natural oils. This can lead to irritation, dryness, and even acne.

The skin on your face is about 40% thinner than the skin on your hands. It also has a different pH level, with facial skin having a pH of around 5.5 and hand soap having a pH of between 9 and 10. This difference in pH can disrupt the natural balance of your skin’s barrier, leading to dryness, irritation, and breakouts.

Hand soap can also contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin on your face. These chemicals can include alcohol, fragrances, and dyes. Alcohol can dry out your skin, while fragrances and dyes can irritate and cause allergic reactions.

If you are looking for a gentle cleanser for your face, it is best to choose one that is specifically designed for facial skin. These cleansers are formulated to be non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores, and they are also pH-balanced to match the pH of your skin.

Here are some tips for washing your face:

  • Use a gentle cleanser that is specifically designed for facial skin.
  • Avoid using hand soap or body soap on your face.
  • Wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
  • Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water after washing.
  • Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

If you have any concerns about your skin, be sure to consult with a dermatologist. They can help you choose the right cleanser and other skincare products for your individual needs.

Can you wash your face with body soap?

Washing your face with body soap is generally not recommended for a variety of reasons:

  1. Skin Type Differences: Facial skin is more delicate and sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Body soaps are formulated to clean the thicker, less sensitive skin on the body and may be too harsh for the face.
  2. pH Levels: Body soaps often have a higher pH level compared to facial cleansers. Using a high-pH soap on your face can disrupt the skin’s natural pH balance, leading to dryness, irritation, and potential skin issues.
  3. Ingredients: Body soaps may contain fragrances, detergents, and other ingredients that are suitable for body cleansing but not ideal for the face. These ingredients can be irritating to facial skin.
  4. Moisture Loss: Using body soap on your face can strip away the natural oils that your facial skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy. This can result in dryness, flakiness, and potential long-term skin problems.
  5. Acne and Sensitivity: If you have acne-prone or sensitive facial skin, using body soap can worsen these conditions. It may clog pores, leading to breakouts, or cause inflammation and redness.
  6. Eye Irritation: Body soaps are not formulated for use around the eye area. If the soap comes into contact with the eyes, it can cause stinging, discomfort, or irritation.

Washing Face With A Hand soap 

Many skincare products are available in the market. After a tiring day, you reach out to hand soap and use it hurriedly when you want to wash your face. And at times, you also want to try using hand soap on your face. 

However, it might not be ideal to use hand soap on your face.  

It would be best if your facial skin stays hydrated and supple. The harsh chemicals used in the hand soap can make your skin dry, stripping its natural moisture. It can also cause inflammation by letting other elements into your skin and breaking down the proteins, such as elastin. 

Hand soaps have higher pH levels that can rip off the skin’s ability to keep it healthy and prevent unwanted microorganisms. 

Hence, it is advised not to use hand soap to wash your face regularly.  

What Happens If You Use Anti-bacterial Hand Soap On Your Face? 

Many people who have acne problems try antibacterial hand soaps to wash their faces. The primary reason that causes acne is the bacteria trapped in the pores. The assumption of using antibacterial hand soap on your face is not right. 

Instead of giving you improved acne results, it can be more harmful when you use it frequently on your face. It will kill both bad and good bacteria, which will result in drying out your skin and causing inflammation.  

Moreover, it will strip necessary elements from your face that will adversely affect and lead to severe acne breakouts. 

Consequences Of Using Hand Soap To Wash Your Face 

Hand soaps are explicitly designed to wash the tough skin of your hands. There can be consequences of washing your face with hand soap. 

The exfoliants and irritants used in hand soaps intend to get rid of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. It can disrupt your skin’s pH, stripping the natural barrier, and damaging the skin barrier. 

It also pulls out all the water from your facial skin, which will create dead and dry skin build-up, and you will experience extreme dryness on your face. Besides, it damages the outer protective layer of your facial skin leading to accentuated pores and wrinkles.  

Hand soaps can even cause inflammation and acne, making the breakouts worse. Hence, it is advised to use such soaps for the face that are gentle on your skin.  

However, if you choose to use hand soap on your face, it is advised to check the ingredients to avoid consequences.   

Is It Good To Wash Your Face With Just Water? 

Many skincare products cause skin problems. So some people wash their face with just water many times and avoid using any soap. 

Washing face with just water gives a nice and refreshing feeling. It helps clean the surface of your face but does not get into the pores to remove bacteria or dirt. Besides, there can be chemicals and bacteria in the water that can be harmful to your skin. Soaps are made to combat these issues and other elements that can cause harm.  

Best Products To Wash Your Face 

To wash your face, always choose the product designed according to your skin type and is gentle. The ingredients in face wash are rich in vitamins and oils that will boost your facial skin’s health. 

There are numerous antibacterial products to wash your face. They are specifically designed to cleanse dirt and excess oil without drying and stripping. These products are the best to wash your delicate facial skin. 

Let’s Have A Look At The Table Below To Know Some Of The Best Skin Care Products To Wash Your Face:

Sl. No.Face WashUtilities
1Aveeno-Oil and soap-free-Clear blemishes-Acne medication-Prevent breakout-Cleanse skin-Improves complexion
2Dove-Best for severely dry skin-Fragrance-free-Non-irritating-Hypoallergenic
3Cetaphil-Gentle cleanser for all skin types-Hydrate and soothe-Replenish the natural moisture barrier of the skin-Ideal for dry and sensitive skin-Does not clog pores-Fragrance and soap-free-Dermatologist recommended
4Neutrogena-Hydrate-Ultra-gentleOil and paraben, soap and fragrance-free-Best for acne, sensitive skin, rosacea, and eczema-Removes makeup, bacteria, dirt, and excess oil

For oily skin, check for a face wash with a gel-like texture, while for dry skin, you can check for face washes that are creamy in texture. Make sure to buy a bar of soap or face wash designed to be used on sensitive skin or your skin type. 

Tips To Choose Best Soap To Wash Your Face 

To choose the right soap to wash your face, follow the below-mentioned tips:  

1. Choose the soap designed for your skin type. 

2. Check the ingredients before buying soap for your face. 

3. Components used for soap should be gentle to use on the delicate facial skin. 

4. Choose fragrance-free products

5. A mild soap will not leave a residue after washing your face. 

6. Avoid using a foaming cleanser. 

7. Products that are rich in vitamins and have oils are best to use as a face wash. 

8. Antibacterial and antioxidant compounds in the soap will help fight against environmental and aging effects. 

Look for a soap that is fortified with vitamins, moisturizers, and oils to keep the natural moisture of your skin intact. 

It will also help you avoid many skin issues like inflammation, dry skin, or irritation. 


Hand soaps are specifically designed to clean the dirt and bacteria from your hands. You can use hand soaps once in a while to wash your face and not use it regularly. Using  hand soaps on your face will make your skin extremely dry. Always use a gentle soap on your face because your facial skin is not as severe as your hand. Hence, check the ingredients of the product before using it on your face.  

Keep your facial skin healthy!  


1. Can A Hand Soap Dry My Skin If I Use It To Wash My Face? 

Ans: Yes, using hand soap to wash your face can make your skin dry. It strips the natural oil and moisture of your facial skin. 

2. What to check before using hand soap to wash your face? 

Ans: It is advised to use a gentle hand soap designed for washing the face. Check the ingredients and concentration of chemicals used in a hand soap. 

3. Can I wash my face with hand soap if I have acne? 

Ans: Washing your face with hand soap can result in acne breakouts. It will cause you more harm by causing inflammation and dry skin. 

4. What happens if I wash my face with hand soap? 

Ans: Using hand soap to wash your face will imbalance the natural pH of your skin. It will also cause dehydration and is harmful to your facial skin. 



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