70’s Style: What Are Some Famous Fashion Trends From The 1970s?

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Famous 1970s fashion trends included bell-bottom pants, disco fashion with sequins and platform shoes, and bohemian style featuring flowy maxi dresses, denim jackets, and tie-dye shirts. Additionally, the ’70s saw popularity in jumpsuits, bold prints, and wide-collar shirts.

List of Famous Fashion Trends From The 1970s

70s Fashion Style
  • Bell-bottoms
  • Platform shoes
  • Afro hairstyles
  • Miniskirts and bikinis
  • Long, flowing dresses with flared skirts or bell bottoms
  • Dresses with big shoulder pads and frills
  • Tie-dye shirts


Bell-bottoms were a fashion item made famous in the 1970s. Bell-bottom trousers are wide-legged pants with a bell-shaped lower leg, usually worn by men and women (though more common among male hipsters). They became popular during this decade due to their association with hippie culture. The term “bell bottom” is thought to derive from the use of bells on britches, which was an old English word for trousers or breeches.

The popularity of these jeans can be attributed to their comfort and availability as they cost less than other types of denim jeans at the time. In addition, some people believe that because it was not trendy at the time; they were able to wear them without being judged harshly.

The term “fashion” is commonly used to describe clothing so this blog post will focus on fashion. In the 1970s, bell-bottom trousers were a popular item of clothing for both men and women.  They became more popular during this decade because they’re associated with hippie culture and are comfortable due to their availability as it cost less than other types of denim jeans at the time. Additionally, some people believe that since these pants weren’t trendy when they first came out; there was no judgement from wearing them.

Platform Shoes

In the early 1970s, platform shoes became popular. They often had a heel that was at least an inch high and they were worn with either tights or pantyhose to avoid any skin being shown between the shoe and clothes. These types of shoes are considered feminine because they enhance a woman’s height while also showing off their ankles and calves which is typically seen as sexy by men.  The platform style would eventually come back in fashion during the 1990s but it wouldn’t have been possible if not for models such as Iman who wore them during her modelling career from 1973-1978.

One reason why these types of shoes became so popular in this decade is due to how much more accessible platforms were when compared to other styles. Platforms had been around for a while but they either came in very basic styles or ones that were hard to get.

One big trend of this decade was the strong emphasis on fashion over function. In general, clothes from this time period tended to be more decorative and less about what would actually keep you warm during cold weather or protect against sunburn when it’s hot outside. Of course, there is still some consideration given to practicality since everyone needs clothing that will allow them to do their job as well as wear something appropriate for going out at night – so not everything is all about looking good all the time! But one could argue that things like jeans with appliqués and embroidery became popular because they looked pretty rather than being designed for ease of use.

Afro Hairstyles

The Afro was a popular hairstyle of the 70s, and it had different meanings depending on who wore it. Generally speaking, an afro reflected African pride or political consciousness among some African-Americans and for many others like Diana Ross (see below), it symbolized liberation from straight hair standards in mainstream society.

Some people were embracing their natural locks while others simply wanted to free themselves from processed hair that dried out easily with being teased so much! In general, the original meaning behind this trend is up for debate but we can all agree that wearing your afro as big as possible meant you weren’t afraid of standing out in any way – which ties back into fashion not just being about what’s functional anymore.

Miniskirts And Bikinis

Miniskirts and bikinis were two of the most iconic 1970s fashion trends, especially for teenage girls. In some ways, this decade was a precursor to what we’ve seen in recent decades with more “revealing” clothing options but it’s not like women had too many choices back then anyway – so they made do with whatever was available!

An example is Jane Fonda, who may have been one of the first major celebrities to wear a bikini on TV during her workout routine. What would she think if she saw how much less coverage there is nowadays? One thing that hasn’t changed: people still love watching attractive ladies work out!

1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends

  • Hippie fashion: Hippie fashion was often handmade or thrifted, and it was often decorated with peace signs, flowers, and other symbols of peace and love. Hair was often long and flowing, and accessories might include headbands, beads, and ethnic jewelry.
  • Disco fashion: Disco fashion was all about glamour and excess. Clothing was often made from shiny or sequined materials, and it was often decorated with feathers, fur, and other eye-catching details. Hair was often styled in big, bouffant hairdos, and makeup was often heavy and dramatic.
  • Punk fashion: Punk fashion was a reaction to the mainstream and was characterized by its rebellious and often shocking nature. Clothing was often ripped, torn, or covered in safety pins. Hair was often dyed unnatural colors, and makeup was often used to create a “scary” or “evil” look.
  • Preppy fashion: Preppy fashion was popular among young people in the early 1970s and was characterized by its clean lines and classic looks. Clothing was often made from plaid or striped fabrics, and it was often paired with loafers or boat shoes. Hair was often styled in a clean, shortcut.
  • Sportswear: Sportswear became increasingly popular in the 1970s as people became more active. Clothing was often made from comfortable, breathable fabrics, such as cotton or polyester. Shoes were often sneakers or sandals.

The 1970s was a time of great fashion innovation, and many of the styles that originated in this decade are still popular today. Whether you’re looking to channel your inner hippie, disco queen, or punk rocker, there’s sure to be a 1970s fashion trend that’s perfect for you.

Long, Flowing Dresses With Flared Skirts Or Bell-Bottom Pants

The 1970s was a time of different trends, so it’s hard to say what the most popular fashion trend would be. Some people think that long, flowing dresses with flared skirts or bell-bottom pants are some of the more iconic styles from this decade! One thing is for sure – whether you wore jeans and white t-shirts or cocktail gowns while going out on Saturday night, there were plenty of options available in those days.

Long dress + flare skirt = one very glamorous ensemble! What other clothing choices do we remember from back then? There weren’t as many brands as today but even if they had been around, not every store carried them at first because these companies didn’t want to compete against themselves. Nowadays it’s common to have a store that specializes in just jeans or just dresses but back then, it was hard for some stores to stock everything from shoes and purses to belts.

In addition, the clothing industry today is much more competitive than before because there are so many brands out there which means they’re all struggling for customers! If you were looking for a certain item of clothing decades ago, chances are you could find it at any department store with relative ease. Today’s shoppers need to do their research first or else end up wasting time driving around town until they can finally track down what they want – through online shopping has made this process easier.”

Dresses With Big Shoulder Pads And Frills

The 1970s were a time of change and turmoil in the United States. There was an energy, optimism, and openness about life that had dissipated since the end of WWII. Society seemed to be experiencing its first real exposure to self-discovery with new ideas like drugs and rock-n-roll throughout mainstream culture. It is no surprise then that fashion during this decade reflected such social upheaval as well.”

“In general, people’s tastes shifted away from earth tones towards more vibrant colors while flashy patterns became popular for both clothing and interior design. What we might consider today to be “old fashioned” trends like flared jeans was all the rage back then too – even though they may have looked out of place at work or school.”

Tie-Dye Shirts.

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– Tie-dye first became popular in the 1960s but really exploded into mainstream fashion during the 1970s.

– The shirts are dyed with two or more colors which produce an eclectic pattern, like a tie-dye design.”

“In general, people’s tastes shifted away from earth tones towards more vibrant colors while flashy patterns became popular for both clothing and interior design. What we might consider today to be “old fashioned” trends like flared jeans was all the rage back then too – even though they may have looked out of place at work or school.”

If you want to know about famous 70s styles check these: . What are some famous 1970s teenage fashions? There was an energy, optimism, openness about life. Women felt free to dress in a way that may not have been acceptable before.



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