Haircut Number System?

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The haircut number system ranges from 0 to 8, with 0 being the shortest and 8 being the longest. Each number corresponds to a different clipper guard size, which determines how much hair is removed.

Haircut Number System

What Do Haircut Numbers Mean?

Hairstyle numbers allude to the length of hair that will be left after the hairstyle.

These numbers compare to the quantity of guard clipper size on the arrangement of trimmers. Every trimmer comb has a particular number. The greater the brush size, the greater (lengthier) the hair will be.

Thus, if you are in an alternate city or visiting another parlor, at that point, just by realizing the hairstyle number, you may get the ideal hairstyle.

Haircut Numbers And Hair Clipper Sizes.

Hairstyle numbers and sizes do an extraordinary job with regard to having a perfect haircut. Wanted hair length is beyond the realm of imagination without a correct hair trimmer size. The right trimmer size information is vital regardless of whether you are an expert stylist or need to get your hairstyle all alone.

Essentially, the hairstyle number is based on the size of the clipper size, which is mounted on the trimmer. The size of the clipper is the size of the hair left after trimming. The estimation of a number is straightforwardly relative to the size of the hair. For example, the greater the number will be, the more extended the hair left after use.

Various brands offer their hairstyle number units, and each hairstyle trimmer size changes 1/8 of an inch. Number 3 hairstyle implies 3/8 inches hair on the scalp while hairstyle number 4 will give you ½ inch length.

The choice of hairstyle number and clipper sizes rely upon the hairstyle that an individual picks. In any case, here are the hairstyle number and the length you get from it. Prior to sharing the hairstyle numbers and separate lengths, we will give a concise detail of hairstyles utilized by hairdressers so you may comprehend the specific length needed for your #1 hairstyle.


The taper is a typical term used by hairstylists. It implies the length of your hair will steadily diminish from top to bottom. No trimmers are utilized in this while it doesn’t need a short hairstyle.


Fade implies the difference from top to bottom, so that appears to become faded. A few people get confounded among taper and fade because of the closeness; however, both are distinctive in looks. Guard clipper is utilized in fading while master stylists can make taper hairstyle with scissors. The neckline significantly impacts your general hairstyle appearance. There are three fundamental necklines. Typically, stylists offer tapered, round, and blocked. In the tapered neckline, the regular neckline is followed and continuously abbreviated the length. You don’t have to get a hairstyle over and over as it gets blended in with the rest of your hair and gives a perfect search for a more extended time.

The blocked neckline is utilized to give a more extensive glance at your neck and is useful for individuals who have slender neck shapes. A momentary clean look is a significant downside of this hairstyle as the developing hair upsets the general appearance.

1. Choppy texture gives extraordinary outcomes when you need to add volume to your hair. The cutting includes various lengths to cut 45-degree point distinction and results in a very much developed and puffy appearance.

2. Razored texture is for individuals who have wavy hair, and they need to deal with the massive look of the hair. It gives a somewhat restless appearance and encourages you to lay flatter on the top.

3. Layered texture includes distinctive hair lengths to give an appearance of profound and rich. The short hair lives on the highest point of the more drawn-out hair and add volume.

4. The thin texture is the arrangement of hugely thick hair. Hairdressers trim down a portion of your hair strands from various sides without making it obnoxious.

5. Sideburns: Sideburns are another significant factor in hairstyle, which one shouldn’t overlook on the off chance that he needs to get an ideal hairstyle. The top of the ear, the lower part of the ear, and the mid-ear are three simple kinds of sideburns. Distinct trimmer sizes and clippers are utilized to make your sideburns slightly or more noticeable.

Buzz Cut.

Buzz hairstyle is ordered in short hairstyles and is known as a military hairstyle. Amazingly short top hair, side fades, and slight sideburns are utilized in a buzz trim. More modest guard trimmer sizes are utilized for this hairstyle, and it is better to advise the guard clipper number to your hairdresser so he becomes more acquainted with the specific sort of buzz trim you need to get.

Haircut Number System.

Ordinarily, hairstyle number 1 and hairstyle number 2 are utilized for sideburns and neck area while trimmers are utilized to keep up the top length.

Number Zero Haircut.

The number zero hairstyle doesn’t need any guard to be attached. The perpetual clipper is utilized for it. This hairstyle uncovered the scalp and gave a profound hairstyle. As a rule, it’s utilized for fading and short buzz.

Stylists use it for a bald hairstyle as the length stays 1/16 of an inch. The trimmer length is in mm for this hair trimmer is 0.2 mm.

Number 1 Haircut.

The number 1 hairstyle is around 1/8 of an inch, and we never prescribe it to individuals who would prefer to cover their scalp. Number 1 hairstyle used for taper and fading. Beauticians use it to give distinctive fading levels. Number 1 doesn’t trim hair as deeply as zero-number trims, yet, you should try it before the last hairstyle.

Number 2 Haircut.

The expanded trimmer size implies expanded hair length. Number 2 trimmer size is the top choice and the trimmer for making blurs. It never trims hair excessively long or excessively short. A ¼ inch is the size of hair you get from this trimmer.

Folks who have thick hair ought to incline toward guard 2, while the individuals who have thin hair should search for another number.

Number 3 Haircut.

Number 3 gives a 3/8 inch length that is the most extended length utilized for fades and sides. Never go for guard 3 if you need more limited fades. Number 3 is also utilized for the top head if somebody needs terse hair without demonstrating the scalp.

Such a short length wouldn’t bother with any brush or brush to style the hair.

Number 4 Haircut.

Number 4 hairstyle answers to the requirements of both thick and thin hair. It gives ½-inch-long hair and is known as the medium-length hair trimmer. To get an ideal hairstyle from number 4, use it at the highest point of the head and add blurs at the two sides. Longer hair at the top will leave an effect when you utilize the trimmer correctly.

Number 5 Haircut.

This trimmer size is for long haircuts and is ideal for taper styling. This size 5 trimmer is utilized for various haircuts and models and film stars’ hairstyling requires trimmer 5. The hair length is 5/8 from trimmer size 5, and it’s not as obtuse as the change of fades utilized in taper styling. The

Number 6 Haircut.

It gives ¾ inch length and is utilized for tapering. You may utilize it at the neck area to get them adjusted and squared style, and you should have a trimmer edge size of 3.2 mm for this style.

Number 7 Haircut.

The number 7 hairstyle is utilized to give a group trim and is ideal for thick hair. Yet, at the same time, you have to utilize a more modest number of trimmers that are 4 mm. to get side blurs.

Number 8 Haircut.

Number 8 is full inch length, and it’s the once-in-a-while requested length. Number 8 hair trimmers are utilized to manage the more drawn-out hair and are utilized for the head’s highest point. The hairstyles with longer hair at the top and buzz trim at sides require a number 8 trimmer. The hair trimmer size for this style is 5.3 mm.

Haircut Number VS. Clipper Size.

We will talk about the hairstyle numbers and the lengths you get from them in detail. This data is essential to know when you need to utilize these trimmers all alone.

Haircut NumberLength In InchesLength In MM

Things to Consider when Getting a Haircut

1. Your Face Shape:
The shape of your face plays a significant role in determining a suitable haircut for you. For instance, people with round faces might consider haircuts that can elongate their face, while those with a longer face shape might prefer styles that can minimize its length.

2. Your Hair Type:
Consider your hair type—wavy, curly, straight, or coarse. Each type responds differently to various haircuts. An experienced hairdresser can provide advice on what cuts would best suit your hair type and texture.

3. Lifestyle and Personality:
Haircuts also mirror an individual’s lifestyle and personality. Active individuals may prefer low-maintenance styles, whereas a flamboyant character might opt for something more creative and eye-catching.

HaircutPersonality Match
Ponytail or bunActive lifestyle
Pixie cutBold, daring personality
BobProfessional or minimalist
Layered hairstyleRomantic or whimsical

4. Maintenance:
When getting a haircut, consider the amount of time you’re willing to spend on daily styling. Some haircuts require regular maintenance and daily styling, which can be time-consuming.

5. Overall Health of Your Hair:
If your hair is damaged by coloring, heat treatments, or other processes, it might be healthier to cut it short and start fresh. A new haircut can eliminate breakages and split ends, leading to a healthier hair growth.

6. Age:
As a person ages, their hair could thin out or become coarse. Choose a haircut that caters to these changes. For example, a bob or layered haircut can add volume to thin hair.

7. Current Trends:
Although it’s not necessary to follow every trend, being aware of current trends can provide fresh hairstyle ideas.

8. Professional Consultation:
Professional advice is paramount, especially for those unsure about the right haircut. A skilled hairdresser can suggest styles that flatter your face shape, skin tone, and hair type.

To sum up, getting a perfect haircut is not just about taking a seat at a salon. It requires considering various factors to ensure that the chosen style suits one’s personality and lifestyle, brings out their best features, and is easy to maintain. It’s always recommended to seek a professional’s advice for an excellent haircut experience.


1. What Is The Longest Haircut Number?

The longest hairstyle number is 8, which is 1 inch long. You can never utilize it fades yet just for managing and top head hairstyle.

2. What Is The Most Minimal Hairstyle Number?

Zero is the least hairstyle number that even doesn’t need any guard trimmer. You get the uncovered style from the number zero hairstyle.

3. What Is The Best Hairstyle Number To Use For Taper Fade?

More modest hairstyle numbers like 1, 2, and 3 are the best hairstyle numbers to get taper fades. After number three, you can’t utilize trimmers for fades.


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